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3DSellers Review 2024: Top Features & Real User Insights

3Dsellers aims to grow critical aspects of users’ e-commerce enterprise and improve profitability across multiple channels like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

In all, 3Dsellers provides sophisticated tools, a quality user interface, and excellent customer support.

So, the question is: has 3Dsellers delivered on its promises? After an extensive review of this tool, the short answer is “Yes.”

With 3Dsellers, you can …

  • Optimize your eBay listings for better visibility.
  • Create and manage a ticket system for customer feedback.
  • Track inventory, orders, and shipments.

Continue reading to know how I came to this conclusion.

⭐ Rating: 4.5 ★★★★★
💵 Price: $14.90 to $199
🔍 Features: eBay listing software, Helpdesk suite, inventory manager, Order manager.
🎯 Accuracy: High
👥 Support: Email, Live Chat, Demo
🖥️ User Interface: Clean User interface
🔥 Discount: Try for free

3Dsellers Pros & Cons

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3Dsellers Detailed Review

With over 200,000 users, 3Dsellers has become a reliable solution for optimizing eCommerce businesses. In particular, its services center around visibility, customer support, and fulfillment.

I’ve summarized the core features of 3Dsellers below.

Key Features

The first aspect of 3Dsellers’ business model that caught my eye was its suite of solutions for eBay sellers, and additional solutions for users on other e-commerce channels.

Speaking of its eBay-focused tools, 3Dsellers offers dynamic eBay listing software to handle all the major listing-related operations of your eBay business. You even get pre-made listing templates to help your products stand out in a high-competition market.

Apart from the listing software, 3Dsellers offers an inbuilt eBay helpdesk

This supplies your business with a customer support agent trained to quickly respond to customers’ messages.

More importantly, you can get this feature across Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and more e-Commerce channels. Hence, you can rest assured that your customer complaints across multi-channel sales platforms are handled by someone who knows your business.

On top of that, this is the best way to ensure a uniform tone across your communication channels.

Furthermore, 3Dsellers offers dedicated tools for optimizing order fulfillment and management operations. To this effect, you get an Orders Manager to track, organize, and export all orders from your linked selling channels on one dashboard.

Finally, 3Dsellers’ inventory management system is vital to monitor your eBay stocks and predict optimal restocking times. You can even use the tool to manipulate your inventory levels and create impulse purchases via the fear of missing out

Extra 3Dsellers Features

In addition to the key features mentioned above, 3Dsellers offers additional tools to aid your e-commerce business, as shown in the table below:

Feature What It Does
Digital Products Specialized listing tools for digital goods like music, domain names, and electronic trading cards on eBay.
Shipping Tracker Sends your customers automated and up-to-date information on the shipping status of their orders.
Insights Provides user-friendly charts and data on your eBay operations.
Offers Manager Instantly responds to buyers with the best offers.
eBay Ads Automates and manages your eBay ads.
eBay Motors Offers the tools necessary for listing on eBay's cars and parts sales platform.

Does 3Dsellers Offer Free Tools?

3Dsellers offer free-to-use tools. As such, you don’t need to create a 3Dsellers account or subscribe to a plan to enjoy tools like an eBay Title Builder, US/UK eBay fee calculator, and more.

The best part is that there aren’t usage limits on these tools, and they’re critical to different aspects of your eBay business success. However, 3Dsellers doesn’t offer any free, non-eBay-focused tools.

If you’re interested, here are all the free tools you get on 3Dsellers and what they can do for your business:

3Dsellers Free Tool Significance
eBay Title Builder Automatically generate titles for eBay listings from seed keywords
US eBay Free Calculator Calculates the cost and potential profits of selling a product on US eBay
UK eBay Fee Calculator Calculates fees, VAT, selling price, and potential profit for eBay UK listings
PayPal Fee Calculator Shows the international and domestic fees for receiving and sending money via PayPal
Free Email Templates Creates ready-to-send, eBay-compliant customer service emails
SKU Generator Creates unique SKU numbers for labeling and tracking your products
eBay Listing Errors Shows common eBay listing problems and error codes and how to resolve them

Performance and Effectiveness

3Dsellers relies on API integration with eBay for most of its functionalities. 

