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SmartScout Coupon Code: Get 25% OFF Coupon

Using the “REVENUEGEEKS25” promo code when signing up for SmartScout gives you 25% off the first three months of your subscription – NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

You can extend the savings by choosing yearly billings, which allows you to save an additional 23% on the standard SmartScout plans.

Continue reading to learn how to apply the SmartScout coupon code successfully!

Key Takeaways

  • Get 25% percent off SmartScout with the promo code – REVENUEGEEKS25!
  • The coupon code works for new and existing users looking to upgrade from the current plan.
  • SmartScout users can save more than 22% extra on the annual plan.

How to Apply SmartScout Promo Code?

Fortunately, it’s easy to apply the SmartScout coupon code. Here’s how:

  1. Go to SmartScout via its promotion link.
  2. Click “Free Trial.”
  1. Fill out the form, then click “Submit.”
  1. You’ll be prompted to verify your email address. Go to your mailbox and find the SmartScout email.
  1. Copy the verification code to the clipboard.
  1. Paste the code to the provided field, then click “Verify.”
  1. Choose your desired SmartScout plan. You can explore our SmartScout pricing and plans guide to determine your best choice.
  1. Fill in your credit card information. You won’t be charged till the free trial is over.
  1. Enter “REVENUEGEEKS25” (without the quotes) in the provided “Coupon Code” box.
  1. The discount is now applied. Click “START MY 7-DAY FREE TRIAL.”

How to Get More Than 25% Off With SmartScout Promo Codes?

Our SmartScout coupon saves you 25% over the first three months of using your account. However, you can choose an annual plan to save more. While you’ll have to pay a higher upfront sum, switching monthly to annual saves you between 15-23%!

Plans Basic Essentials Business
Monthly Price $29 per month $97 per month $187 per month
Yearly Price $25 per month $75 per month $158 per month
Annual Discount ~ 15% ~ 23% ~ 15%
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The SmartScout promo codes are available with all its plans, spanning Basic, Essential, and Business packages. Hence, you can choose the pricing tier that best suits your business and not worry about missing out on this deal.

The SmartScout promo code you’re using may not work if you’ve mistyped it or used an invalid code. Some codes may also be valid but expired, showing the significance of signing up with these promo deals early enough.

If faced with this issue, try the promo code “REVENUEGEEKS25” to get 25% OFF your first 3 months with SmartScout.

Yes, existing SmartScout users can use the coupon and promo code to upgrade their current plan.

Final Thoughts

SmartScout is already an excellent tool for finding winning products, validating your ideas, monitoring product trends, and getting in front of the bestsellers.

Fortunately, you can combine its 7-day free trial and 25% OFF prices to get to terms with what it can do for you. Simply follow our promo link to sign up and enter the coupon code “REVENUEGEEKS25” on signup, and you’ll get these impressive benefits.

Remember to hurry while the promo code is valid!

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