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AmzChart Review: In-Depth & Brutally Honest

We at RevenueGeeks are not newcomers to Amazon market analytics tools.

We have, in fact, taken an in-depth look at several solutions, including AMZ Tracker and Sellics.

We have also published comparison articles featuring other Amazon selling tools.

That made us adept at taking the proper perspective to give Amazon sellers like you the best information possible.

We would like to introduce you to a new Amazon seller app option—AmzChart.

Get a quick glimpse of AmzChart’s features and specifications by checking out the highlights table below.

Price $9 monthly with a free option
Payment Methods Alipay, VISA/MasterCard/American Express/China UnionPay cards
Refund Policy Full refund within 24 hours from the first payment
Live Chat Support Yes
Multi-Seat Account Yes
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome
Deployment Cloud, SaaS, web
Training Documentation
Official Website
More detailed information
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As an Amazon product research tool, AmzChart provides certain advantages that make it unique compared to its competitors. We outlined these below.

Extensive, Regularly Updated Database

The AmzChart database contains 1.2 million BSR Big Data points spanning more than 25,000 categories covering no less than nine Amazon marketplaces—U.S., U.K., France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and UAE.

Apart from its massive coverage, AmzChart’s database gets daily updates so that you get only relevant results. That gives Amazon business owners like you access to up-to-date BSR data each time you use the tool.

BSR Data Helps Amazon Sellers Grow Their Business

A product’s BSR tells you how well it is selling on Amazon, so you can pick all products bound to translate to better sales.

Because AmzChart collates current and historical BSR data, it can also help you identify the best-selling seasonal offerings. That way, you can plan ahead for related product launches.

App Is Newbie and Pro-Friendly

AmzChart has a user-friendly interface that even Amazon seller newbies can easily navigate. Even better, it presents data and analytic results in an easy-to-digest form.

Pros will not be left wanting, though. AmzChart has extra features like product monitoring and market insight gathering, making it practical for their data-based product research and decision-making requirements.

AMZChart Overview

AMZChart homepage

AmzChart is an Amazon product research software that uses Best Sellers Rank (BSR) data analytics. BSR is a product ranking Amazon created based on several factors, such as recent and historic sales, reviews, ratings, market trends, and other metrics.

The lower a product’s BSR is the higher its ranking.

AmzChart uses artificial intelligence (AI) to capture and analyze Amazon best seller ranking data.

It has access to more than 1.2 million products across all categories on top of its already formidable collection of Amazon BSR products.

AMZChart updates more than 3 million BSR and BSR-related products in its database every day.

By showing BSR fluctuations and trends, the app allows Amazon sellers to study their competitors’ product strategies.


AmzChart has several features that help Amazon sellers boost their sales while monitoring their competitors. We listed the most important ones below.

Product Research

AMZChart users can utilize Product Research

AMZChart users can utilize Product Research to look for products that have high demand but low competition. For example, it provides a product’s Amazon sales rank, BSR fluctuations, and changes in reviews or pricing.

When conducting product research, sellers can narrow down results using the following filters:

  • Common Filters
  • BSR in Primary Category
  • Estimates Sales
  • Buybox Price
  • Buybox Seller
  • Total Reviews
  • More Tags
  • Save Search

Keyword Research

Keyword research AmzChart

AmzChart has a unique tool called “Keyword Scout” to help you with keyword research.

This tool provides search and purchase volume information and regular or long-tail keywords.

You can also perform reverse ASIN searches using Keyword Scout.


This feature shows you Amazon best sellers across all the different categories. It performs an in-depth analysis to find winning products and categorizes best sellers into: Best Sellers, New Releases, and Movers & Shakers.

While the Best Sellers feature all time top-selling products, Movers & Shakers list products whose BSR has shown exceptional growth in the past 7-30 days.

Amazon Category Path

AmzChart can show Amazon sellers up to 10 category path levels in one go, allowing them to determine which categories and subcategories best fit their products.

For example, each Amazon product can have more than one primary category and subcategory.

The tool differentiates categories by displaying them in different colors.

For example, clicking an item in each category path will lead you to the category details analysis page. On this, you will find more in-depth data like BSR fluctuations and review and pricing trends for that category.

Competitor Tracking

Competitor tracking

Amazon sellers can track competitor activity via Product Tracking combined with Keyword Scout to include reverse ASIN search results for each competing product.

You can also rely on Hijacker Alerts to determine if a competitor could be hijacking any of your products. For those not in the know, hijacking is the act of offering fake versions of existing Amazon products, often at much lower prices.

Market Insight

Amazon sellers can take advantage of Market Insight to analyze various categories and subcategories to determine which would help them boost their product sales.

It also allows you to identify peak and low seasons for particular products.


BSR Change Monitoring


Amazon sellers who want to monitor any product can add it to their trackers.

And each time their BSRs change, you can be sure to receive notifications.

Meanwhile, those who are not tracking specific products can view BSR fluctuations through Product Details Analysis.

Keyword Scout


We described this feature earlier. Keyword Scout lets you perform reverse ASIN searches to identify the keywords your competitors use.

You can then add the exact keywords to your own product pages.

Amazon Marketplaces

AmzChart provides data on products from the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the U.A.E.