Therefore, much of its success revolves around the effectiveness of its API integrations.

The good news is that 3Dsellers integrate with eBay and other supported platforms efficiently. 

In other words, the features work as advertised. The eBay listing software, in particular, gives your listings a professional look and handles bulk actions effectively.

This software also has bulk listing enhancement and management capabilities. 

As such, you can initiate time-saving actions by organizing, optimizing, backing up, and exporting eBay listings in bulk.

Then, there’s the 3Dsellers Helpdesk suite for creating custom feedback templates and order fulfillment workflows for your team. Overall, the Helpdesk suite streamlines and automates your customer support operations to make it as efficient as possible.

On top of that, the Helpdesk suite works across multiple channels. As such, you can maintain a single customer feedback system for all your e-commerce businesses

This saves you the time and cost to set up and run separate customer feedback solutions for your online stores on major e-commerce hubs.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you won’t experience any problems

As with most software solutions, you’ll encounter glitches and bugs using 3Dsellers. 

However, from my experience, 3Dsellers provide quick fixes whenever such issues arise.

User Interface and Ease of Use

It’s relatively easy to navigate the 3Dsellers website because of its clean and user-friendly design.

Once you log into your account, you’ll notice the side toolbar, giving you quick access to 3Dsellers’ features. With designs such as this, poor website navigation is the least of your worries when using 3Dsellers.

Furthermore, 3Dsellers allows users to switch to a dark-themed user interface

This might sound non-essential, but it aids the overall experience of users who prefer a dark-mode display.

However, 3Dsellers isn’t without a learning curve, especially if you use the tool extensively. Hence, you might have to use 3Dsellers’ learning resources, book a demo, or contact customer support to walk you through the process.

Thankfully, you can contact the customer support team via or live chat. Also, you can report an issue directly from your account. This option lets you do a video or take a screenshot detailing the issue.

Besides the customer support channels available to 3Dsellers, the platform provides self-learning resources like a Help Center, YouTube videos, and a blog.

3Dsellers Pricing

3Dsellers operates two major service packages: eBay Suite and Helpdesk Suite. 

Each package is further subdivided into mini plans, as shown below.

eBay Suite

The eBay Suite offers features relating to listing building, inventory management, and order tracking. As the name implies, 3Dsellers specifically curated this one for eBay sellers.

Here are the plans under the eBay Suite:

Plan Monthly Fee Annual Fee Offers
Essential $14.90 $11.90/month Try for free
Growth $24.90 $19.90/month Try for free
Professional $44.90 $35.90/month Try for free
Enterprise From $74.90 From $59.90/month Try for free

Helpdesk Suite

The Helpdesk Suite focuses on streamlined customer support for your eCommerce businesses. In other words, you get trained agent(s) to handle customer support, order feedback management, inquiries, and other client-facing aspects of your business.

The Helpdesk Suite has 3 mini plans, as shown in the table below:

Plan Monthly Fee Annual Fee Offers
Essential $25 $19/month Try for free
Professional $39 $29/month Try for free
Growth $199 $159/month Try for free

Want to know more? Read our 3Dsellers pricing guide for all the features available to each service package and their respective sub plans.


You get a 7-day free trial once you register for 3Dsellers' plans. Interestingly, you aren't required to submit your card details to enjoy this offer.

Which Platform Does 3Dsellers Support?

3Dsellers supports the following marketplaces:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Walmart
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Facebook Shop
  • Google Shopping

Hence, you can get its Helpdesk Suite offerings and enjoy its streamlined order management across the major online selling hubs from one platform.

Besides saving you the time you’d have spent switching between platforms, this single management dashboard also ensures you can get all crucial business data in one place, enjoy a healthy overview of your brand’s performance, and make critical decisions faster.

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Is 3Dsellers Worth It?

3Dsellers is a good solution for eBay sellers seeking order management and help with their listings. However, I find it an even better resource for multi-channel sellers.

After all, it allows you to streamline your processes and manage multiple arms of your business from a single dashboard. Add that to the robust customer support offering it provides out-of-the-box, and business management just got easier for you.

Want to explore 3Dsellers? Get the 7-day free trial today.

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