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How to Use Helium 10 Gems?

Helium 10 Gems is a free tool you can use to send potential customers to your Amazon or Walmart product listing through unique URLs.

An all-in-one software suite, Helium 10 is designed to help Amazon sellers succeed. It offers a set of free tools to anyone willing to give their first name and email address.

One of these free tools is a URL builder called Gems, which you can access by clicking on Tools > Free Tools > URL Builder. Or, you could just click on this link.

Now that you know where to find Helium 10 Gems, let’s do a quick run-through of what it is and why you should use it.

What Is Helium 10 Gems in a Nutshell?

With competition getting increasingly fierce on marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, the question on everyone’s mind was – could there be a way to lead potential customers from external sources directly to your listings?

The answer was Helium 10 Gems (Super URLs), a tightly integrated set of advanced tools.

With everything you need to create and maintain your Amazon listing, Helium 10 Gems can help you send potential customers exactly where you want them to go- your product pages. It does this by creating distinct Amazon URLs for your product pages.

Features of Helium 10 Gems

With Helium 10 Gems, you can create six types of URLs specific to a marketplace depending on where you want the customer to go. These include:

  • Canonical – send customers straight to the product listing on the correct Amazon marketplace.
  • Add To Cart – sends customers directly to the Add to Cart page.
  • Buy Together – automatically combines two or more products you specify and sends the customer straight to the Add to Cart page.
  • Targeted ASIN Search – creates an Amazon search page with products corresponding to the ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) you specify.
  • Walmart 2-Step Via Brand – replicates the search string for a target keyword and brand when it sends customers to a Walmart search result page. The customer can then click on a specific product listing.
  • Walmart 2-Step Via Seller – replicates the search string for a target keyword and seller when it sends customers to a Walmart search result page. The customer can then clicks on a specific product listing.

You should note that some sites might talk about generating 2-Step via Brand, Hidden Keyword, and Field-ASIN URLs for Amazon because these used to be on the top of the list for Helium 10 Gems.

Articles on the Helium 10 knowledge base still refer to these URLs and how they can help with Amazon search ranking.

However, Helium 10 has updated the Gems tool to no longer generate these URLs.

A possible reason for this is the Seller’s code of conduct in the Amazon Terms of Service (TOS).

Under a section on “Acting Fairly,” it explicitly prohibits any attempt to “influence search results by inflating search ranking through keyword manipulation or incentivizing customers’ searches to appear as organic behavior.”

While one could argue that clicks on 2-step URLs are still organic traffic (hard-won through off-site marketing efforts), Amazon might take a dim view of the replication of search information from them.

Getting banned or suspended from Amazon for a perceived violation of the TOS, warranted or not, is something you do not want to risk.

How Helium 10 Gems Can Help You as an Amazon Seller?

With all the hype around Helium 10 Gems, most Amazon sellers wondered how it would help them.

Helium 10 Gems helps Amazon sellers in two ways.

It sends potential buyers straight to your Product Listing or Add to Cart page, which increases the chances of buyers completing the purchase.

It improves your search ranking (and gives you a better chance at getting the coveted Buy Box) by diverting a bunch of traffic to your page for high-volume keywords.

Buy box on Amazon

For example, by typing in “instant print camera” in the Amazon search box, the top product is the Kodak Printomatic, which indicates that people who used that search string most frequently bought this product. However, it has a Bestseller Rank of 1 for the category Instant Digital Cameras.

The weird thing is that the number two product listing for this search is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, which is #10 in Instant Film Cameras.

Why is that?

Well, Amazon’s search algorithm, also known as A10, considers several factors when making search recommendations to customers. We’ve listed those factors in order of importance:

  • Seller Authority
  • Sales History
  • Impressions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Internal Sales
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Off-Site Sales
  • Organic Sales
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Sales

As you can see, impressions, conversion rate, and click-through rate are not top priorities for ranking on an Amazon search. However, these factors have gone up in importance, and having a lot of them will certainly not hurt your ranking.

In other words, the benefit of using Helium 10 Gems (Super URL) is to get more people to your Amazon listing. Of course, you want them to buy, but it still means some brownie points on Amazon, even if they don’t.

How To Use Helium 10 Gems?

Using Helium 10 Gems is easy enough, provided you have existing marketing or ad campaigns.

You simply generate the URL you want based on your sales strategy and goals.

Below is a short description of each URL builder so you can decide which ones you need for a particular campaign.

  1. Go to the Helium 10 website and click on Tools > Free Tools > URL Builder. Or, you could just click on this link.
Select Gems tool from Helium 10 menu
  1. Scroll down and  specify the correct Amazon marketplace for your product listing in “Choose Your Marketplace.”
Choose your marketplace

For example, if you choose as your marketplace, the URL slug for our sample product changes from:



Kodak on

Notice the difference?

Gems generated two unique URLs using the same ASIN code and sent you to different sites because of your marketplace choice.

