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How to Get a PickFu Free Trial?

Unfortunately, PickFu doesn’t enable a free trial period for new users. 

Instead, it offers a $0/month subscription plan called Free Forever.

However, contrary to its name, the Free Forever subscription tier has a $1 per response charge. Consequently, a 50-person poll will cost $50 for Forever Free accounts. The only time you get a free survey is during the sign-up process.

If you’re okay with the cost implication of testing PickFu, continue reading for more details about PickFu’s Free Forever membership plan.

Key Takeaways

  • PickFu doesn’t have a conventional free trial offering.
  • You can create a free account by signing up for PickFu’s Free Forever plan.
  • PickFu’s Free Forever monthly membership fee is $0 but costs $1/response to create polls.

How to Get PickFu Free Forever Plan?

The PickFu Free Forever onboarding process is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is set your login credentials and answer some questions to get started.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to PickFu’s website and click “Sign up for free” on the homepage.
  1. Fill in your name, email, and password. Click “Sign up” to create a login credential.
  1. You need to answer a series of questions to customize your account. Then, click “Continue.”
  1. Next, select the platform you sell on and click “Continue.”
  1. Pick the number of products associated with your company from the options provided. Also, select your role in the company and click “Continue.”
  1. Select how you learned about PickFu and explain the problem you’re trying to solve. Click “Continue” to go to the next page.
  1. PickFu enables a free 5-person poll template for testing its tool. Fill in the required fields to use the free poll or skip to complete the signup process.

Features Available on the PickFu Free Forever Plan

Since you’re on a free plan, expect some of the features available to you to be capped.

 More so, you can only get access to some of PickFu’s services if you upgrade to a paid plan.

Also, before creating a poll, remember that the Forever Free plan has a $1/response fee. 

Therefore, if you order a 100-person survey, you will be charged $100. As mentioned, you get a free 5-person poll as part of PickFu’s onboarding deal.

That said, below are the features accessible under the Free Forever subscription tier.

100-Person Poll

The Free Forever subscription allows you to create polls for 100 respondents. 

In other words, each poll can accept feedback from up to 100 people.

While this is commendable, considering that it’s free, the 100-person maximum limit is meager compared to what you get with a PickFu membership plan.

PickFu lets you up the limit to 500 responses per poll when you pay for any subscription package. Check out my PickFu pricing page for more details about these membership packages.

Audience targeting traits allow you to select poll respondents based on specific criteria, including demographics, characteristics, interests, and income levels. However, the Free Forever plan has a 1-trait per poll cap. Nonetheless, you can pay extra fees to select additional audience-targeting filters.

Again, the audience targeting feature of the Free Forever subscription is limited, as you can select up to 4 audience attributes per poll when you subscribe for a PickFu membership.

Demographics Reporting System

With the Free Forever option, you can access an advanced reporting system to determine the impact of demographics on your polls. This feature analyzes and highlights demographics-based factors –  age and gender – when compiling poll reports.

Additional demographic information, like ethnicity, income, political affiliation, and education level, are accessible to users with paid membership.

Downloadable Poll Results

PickFu allows you to download your poll results in CSV format. That way, you can export your data to spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel. This is useful for individuals and businesses using poll results for other analysis and reporting.

How to Upgrade From the PickFu Free Forever Subscription?

Considering the limitations of PickFu’s Forever Free plan, you may want to upgrade to a subscription package with less capped features and additional services. 

Below is how you do so:

  1. Create a free PickFu account by following the steps outlined above.
  2. Log into your PickFu account.
  3. Click “Settings” at the top right-hand corner.
  1. Click “Subscription.”
  1. Scroll to “Change Plan” and select one of the two paid plans. The options available are Professional and Team. In the example below, I chose Professional.
  1. Select an annual or monthly payment plan in the “Subscription details” section.
  1. Activate team access and fill out your team name. This option allows you to collaborate with your team members with PickFu accounts.
  1. Enter your card number and click “Pay $79.00/month” to complete the process.

What PickFu Alternative Offers Free Trials?

Want to explore other poll-management software before paying for a PickFu membership? 

Check out the option below.

Helium 10

Among other things, Helium 10 (get free trial) lets you create polls about your product listings and get actionable insight from your target audience.

This is achievable thanks to Helium 10 Audience, a survey/poll builder tool that grants access to a database of more than 10,000 US-based respondents.

Like PickFu, Helium 10 enables a free version with capped features. However, unlike PickFu, Helium 10’s free version has monthly usage limits.

Want to know more about Helium 10 Audience? Head to my Helium 10 free trial page for a step-wise guide on how to use Helium 10 for free.

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Is PickFu's Free Forever Plan Worth It?

Contrary to its name, the PickFu Free Forever plan isn’t entirely free, as it comes with a $1/response charge. Depending on the number of respondents you want to reach, you may pay up to $100 to launch a poll.

You can only launch a free 5-person PickFu poll during the account registration. 

As such, PickFu’s Free Forever subscription tier may not appeal to those looking for a conventional zero-fee onboarding package.

However, it’s still the best option to test PickFu before committing to a monthly subscription plan. If you agree with this sentiment, sign up today for a PickFu’s Free Forever account.

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