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3Dsellers Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth It?

3Dsellers offers multiple pricing plans under its two main packages – eBay Suite and HelpDesk Suite.

The eBay Suite houses the Essential, Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans, which start from $14.90 per month. On the other hand, the HelpDesk Suite ranges between $25 to $199, depending on the pricing tier you choose.

Sounds overwhelming?

I’ve broken down what the 3DSellers packages entail for your business, how to sign up for a preferred plan under each package, and how to save on your chosen plans.

Key Takeaways

  • 3Dsellers offers two primary services – eBay Suite and HelpDesk Suite.
  • You can get 3DSellers add-ons like additional eBay accounts and extra eCommerce channels for extra functionality.
  • New users can access the 3Dsellers 7-day free trial. No credit card is required.

What 3Dsellers Pricing Plans Are Available?

3Dsellers offers plans to automate your eBay efforts and get personalized support agents for your eCommerce business. Here’s a detailed overview of what you get under each 3Dsellers package.

eBay Suite

The eBay Suite is dedicated to optimizing your eBay Seller business. 

Hence, you get offerings like automated listing creation, editing, and inventory management.

It’s divided into four mini plans – Essential, Growth, Professional, and Enterprise – summarized below.

Plan Monthly Price Annual Price Discounts Offers
Essential $14.90 $11.90 per month $3 per month Try for free
Growth $24.90 $19.90 per month $5 per month Try for free
Professional $44.90 $35.90 per month $9 per month Try for free
Enterprise $74.90 $59.90 per month $15 per month Try for free

You can jump to the sections below to discover the unique tools and features you’ll get with each plan. That way, you can best decide which one you should get for your eBay business.

HelpDesk Suite

The 3Dsellers’ HelpDesk Suite isn’t streamlined for eBay alone but for all eCommerce channels where you need personalized customer support staff.

That way, you get real support agents who can interact with your online customers 24/7, ensuring a seamless buying process.

Here’s an overview of the HelpDesk Suite pricing plan.

Pricing plan Monthly price Billed annually Savings Offers
Essential $25 $19 per month $6 per month Try for free
Professional $39 $29 per month $10 per month Try for free
Growth $199 $159 per month $40 per month Try for free

You don’t need to get the highest tier of the HelpDesk Suite package if you just launched an eCommerce brand or haven’t scaled into multiple channels yet.

I’ve provided an overview of the features available with each plan to help you better decide which one to get.


3Dsellers allows you to add extra features and expand your subscription with add-ons, such as

  • Additional eBay accounts for $3 per month per account.
  • Multichannel integration, where you add other eCommerce channels such as Shopify and WooCommerce. This costs $5 per month per channel.
  • Additional support agents in the HelpDesk Suite for $5 monthly per agent.
  • Digital Products management for $5 per month.
  • Automated Shipping Tracker for all pricing plans. Extra packages start at $8 per month.

How to Sign Up for 3Dsellers?

Creating a 3Dsellers account is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to set one up:

  1. Visit 3Dsellers.
  2. Click “Try All Features for 7 Days Free” or “Start Your Free Trial.”
  1. Enter your email and create a new password. You can also sign up with your eBay, Google, or Facebook account.
  1. And voila! Your new account is created.
  1. Enter your details. Then, click “Save and Next.”
  1. Pick your selling channels and preferred integrations.
  1. And that’s it. Your account is ready to go.
  2. After the trial, you get to choose a pricing plan.

What Features Are Available on 3Dsellers Plans?

3Dsellers offers major features on all pricing plans, with advanced features reserved for pricier payment tiers.

eBay Suite

Here’s a detailed look into which features are available for each pricing plan in 3Dsellers’ eBay Suite:

