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Helium 10 Alerts: The Ultimate Tutorial

Helium 10 Alerts is a tool that keeps you updated on your product listings and notifies you if something happens, such as hijacking. So, overall, it’s a valuable tool to have.

And in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use it to your advantage.

What Are Helium 10 Alerts, and Why Do You Need Them?

helium 10 amazon fraud detector and alerts

Simply put, Helium 10 Alerts is a notification system. It will send you an email or a text message when something changes with your listing. That could be something positive, like winning the buy box, or negative, like being categorized as an adult product.

And while the tool might sound simple, it’s extremely powerful for any Amazon seller.

Due to Amazon being highly lucrative and competitive, not all sellers play by the rules. Instead, they use shady tactics to make you less profitable or lose tons of sales.

For example, even a slight change in the product dimensions could eat up most of your profits!

So having Helium 10 monitoring all the changes is beneficial. That way, you’ll be notified of the changes as soon as possible, allowing you to fix them before it takes effect.

What Can You Monitor With Helium 10 Alerts?

There are tons of aspects that you can track with Helium 10 Alerts. You can enable the following:

  • Buy Box – Get notified when you both win or lose it. This includes both “Amazon” and “Amazon Warehouse Deals.”
  • Customer Reviews – Get notified when you receive a new review. That includes every product review (1-star to 5-star) and seller feedback (positive, neutral, and negative).
  • Product Listing Changes – That includes everything editable such as the main image, title, description, brand, bullet points, dimensions, and price.
  • Listing Suppressed
  • Number of Sellers Changed
  • Reorder status changed
  • Transfer status changed

How to Add Helium 10 Alerts?

Fortunately, it’s easy to set up Helium 10 Alerts! All you need to do is the following three steps:

Step #1 - Navigate to Helium 10 Alerts

First, we need to get to the Helium 10 Alerts page. To get there, you should log in to your Helium 10 account until you get to the dashboard.

helium 10 tools tab

Then click on the “Tools” option on the main menu.

helium 10 alerts in tools tab

Once clicked, you should see a list dropdown. Under the “Operations” list, you should see an Alerts option. Click on it, and you’re on the Helium 10 Alerts page.

Step #2 - Activate Alerts for Your Product

enable helium 10 alerts for your product

Now that you’re on this page, it’s time to enable alerts for your products. You can do it by finding the desired product to track and then clicking on the toggle on the left side of your item.

When the toggle turns green, the monitoring has started!

Step #3 - Edit the Settings

helium 10 alerts settings

As the last step, we need to tweak some settings to make it work for us! To get there, on the top page of the Helium Alerts dashboard, you should find the “settings” button.

Click on it, and then you’ll be greeted with this page.

helium 10 alert notification options

Once there, you should do the following:

  • Choose the Alert Type – There are two ways you can get notified. You could either get notifications via email or SMS. However, I’d recommend you choose SMS to avoid the email being lost in the mailbox.
  • Choose Which Alerts You Want – And lastly, you want to choose what you wish Helium 10 to keep track of. That can be many things, such as listing changes, competitor price increases, buy box changes, etc.

For SMS notifications, you need the diamond tier!

5 Powerful Use Cases for Helium 10 Alerts

enabling notification options for products on helium 10 alerts

While there are tons of alerts to choose from, some use cases are more impactful than others.

So here are the five ways to use Helium 10 Alerts you should know:

1. Buy Box Alert

If you’re selling a product already sold by other sellers, you know how powerful it is to win the buy box. According to Data Feed Watch, the seller who has the buy box gets 82% of the sales.

So having an alert when you win or lose the buy box can be extremely useful.

2. Product Details Changed

While on the surface, product detail changes such as product dimensions aren’t something that should have a considerable impact on your sales, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

On Amazon, the packaging pricing is fixed, meaning that if your product dimensions get adjusted slightly, you could be charged more for your packaging. And that eats away at your profits!

3. Competitor’s Price Changed

On Amazon, prices constantly change! So to stay competitive there, many sellers sometimes lower their costs to win more customers and potentially get the buy box for themselves.

So instead of being in the dark about the changes, you could set up Helium 10 Alerts to keep you notified.

4. Assigned Adult Category

Getting your Amazon product marked as an adult product can be a death sentence.

Once that happens, you’ll rank in fewer search results, which significantly impacts your sales.

So toggling on this Helium 10 Alerts would be beneficial.

5. When a Negative Review Gets Posted

Like in any eCommerce business, negative reviews affect your future sales! So instead of letting them affect the future of your Amazon FBA business, you could get notified when it happens to react quickly.

And who knows, sometimes they might change their review to be more positive!

How Much Does Helium 10 Alerts Cost?

helium 10 alerts plans and pricing

You can start using Helium 10 Alerts with the cheapest plan! However, you’re limited to how many ASINs you can set up Alerts.

Here’s how many you can assign based on your plan:

  • Starter Plan: 2 ASINs
  • Platinum Plan: 100 ASINs
  • Diamond Plan: 300 ASINs + SMS Notifications
  • Elite Plan: 1000 ASINs


There are two reasons why you’re getting late or multiple alerts:

  1. Amazon might delay publishing customer reviews for verification purposes.
  2. Multiple alerts for a review happen when you sell the same product on multiple Amazon marketplaces (such as UK amazon and US Amazon). So when someone writes a review on one marketplace, it gets imported to all other marketplaces you sell the same product.


So, as you can see, Helium 10 Alerts is a crucial tool for avoiding any hijackers and keeping up to date with what’s going on with your Amazon business. And the good part is that you can try Helium 10 Alerts tool for free, TODAY!

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about how to use Helium 10 to your advantage, I suggest you read our Helium 10 Review Insights guide.

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