Custom Filters

Custom AMZTracker Filters

Using custom filters, you can generate an extensive list of product ideas.

Not only that, but you can also utilize custom filters for your product and category research needs.

AmzChart can produce more than 400 filter criteria combinations, spanning niches, shipping methods, budgets, marketing strategies, and other data.

Keyword Comparison

Keyword comparison

Keyword Scout has more to offer, as it also lets you make keyword comparisons. And when you do, you will also see related and long-tail keywords in the results. These keywords come with metrics, such as search volume per month, monthly purchase, number of products, and conversion rate (CVR). In addition, you can filter keywords based on the same criteria.

Buy Box Price Tracking


AmzChart allows you to review historical buy box pricing data through Product Details Analysis. Not only does this let you monitor buy box prices but also spot trends early.

Now that we are done with the features, it is time to check out the available AmzChart plans.

AmzChart Pricing

Here are the subscription options and their corresponding pricing and usage rights.

Free Plan at $0 Monthly

  • U.S. marketplace only
  • Limited product searches: 5 times daily
  • Limited product refresh: 5 times daily

Basic Plan at $9 Monthly

  • U.S., Japan, and Germany marketplaces only
  • Limited product searches: 20 times daily
  • Limited product refresh: 20 times daily
  • Limited product export: 20 times daily
  • Limited keyword search: 20 times daily
  • Limited product tracking: 10 maximum
  • Access to Charts

Pro Plan at $49 Monthly (Promo: $1 for First 7 Days)

  • Support for nine Amazon marketplaces
  • Unlimited product searches
  • Limited product refresh: 100 times daily
  • Limited product export: 100 times daily
  • Limited keyword search: 100 times daily
  • Limited keyword export: 100 times daily
  • Access to Market Insight
  • Access to Charts

VIP Enterprise at $299 Monthly

  • Support for more than nine Amazon marketplaces
  • More product platforms
  • Support for ad analysis
  • Support for seller analysis
  • Support for multi-seat accounts
  • Support for yearly payment
  • Onboarding and demo service

Up next, let us look at how AmzChart fares in user reviews.

AmzChart User Reviews

While AmzChart is still relatively new, users have begun using it since 2020.

The tool, in fact, already has 190 reviews on Trustpilot, giving it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. A vast majority of its users (84%) rated AmzChart as excellent.

Here are some excerpts from some AmzChart reviews.

  • From Canadian user Irene Quin: “Our whole team has been using AmzChart for product selection, mainly because of its accurate data analysis and timely updates! Basically, we can see different data changes every day. Basically, you can see different data changes every day. And you can also observe the changes in different categories. In addition, the overall interface is also very simple, not so many fancy things, the sense of use is particularly good! I truly recommend it to everyone!”
  • From U.S. user Theo Alex: “Wow, what a great tool for Amazon. It is handy and easy to use. When I started using this software, it showed me the data at a glance, all the data was clear, allowing me to better analyze the Amazon categories, making it easier for me to choose the dimensions of the selection.”
  • From Hong Kong user Su Lin: “AmzChart is going to reveal almost everything about BSR products for me to find potential winning items, improve our Amazon BSR, and win the market. AmzChart helps users monitor the product performance metrics of their competitors and receive an email notification when their listing gets hijacked. Amazon BSR calculates a product’s popularity and sales based on its category and subcategory. By studying the data, users get to identify items with strong demand and low competition, thus increasing their sales.”
AMZChart reviews

AmzChart Alternatives

AmzChart is not alone in the market, though, and we will talk about some of its competitors in this section.


AMZScout screenshot of the homepage

AMZScout is an Amazon analytics suite with an extensive product database, a keyword tool, and a Chrome extension.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon seller suite with unique offerings like Magnet, Cerebro, and Black Box.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one platform that offers product and keyword research, inventory management, product launch, and many other features.


Seller.Tools screenshot of the homepage

Seller.Tools is yet another all-in-one online selling platform with a host of other tools for selling, optimizing, and boosting product sales on Amazon.


AmzChart covers nine Amazon marketplaces—US, U.K., France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and U.A.E.

Yes, AmzChart is a powerful tool and can support other languages. You can, in fact, view its official website in English and Chinese.

You can gain market insights by using AmzChart to examine categories and subcategories. This should give you an idea of which ones present the best opportunities for your products.

You can save all the filters you want to use to perform product research by simply clicking the Save Search button. When you conduct successive product research, you can simply apply your desired filters via Customize Search.

The number of results you can export per day will depend on your subscription plan. You can refer to the Pricing section for the specific export details.

Recap and Verdict

AmzChart is an effective Amazon seller tool for two main reasons.

First, it has an extensive database of BSR product data that is very useful for those who wish to expand their business and improve their seller rank.

Second, it is a good tool that is straightforward, making it user-friendly for pros and beginners alike.

While a capable solution, Amzchart has some downsides too.

You cannot use the reverse ASIN search tool, for instance, if you are a free plan user.

Its FBA calculator could use some improvement as well.

Overall, if your primary goal as an Amazon seller is to get up-to-date and BSR data, AmzChart would be great for you. However, if you want an all-in-one solution, its competitors may be a better choice.

Try AmzChart and see for yourself by signing up for a free account.

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