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Can You Use Helium 10 on Etsy?

Helium 10 doesn’t offer native tools for Etsy. However, you can leverage Helium 10’s Demand Analyzer tool to perform several tasks, including product research and listing optimization, on your Etsy seller account.

I’ll discuss how these Helium 10 tools work for Etsy, how to get them, and everything else you need to know in the rest of this piece.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10 doesn’t outrightly work on Etsy.
  • You can only complete select tasks with Helium 10 on Etsy.
  • You need to analyze data correctly to benefit from using Helium 10 on Etsy.

How to Use Helium10 on Etsy?

To use Helium 10 on Etsy, you must first download and activate the Chrome extension

That way, you can access the Demand Analyzer tool, which allows you to complete the following processes.

Product Research

To conduct product research on Esty using Demand Analyzer:

  1. Visit and run a product search.
  1. Activate the Helium 10 Chrome Extension and click “Analyze Product Demand on Amazon.”
  1. Click “See analysis” in the Demand Analyzer window that pops up. Your target keyword and related phrases should automatically appear in the search bar.

The Demand Analyzer shows you the following data for your target keyword:

  • Total search volume
  • Demand history graph
  • Top matching keywords
  • Average price
  • Word frequency
  • Top products

You can click “Top Products” to expand your product research. You can also use the Helium 10 Demand Analyzer on a single product page on Etsy rather

Keyword Tracking

To perform keyword tracking using the Helium 10 Demand Analyzer, evaluate your target phrase’s search volume and top-related terms.

The search volume indicates a product’s popularity and potential traffic. Top-related terms help you discover associated keywords and gain broader market insights.

Pricing Optimization

To optimize your Etsy product prices using the Helium 10 Demand Analyzer, evaluate the average price. This allows you to set the right price for your target audience.

General Optimization Tools

You can perform a deeper analysis for the above tasks by clicking the “See all” link for metrics, keywords, and top products.

The “See all metrics” and “See full keyword list” links connect you to Helium 10’s Magnet tool, enabling you to find more keywords related to your seed phrase.

Meanwhile, “See all products” connects to Helium 10’s Black Box, a tool that allows you to find highly profitable products in seconds.

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Leveraging Helium 10 for Etsy

While Helium 10 features are mostly Amazon-oriented, you can use the Demand Analyzer to mine valuable data on Etsy.

The process can be time-consuming, but it allows you to map your Esty strategy from a point of information.

Does the Demand Analyzer sound like a tool you can use for your business? Then, get the Helium 10 Chrome extension to begin.

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