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What Is Helium 10 Success Score?

The Helium 10 Success Score comprises two versions – Two-Factor and Multi-Factor.

The two-factor success score estimates the viability of a product on a scale of 10 based on monthly sales revenue and customer review data.

On the other hand, the multi-factor success score accounts for the market maturity, monthly sales revenue, average product price, and much more to guide sellers during the product research stage.

You can find the Success Scores using the X-Ray tool, which has ten free uses with the free trial and unlimited use with all Helium 10 pricing plans.

Key Takeaways

  • Look for a Helium 10 Two-Factor Success Score of at least 7 out of 10 for good product opportunities.
  • You can enter filters like monthly revenue and customer reviews with the Two-Factor Success Score.
  • You must download the Helium 10 Chrome Extension to see the Success Score using X-Ray.

What Is the Difference Between the Multi-Factor and Two-factor Success Scores?

Now let’s look at the differences between the multi-factor and two-factor Success Scores. 

This will help you decide on the best one for your use case.

Criteria Multi-Factor Success Score Two-Factor Success Score
Displayed scores One Two
Impacting factors Market maturity, average product price, average sales revenue, etc. Monthly sales revenue and customer review data
Customizations? None Yes (revenue and reviews)
Best For? Estimating market opportunity for products Estimating market maturity and activity

How to Use the Helium 10 Success Score to Find Products?

helium 10 xray

To use the Helium 10 Success Score for finding products, you’ll need to:

  1. Download the Helium 10 Chrome Extension and set up X-ray, which is available with all pricing plans.
  2. Search for Amazon products.
  3. Open X-ray on the result pages.

That way, you can browse products to check the Success Scores individually and find opportunities worth checking out at a glance. However, you’ll need to inspect products further – even if they have a perfect Success Score rating.

Remember that you get 10 uses of X-ray with the free trial, which allows you to try the Success Score feature for free.

How Is the Helium 10 Success Score Calculated?

The Helium 10 Success Score is calculated by pulling data from an Amazon search’s top 10 ranking products. The data informing this calculation includes the

  • Market maturity
  • Average sales revenue
  • Average product price

You can gain more insight into the Success Score and what factors contribute to its calculations by hovering over the box in X-ray. That said, check out our X-Ray guide on how to find the Success Score and use filters when customizing the Two-factor Success Score.

What Do the Helium 10 Two-Factor Success Score Check Marks Mean?

The Helium 10 Two-Factor Success Score check marks indicate the number of products that meet the threshold criteria you set using two-factor Success Score filters. 

The maximum number of green check marks is 4, and here is what they mean:

Check Marks Meaning
One Seven products meet one of the established criteria but not the other.
Two Seven of the top ten products meet both criteria.
Three Seven products meet one of the criteria, and more than seven products meet the other criteria.
Four More than seven products meet both criteria.

Our Experience With Using the Helium 10 Success Score

We tried it ourselves to accurately explain what to expect with the Helium 10 Success Score.

We loved that you get 10 free uses of XRay tool to test the effectiveness of the Success Score. This means we could test it on the free trial.

Furthermore, we found the customizability of multi-factor and two-factor Success Scores handy. Also, the visual graphic with color codes is excellent for glancing at the Success Score before moving on.

Overall, we found the Helium 10 Success Scores insightful, which helped us spot good product opportunities. However, we still needed to look at other metrics before making a final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

10 out of 10 is the best Helium 10 Two Factor Success Score, a strong indicator that you have found a good product opportunity. Furthermore, you can settle for products in the 7-9 out of 10 range since this shows potential. However, if you’re using the Multi-Factor success score, you want a minimum of 3 stars out of 5 for the ideal opportunities.

Yes, you can ignore the Helium 10 Success Score if you have the experience to spot a good product opportunity using other metrics or methods. The Helium 10 Success Score is only there as a guide and should not overrule other metrics that indicate you’ve found a winning product.

You can see the Helium 10 Success Score with the free version. That’s because you get 10 free X-Ray uses, the tool used to estimate the Success Scores. Once you run out of X-ray uses on the free trial, you’ll need to get one of the Helium 10 pricing plans to keep evaluating product Success Scores.

Leverage the Helium 10 Success Scores for Your Business

The Helium 10 Success Score is a handy metric to help you find valuable product opportunities at a glance. You’ll need to download the Chrome Extension and use X-Ray to view the Success Score while browsing Amazon. However, Helium 10 freemium users only get ten (10) X-Ray applications to evaluate Success Scores but unlimited use on every paid Helium 10 plan.

If you’re ready to take advantage of Helium 10 Success Score’s fantastic insights, here are some HUGE discounts to save more on your chosen plan.

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