Feature Essential Growth Professional Enterprise
Listings 200 500 2500 At least 5,000
eBay Accounts 1 2 3 4
Teammates 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Support Email Email Email, Chat Email, Chat
Listings Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Listing Designer Yes Yes Yes Yes
eBay Motors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Editor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bundles & Kits No Yes Yes Yes
Sync Between eBay Accounts No Yes Yes Yes
Image Hosting 1GB 5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Import & Update from CSV No Yes Yes Yes
Items (rows) Limit for CSV No 50,000 100,000 150,000
Schedule CSV No Yes Yes Yes
Import From FTP & URL No Yes Yes Yes
Feedback Reminder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Messages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offers Manager No Yes Yes Yes
Schedule CSV Import No Yes Yes Yes
Automated Reports No Yes Yes Yes
Insights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Manager No Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Control No Yes Yes Yes
Orders Manager No Yes Yes Yes
Shipping Tracker 10 10 20 30
Shopify Integration No Yes Yes Yes
WooCommerce Integration No Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Integration No Yes Yes Yes
Walmart Integration No Yes Yes Yes
Etsy Integration No Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Integration No Yes Yes Yes
Additional eBay Account Integration No $3 per month $3 per month $3 per month
Multichannel Integration No $5 per month $5 per month $5 per month
Discounts Try Essential Try Growth Try Professional Try Enterprise

HelpDesk Suite

Check out the features offered for the pricing plans in the HelpDesk Suite:

Feature Essential Professional Growth
eBay Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Shopify Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Etsy Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Other Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Centralized ticket access Yes  Yes Yes
Full order details within tickets Yes Yes Yes
SLA No Yes Yes
Ticket Tags Yes Yes Yes
Translation No Yes Yes
Custom Status and View No Yes Yes
Internal notes Yes Yes Yes
Mentions No Yes Yes
Team Collision Detection No Yes Yes
Email Templates Yes Yes Yes
Automation Rules Yes Yes Yes
Auto Responders No Yes Yes
Auto Messages No Yes Yes
Agent Insights No Yes Yes
Workflow Insights No Yes Yes
Orders Manager No Yes Yes
Feedback Reminder No Yes Yes
AI Assistant (Composer) No 100 replies 1500 replies
AI Assistant $10 per month per 1,000 Replies $10 per month per 1,000 Replies $20 per month per 3,000 Replies
Discounts Try Essential Try Professional Try Growth

How to Save On Your 3Dsellers Pricing Subscription?

Are you looking to cut costs on your 3Dsellers subscription? Here are the best ways to get discounts and reduce your subscription costs.

Pick Annual Plans

Annual payments on 3Dsellers pricing plans guarantee 20% OFF your purchase.

This is one of the easiest money-saving hacks for sellers who know they’ll stick with the eBay selling model for up to a year. Likewise, it works for non-eBay sellers looking for professional customer service agents to help transform their businesses for up to a year.

Get the Free Trial

The 3DSellers free trial allows you to try everything it offers for 7 days without entering your credit card details.

This free trial ensures you know what you’re signing up for, understand what you need, and can better determine your plan when it’s over.

What Learning Resources Do You Get With 3Dsellers Pricing Plans?

Here are the learning resources that 3Dsellers offers users on every pricing plan:

  • Blog: 3Dsellers runs a regularly updated blog where the team teaches eBay sellers how to get the most out of the tool.
  • YouTube Channel: 3Dsellers’ YouTube channel covers several in-depth tutorials on using the tool to manage listings, inventory, and shipping. These tutorials significantly reduce learning time, so you dive straight into boosting sales with the tool.
  • Help Center: 3Dsellers has a help center with many well-organized articles on using the software. The topics range from general help articles on setting up your 3DSellers account and managing your payment plan to in-depth tutorials on adding watermarks to your eBay listing images.
  • What’s New: The “What’s New” Changelog is regularly updated with new features that 3Dsellers add to the software.

Can You Schedule a Demo With 3Dsellers?

You can schedule a demo with the 3Dsellers team to review the software’s features in-depth, discuss custom pricing plans, and even request customized add-ons and software solutions. 

All you have to do is visit the 3Dsellers pricing page and select “Schedule a Demo.”

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3Dsellers accepts all credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. You can also use PayPal to complete your purchase.

Supercharge Your eBay Business With 3Dsellers

3Dsellers is a standout software for sellers wanting to automate business operations. 

The tool makes creating and editing listings for multiple products, sending automatic messages to customers, reducing inventory count to increase customer urgency, and tracking product shipment easy. Use 3Dsellers to supercharge your eBay business and stand out from competitors.

How about you try 3Dsellers for free for 7 days?

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