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Amazon Search Exclude Words: The Ultimate Guide

You can exclude words from your Amazon search using the Amazon Advanced Search method. This will help you narrow your search to get the items you’re looking for or filter searches by brand, price, customer reviews, etc.

Previously, you could add a minus sign (-) before the word you want to exclude in your search. You could also use quotation marks around the phrase or a combination of minus and quotation marks. But those methods don’t work anymore.

Fortunately, there are still ways to search for specific items on Amazon and get what you want.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon search allows users to exclude specific words from their product searches.
  • You can include words like “cheap” or “discount” to get a specific product type.
  • Amazon’s Advanced Search allows you to find the products you need quickly.

How to Exclude Keywords in the Amazon Search?

I’ll break down how to exclude words from your Amazon search and show you different ways to get specific products on Amazon. If you’re a seller, you can use this to view the search volume for a keyword or the number of competing products.

Narrow Results by Filters

You can filter your searches to exclude some brand words, product types, and other metrics via Amazon Advanced Search.

Let me demonstrate what I mean below:

When I searched for “packing tape” on Amazon search, this was what I got:

amazon product search

I took the search further by ticking the boxes on the left side of my results. 

Since I wanted Mr. Pen’s packing tape, I went through the filters, and under the “Brand,” I ticked the box before “Mr. Pen.”

amazon product search filtering by brand

That way, I could exclude other brands’ words I didn’t want in the results.

amazon filtered search results

You can also use more filters to narrow results. For example, you can get specific with the search terms you want with the following filters affecting words in the listing:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Deals and Discounts
  • Surface Recommendation (this is specific to the search I made on Mr. Pen. The filter may not be the same when filtering other products)
  • Water Resistant Level (This filter option is the same as the above)
  • Subscription Options
  • From Our Brands
  • Packaging Options
  • Amazon Global Store
  • International Shipping

Remember that Amazon has countless products. Hence, the more filters you make, the more specific you’ll get to find the exact products that suit you.

Using Negative Keywords

Amazon sellers can utilize negative keywords to optimize their listings.

In context, using negative keywords will reduce wasted ad spend. This will prevent your ads from appearing for low-priority or irrelevant search queries.

Remember, PPC can be expensive.

For instance, if you sell chef knives on Amazon, your bidding includes “chef knife” for the keyword. Amazon will enter your ad into the auction and show it to customers with this phrase match keyword in the search query.

product search on amazon

Even if shoppers search for something like a “German chef knife,” your Japanese chef knife could appear. Hence, adding “German” as a negative phrase keyword is critical. 

Shoppers who add the word “German” in their search won’t be shown your Japanese chef knives ads.

searching with negative keywords

To start adding negative keywords to your Amazon PPC campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon Seller Central dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the “Advertising” section.
  3. Go to “Campaign Manager.”
  4. Create a campaign, input “Auto” in the search box, and click “Enter.”
  5. Choose a campaign to go to the “Ad Group” page.
  6. Click “Search Terms.”
  7. On the next page, choose “Suggested Bids.”
  8. Scan through for irrelevant words and mark them negative by copying them.
  9. Click the “Negative Targeting” and go to “Add Negative Keywords,” where you will input the negative word you copied.
  10. Then, click “Save.”

You’ve successfully added negative keywords to your advertising console.

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Start Using Amazon Search Like a Pro

Using the filters on Amazon Advanced Search is the ideal way to create excellent search queries that alienate particular terms, whether you’re a shopper or seller.

Furthermore, sellers can use negative keywords to optimize their listings and exclude some words from a search for their PPC keywords.

So, if you want to get more desirable keywords and find the exact terms to boost your listings, Magnet 2.0 on Helium 10 is the best place to look.

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