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Does Jungle Scout Work With Etsy?

No, Jungle Scout doesn’t work with Etsy. Instead, the eCommerce sellers’ software focuses on providing Amazon sellers looking to boost their businesses.

But don’t worry. I’ll show you two reliable Jungle Scout alternatives built just for Etsy

I’ll also explain how they stand out for Etsy sellers and why you should consider signing up for one of them.

Key Takeaways

  • Jungle Scout doesn’t work with Etsy.
  • Alura and Everbee are excellent software tools for Etsy sellers.

Top Jungle Scout Alternatives for Etsy Sellers

While you can validate Etsy product demand on Amazon via Jungle Scout, it has no native features for Etsy sellers. However, other software do.

I’ve researched 10+ of these tools, and here are two significant software tools that stood out for Etsy.


Alura helps Etsy sellers find best-selling product ideas and stand out in the competitive marketplace to score more sales.

Alura does this by providing essential features you need to run a successful Etsy business:

  • Product research to find the most viable selling option(s) for your Etsy store;
  • Keyword research to unearth the best keywords and phrases to drive traffic to your listing;
  • Listing helper to boost the quality of your product listings and improve your chances of ranking for the choice keywords;
  • Business analytics to monitor your sales, profits, and other relevant business metrics for actionable decision-making.

And the best part? You can sign up for Alura for free today to see what it holds.


Everbee, like Alura, also helps businesses find profitable products to sell on Etsy and manage their business operations successfully.

The Everbee Chrome extension helps you find thousands of product ideas on Etsy without leaving the product search and landing pages. You’ll also get a keyword research tool to find profitable keywords that’ll help you propel your chosen products to the first page, ensuring conversions.

A unique addition to Everbee is its famed Trademark Monitor, constantly scanning to ensure you’re not infringing trademarks in your Etsy store. That’s a fine way to constantly watch your back and quickly delist products that may be in breach before they affect the overall health of your store.

Finally, you can try Everbee for free by clicking the button below, but you won’t have access to the full suite of tools it offers.

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Optimize Your Etsy Experience Excellently

Even though Jungle Scout has no native features for Etsy sellers, there’s no need to worry.

Alura and Everbee are worthy alternatives offering reliable data in their product, keyword, competitor, marketplace, and other research tools.

Fortunately, you can test both tools without commitment to determine which aligns best with your Etsy growth goals before paying. But if you’re hard-pressed for an option, I recommend Alura for its simplicity and ease of use while packing a suite of relevant Etsy tools.

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