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Is Amazon Services LLC Actually Amazon? (Explained) Services LLC is Amazon, a subsidiary of the larger, Inc. 

As a company selling different products for third-party sellers and doing business in many countries, Amazon LLC falls under Amazon Inc., the parent company listed on the stock exchange.

Besides providing e-commerce services, Amazon Services LLC retails appliances, diamond jewelry, books, accessories, apparel, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Services LLC is a subsidiary entity of, Inc.
  • Amazon Services LLC takes orders on Amazon and ships them to different customers.
  • Amazon Services LLC provides other services on behalf of

Why Does Amazon Need Amazon Service LLC as a Subsidiary Entity?

llc operates independently of amazon
The LLC operates independently of the main brand

Amazon needs Amazon Service LLC as a subsidiary to maximize its operations in multiple business environments. This has enabled to separate legal and financial privileges from Amazon Services LLC.

This means Amazon Services LLC can operate independently while also

  • Enjoying tax benefits
  • Generating more profits
  • Reducing the business debt liabilities

Since it is an LLC, Amazon Services serves in the capacity of reducing business overhead incurred by Amazon, reducing the overall liability, raising capital more efficiently, and reducing the taxes of the parent company.

What Services Do Amazon Services LLC Offer?

Amazon Services LLC offers various services and products. Let’s dive in and discuss those products and services in detail.

Amazon Store

Amazon Services LLC offers an immersive, multipage shopping destination for various brands and companies to share product offerings and brand stories.

amazon affiliates are covered by the llc
Amazon affiliates are also covered by the LLC

Here are a few Amazon Stores:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Go
  • Amazon Go Grocery
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Wholes Foods Market
  • Amazon Style

Delivery and Logistics

Amazon Services LLC offers shipping and delivery services to their customers through Amazon Delivery and Logistics. This part of the operation boasts other smaller units like:

  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Amazon Air
  • Amazon Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment Tech & Robotics
  • Prime Air
llc handles sales and deliveries
Amazon Services LLC also handles sales and deliveries on behalf of the bigger parent company

Amazon, Delivered, another unit in Delivery and Logistics, is a unique delivery service serving the most remote and unique locations worldwide.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Services LLC offers scalable, reliable, inexpensive, and the most comprehensive cloud computing services through Amazon Web Services. The AWS features services like Database, Storage, Computer Power, Networking & Content Delivery, and other functionalities to help tech savvies develop sophisticated apps with increased reliability, flexibility, and scalability.

Devices and Services

This part of Amazon Services LLC offers cloud-based services that power over 140,000 devices by Amazon. The services and devices it provides are:

  • Kindle
  • Fire Tablet
  • Echo
  • Blink
  • Ring
  • Fire TV
  • Luna
  • eero


Customers can access the latest games and apps with Amazon Entertainment. 

Users can download or stream their favorite music, TV shows, and movies here.

Some of the content to enjoy include:

  • Amazon Studios
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Games
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Gaming
  • Audible
  • Twitch
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A Business Structure That Favors Customers

Overall, this piece should have cleared your doubt if you’re confused about whether Amazon Services is Amazon. As a massive company, Amazon created Amazon Services LLC as a subsidiary to make its financial, legal, and other obligations much easier to manage.

Though it is incorporated separately and as one of the subsidiaries of Inc., Amazon Services LLC is part of the Amazon family.

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