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How to Get the FeedbackWhiz Free Trial?

You can get the FeedbackWhiz free trial for 30 days by creating an account on the FeedbackWhiz platform.

The free trial allows you to access all the Starter Plan features, including Profits and Analytics, Product+Review Monitoring, and Email Automation. However, you cannot access the Basic, Professional, and Ultimate plan features.

Did I mention that the account creation for a free trial takes less than three minutes? Let me show you how.

Key Takeaways

  • FeedbackWhiz is a web-based software; you don’t need to download it before using the free trial.
  • You can cancel anytime since no contracts or obligations exist.
  • You’ll get Basic Support with the free trial.

How to Get the FeedbackWhiz Free Trial?

Starting your FeedbackWhiz free trial is easy and takes a few simple steps. 

I’ll walk you through the process from start to finish:

  1. Go to FeedbackWhiz and click Start Free Trial.
feedbackwhiz web home
  1. Fill out the form with your email and password, pass the Captcha test, and click “Register.”
create feedbackwhiz account
  1. A popup box will appear confirming that you’ve successfully registered your account with a prompt to check your inbox to confirm your account. Click “OK” to continue.
feedbackwhiz account created successfully
  1.  A login page opens. However, don’t input your email and password yet.
feedbackwhiz sign in
  1. Check your email inbox.
  2. You’ll receive two emails from FeedbackWhiz with the Getting Started Guide and one Video Tutorial. You can skip this email for now.
feedbackwhiz support email with video tutorial and demo
  1. The second email you’ll get is from Threecolts, FeedbackWhiz’s platform for Email and Alerts, asking you to confirm your registration. Click the link in the email.
threecolts welcome email
  1. That’s it! You can sign in now, and it’ll direct you to your brand-new account!
feedbackwhiz account dashboard
  1. Connect your Amazon Seller Account and use your FeedbackWhiz free trial.

FeedbackWhiz allows sellers to connect American, European, Australian/Singaporean, Japanese, Indian, and U.A.E. marketplaces. However, the FeedbackWhiz free trial comes with ONE marketplace connection, and additional marketplaces will cost you $10/month each.

Features Available in the FeedbackWhiz Free Trial

As an all-in-one Amazon seller tool, FeedbackWhiz prides itself on improving your Amazon business for more reviews, feedback, and sales.

By signing up for its free trial, Amazon sellers can test some of the features available in the software. Some are explained below.

Product Review Manager

feedbackwhiz product review manager

Reviews are king on Amazon, and critical product review management is crucial to your Amazon FBA success. That’s why the Product Review Manager’s intuitive, single platform will help you analyze and manage all your product reviews on Amazon.

The seamless integration of your Amazon product reviews allows you to view reviews individually or group them by product.

You can also analyze Amazon product reviews for trends, respond quickly to positive or negative reviews, and use competitor tracking tools to boost your Amazon product listings.

Automated Review Requests

How about automating your Amazon reviews with a complete request-a-review button?

I like that I don’t have to install unnecessary additional browser extensions before using this flexible, time-saving tool. Creating Amazon review requests is seamless by following a simple guide to customize your strategy based on your products and other essential metrics for your eCommerce business.

Custom Email Campaigns

feedbackwhiz custom email campaigns

This feature allows you to create customized and targeted Amazon email campaigns to boost your response and customer engagement rates.

You can quickly increase your chances of getting a positive review or building a relationship with your customers by sending them the right emails at the right time. Automate emails the way you want to maximize positive reviews.

Monitoring and Notifications

You can quickly manage and respond to critical events by passively monitoring your listings 24/7. Hence, FeedbackWhiz will notify you if your Amazon listing titles change, when another device logs into your account, and whether hackers are trying to hijack your listings, among other things.

How to Make the Best of FeedbackWhiz Free Trial?

The FeedbackWhiz free trial is excellent for experimenting with the tools and features inside the software before committing to a paid subscription. You can make the best of this free trial with these basic ideas:

  • Getting full access to the features: the FeedbackWhiz free trial lasts 30 days. This gives you enough time to see how each tool or feature works. The generous 30 days of using these features will help boost your listings for more sales and profits.
  • Send emails/review requests: test how to send review requests, create strategies to quickly respond to reviews or messages from buyers, and work towards keeping the Buy Box on products you’ve won it for.
  • Test product monitoring: you can monitor 50 products with the free trial. So, now’s a good time to see how you can keep an eye on your products and still spy on competitor ASINs from a single dashboard.
  • Create a campaign: for 30 days, you can manage all your feedback and review request campaigns. You can create 10 campaigns, each allowing you to create email review templates or use prebuilt templates.

My Experience With the FeedbackWhiz Free Trial

The first thing I noticed with the software is how it can help organize your Amazon business. 

For instance, you can segment your audience based on repeat customers and what products they purchase.

One of the things I love about FeedbackWhiz is how I can get all the tools I need in one place. These tools allow me to sell smarter by integrating accounting analytics, notifications, reports, emails, orders, reviews, feedback, and support in one platform.

I also like how it tracks vital details, including best-seller products and the number of customers who open the automated review-request emails. Above all, the friendly user interface is incredible!

Ultimately, the unparalleled degrees of customization are second to none. 

You can download data, filter, and create custom labels or notes to boost productivity and save time.

However, even with product monitoring and email automation tools, my only concern is the Pricing Plan. Different features are available with different plans, with usage limits on some and add-ons promoted in another corner. This can complicate things.

FeedbackWhiz Alternatives That Offer a Free Trial

Though FeedbackWhiz is a fantastic software with incredible features, some functionality is too simple, especially for advanced sellers with bigger businesses. A fantastic example is the Order Manager, which could use more tools to make it more unique than the similar regular tool on Amazon.

If you’re keen on listing optimization on Amazon marketplaces, the software also lacks this essential feature that you can find on tools like Helium 10 or ZonGuru.

Nevertheless, FeedbackWhiz makes up for this with ease of use, and the organized, clean user interface is off the charts.

You can check out these FeebackWhiz alternatives to see how their free trial match up with the FeedbackWhiz.

  Free Trial Duration Feature Access Best Price
Helium 10 Unlimited Limited Pricing Page
AMZ Scout 7 days Unrestricted Pricing Page
ZonGuru 7 days Unrestricted Pricing Page
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The FeedbackWhiz free trial doesn’t require entering your credit card details to start using it.

When your FeedbackWhiz free trial ends, you can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan to keep using the service. Furthermore, FeedbackWhiz will delete your account data if you don’t opt for a subscription within 14 days after the free trial ends.

Should You Explore FeedbackWhiz for Free?

You can get the best out of using the FeedbackWhiz free trial since it lasts 30 days, enough to test things and measure results.

Even though the free trial gets you limited features or tools, the usage limits are sufficient to start selling your products and making sales. By the end of your free trial, you’ll be well on your way to using the software to rake in more profits.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Start your Amazon FBA journey by visiting the FeedbackWhiz pricing page.

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