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Does Helium 10 Work With eBay?

No, Helium 10 doesn’t work with eBay. It only works with Amazon and Walmart (for US sellers only).

Still, you can use the Helium 10 product and keyword research engine to discover some products/keywords that may sell on eBay. However, you won’t get the tool’s direct support to optimize your listings, handle reviews, manage customers, get on top of inventory, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10 doesn’t work with eBay; it only works with Amazon and Walmart.
  • There are other seller tools for eBay sellers, such as 3DSellers and Merchant Spring.

Alternative Tools for eBay Sellers

eBay is less popular than Amazon, with the audience mostly looking for items being resold. 

As such, there aren’t a lot of eBay seller tools.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re left without options. Here are alternative tools to check out:


3DSellers was built exclusively for eBay. The tool helps eBay sellers to optimize product listings, automate ads, and track orders.

It also offers full customization abilities, allowing sellers to bulk edit listings via CSV files, split test product listings for the best results, send automated and personalized feedback reminders to customers, and receive alerts directly to their emails.

You can try 3DSellers free for seven days without supplying your credit card details.


MerchantSpring provides full market analytics into sales, inventory, and profit margins. 

Users can connect to over 120+ marketing channels, including eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

The platform also automates analytics and provides a complete insight into your market operations. Hence, eBay sellers can review product sales, identify customer trends, monitor ad campaign results, and track profit margins.

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Use the Best Tools to Grow Your eBay Business

Unfortunately, Helium 10 doesn’t work with eBay. However, eBay sellers can use great alternatives such as 3DSellers and MerchantSprings to find market gaps on eBay and boost sales.

3DSellers is a great choice because it was built exclusively for eBay and offers excellent features like automated ads management, product listing optimization, and order management. 

So, try 3DSellers FREE today and see if it holds enough to rival what you wanted from Helium 10.

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Adam Wood
Adam Wood
Adam Wood is a seasoned E-commerce Strategist and SaaS Analyst, acclaimed for empowering Amazon sellers with actionable strategies and advanced analytics insight. His expertise in leveraging technology for market success makes him a pivotal resource for both budding entrepreneurs and established online merchants. Adam's approach combines rigorous data analysis with a deep understanding of the nuances of e-commerce, positioning him as a leading authority in the Amazon FBA sphere.
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