  1. Find the ASIN of your product listing. You will find your ASIN embedded in the URL slug and in the Product Information section.
  1. Generate the unique URL you need by filling in the fields. You can generate as many as you want for any or all the URL types available on Gems.

Once you click “Generate,” you can click on the Copy Link icon (Copy button) to get the URL or the Open Link in New Tab icon (new tab icon) to check if it brought you to the right page.

URL and icons
Source: Helium 10

Canonical URL

SEO professionals refer to canonical URLs as URL slugs, and they appear in the search page results of external search engines such as Google. When a searcher clicks on the URL slug, it leads directly to the product listing.

Amazon automatically generates canonical URLs for each product listed on its site based on the text it finds on the listing.

Below is the URL slug for our instant print camera example:

Instant Camera Kodak

Amazon adds the section “Kodak-PRINTOMATIC-Digital-Instant-Sticky-Backed” and ranks it at the top of the search page for the keyword “instant print camera.”

Typically, the seller has no control over that part of the URL slug. 

Helium 10 Gems lets you adjust the URL slug for your Amazon product listing by generating one based on keywords you want to rank on search engines such as Google.

Try to choose single words in sequence that when put together make up a high-competition (translation: hard to rank) keyphrase such as “instant camera.”

For generating a canonical URL, you will need five great keywords (mandatory) and the ASIN of your product listing.

Canonical URLs

The URL slug generated by Helium Gems for this example is:

Instant Camera Kodak

You can use the Gems-generated search engine-friendly URL slug on any online space outside of Amazon. These include:

  • Websites
  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts

Using Gems-generated URL slugs will make it easier for search engines to index your product listing for the keywords you like.

Add to Cart

To generate an Add to Cart URL, you only need to specify the ASIN of your Amazon product listing and the quantity you want the prospect to buy. Using the same example above, you can get the Helium 10 Gems-generated URL using the ASIN “B07BB5FDS2.”

The URL will look like this:

Clicking on the URL will bring you directly to the Add to Cart page.

Added to Cart

Buy Together

If you have two or more products that you want to sell together, you can generate a specific URL for that bundle to send the customer directly to the Add to Cart page.

You just need to put in the ASIN and appropriate quantity of each product for the bundle.

The first two fields are mandatory, and you can bundle up to four products for one URL.

You can bundle the camera with print paper and stickers as an example.

Fill in the fields on Helium 10 Gems and click on Generate.

The URL for this example is:

Clicking on it will send the customer to this page:

Add to shopping cart

Targeted ASIN Search URL

Sometimes you might want to promote a bunch of your product listings on your social media, but you want to give your audience a choice.

Helium 10 Gems can help you generate an Amazon search results page that features just your products. You can add up to 50 ASINs for one URL.

ASIN search URL

In our example, Gems will generate this URL:

Clicking on it will send the customer to this custom search results page:

Walmart 2-Step Via Brand

If your product is also on Walmart, Helium 10 Gems can still help you rank high on the platform using the 2-step via brand strategy. You just put in the keyword and brand you want, and the Gems-generated URL will send the customer to a search result restricted to the brand and keyword.

The link Helium 10 Gems will generate will look like this:

Clicking on it will bring you to this page:

Notice that all the items are one brand (Kodak) and include the keyword “instant digital camera” in their product description. The specific item in the samples above (blue camera) happens to be out of stock on Walmart at the time of publishing, probably why it is not even on the list.

Walmart 2-Step Via Seller

Like the 2-step via brand, this strategy restricts a customer’s results in a custom search page.

Instead of a brand, however, it will limit the search results to a seller.

Unfortunately, the seller for the sample is Amazon (a good reason for its #1 BSR?), so we need to find a seller on Walmart for this project. We selected Skymall at random.

The URL generated by Gems is:

When someone clicks on it, this is what they will see:

Not all the products in the search results are sold by Skymall, but the highest-ranked ones are.

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How Much Does Helium 10 Gems Cost?

The Helium 10 Gems tool is entirely free. You don’t even have to register! Simply go to the Gems page and start generating URLs to your heart’s content. 

However, if you want access to the tutorials and other tools for Product Research, Keyword Search, and Listing Optimization, you need to register for a free account.

When Should I Use the Helium10 Gems Tool?

Use the Helium10 Gems tool when you want to improve the Amazon search ranking of your products, but you don’t have the coding chops to do it manually. Promotional URLs generated by Gems send potential buyers from external sources to your Amazon product page. That ticks many boxes for the Amazon search algorithm. Sending people directly to your product page also makes it more likely they will buy, so that’s a bonus.

Final Thoughts

Helium 10 Gems provides Amazon sellers a simple but clever way to gain an advantage over the competition without breaking the bank. It offers the breakthrough that most Amazon sellers need to scale on the platform.

Check out our guide for Seller Assistant and other Helium 10 tools that can help you achieve a competitive edge.

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