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Free Amazon ACoS Calculator (2024)

Maximize your Amazon campaign’s effectiveness with our free Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) Calculator.

In just a few clicks, gain a clear understanding of your ad spend’s impact on sales.

This tool simplifies complex metrics into actionable insights, helping you navigate and enhance your advertising strategy efficiently.

Different Efficiency Ranges

Optimal Efficiency:

  • ACOS Range: 0% – 20%
  • Description: This level represents an exceptionally effective advertising campaign. Your advertising spend is minimal compared to the revenue generated from your ads. You are achieving a high return on investment, and your advertising costs are well under control. This is an ideal range for profitability and efficient advertising campaigns.

Moderate Efficiency:

  • ACOS Range: 20% – 40%
  • Description: This level signifies a reasonably good performance but with some room for improvement. Your advertising spend is moderately effective, and you are generating a decent return on investment. While there is room for optimization to reduce costs and increase profitability, you are still achieving satisfactory results.


  • ACOS Range: 40% or higher
  • Description: This level indicates that your advertising campaign is performing poorly in terms of cost-efficiency. Your advertising costs are high relative to the revenue generated from your ads, resulting in a low return on investment. It is essential to reevaluate your advertising strategy, keywords, targeting, and ad creatives to reduce costs and improve campaign performance.

Keep in mind that the specific ACOS range that defines these levels can vary depending on your industry, product margins, and business goals. It’s crucial to analyze your data and adjust these ranges accordingly to align with your unique circumstances and objectives.

What Is Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)?

Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is an essential measure by Amazon to assess the effectiveness of your sponsored ad campaigns. It’s the relationship between your ad spend and the revenue from these ads.

Imagine if your ACoS is $10 on a profit of $20 from sales totaling $50 generated through ads. Your net profit would be $10.

In terms of percentages, if your profit margin is 40% and your ACoS is 20%, you’re left with a 20% margin.

Remember, your ACoS should always be kept below your profit margin to prevent losses.

Calculating Your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)

Calculating ACoS is straightforward with these four steps:
  1. Total Ad Sales: Determine the total revenue from your ads, for instance, $200.
  2. Total Ad Spend: Calculate your total expenditure on ads, say $40.
  3. Divide and Calculate: Divide your ad spend by your total sales: $40 ÷ $200 = 0.2.
  4. Convert to Percentage: Multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage: 0.2 * 100 = 20%.
This simple process helps you understand your ACoS as a percentage, providing a clear picture of your advertising efficiency.

Formula for Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)

The formula for calculating Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is simple yet vital for understanding your ad campaign’s performance.

ACoS = (Total Ad Spend / Total Ad Revenue) x 100

For calculating the break-even ACoS, where your advertising costs match your profit margin:

Break Even ACoS = Sales Price – Commission Fees – Cost of Goods Sold