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Sellerboard Pricing & Plans: Which Should You Get?

Sellerboard provides 4 pricing plans, which are Standard ($19/mo), Professional ($29/mo), Business ($39/mo), and Enterprise ($79/mo). Also, the pricing plans are broken down into 3 tiers, which are monthly, half-yearly, and annual.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of a 1-month free trial and demo account to try Sellerboard without financial commitment.

Key Takeaways

  • Access the demo account from the Sellerboard homepage to instantly inspect the features and user-interface.
  • You can contact customer support if your e-commerce business requires higher usage rights than the Enterprise plan offers.
  • Sellerbaord offers a free trial that requires credit card information.

Sellerboard Pricing Table

What Are the Sellerboard Pricing Plans?

Sellerboard offers 4 pricing plans, which include Standard, Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Also, each plan has 3 pricing tiers that vary based on the length of your commitment to Sellerboard. They include paying monthly, half-yearly (-10%), and annually (-20%).

The table below summarizes the cost of each Sellerboard pricing plan to help you choose the best option for your budget.

  Standard Professional Business Enterprise
Monthly $19/mo $29/mo $39/mo $79/mo
Half-yearly (-10%) $17/mo ($99 billed half-yearly) $25/mo ($149 billed half-yearly) $33/mo ($199 billed half-yearly) $70/mo ($419 billed half-yearly)
Annual (-20%)   $15/mo ($179 billed annually) $23/mo ($279 billed annually) $31/mo ($369 billed annually) $63/mo ($759 billed annually)

Want to learn more about what Sellerboard pricing plans are offered? Then check out the official Sellerboard website to view pricing updates and the latest promotions.

Is a Sellerboard Free Trial Available?

A Sellerboard free trial is available that provides free access for up to 1 month

This is a good amount of time to test out the available Sellerboard features to determine if the platform is a good choice for your needs. Also, no credit card is required to access the Sellerboard free trial, which is user-friendly.

In comparison, JungleScout does not offer a free trial, but instead you can use the 7-day money-back guarantee to test the platform. It’s a shorter amount of time than Sellerboard’s 1 month, but enough time if you use the week productively.

Furthermore, the best free trial in the business is offered by Helium 10 because it does not have a time limit. It means you can continue using the free trial until you’re ready to upgrade.

What Features Do Sellerboard Subscription Plans Include?

It’s important to compare the features offered with each Sellerboard subscription plan. 

This ensures that you end up with a plan that provides the tools you’ll use, and won’t over-pay for the ones you don’t need.

  Standard Professional Business Enterprise
Orders per month 3,000 6,000 15,000 50,000
Follow-up emails or review requests per month 150 6,000 15,000   30,000
Additional seller accounts 4 6 8 16
Additional users 1 2 4 4
Automated reports 3 6 8 16
Manage users access rights by account, marketplaces and products Not available Not available Not available Available  
Real-time profit dashboard Available Available Available Available
Listing change alerts Available Available Available Available
PPC optimization Available Available Available Available
Inventory management Available Available Available Available
Refunds for lost inventory Available Available Available Available
LTV dashboard Available Available Available Available
Important note:

Sellerboard has a CTA alongside the features table that invites users to contact support if you need more access. This suggests that a custom Sellerboard plan can be created to meet the needs of your e-commerce business.

What Sellerboard Pricing Plan Should You Get?

The Sellerbroad pricing plan you should get depends on your budget and the stage of your Amazon business. If you’re a new seller still learning the ropes, then sticking with the Standard plan is fine. After all, this plan offers most of the functionality offered by Sellerboard.

The biggest difference between the plans is the number of monthly orders it supports. 

For example, you’ll be forced to upgrade once you reach 3,000 product sales per month since the quota limit is reached.

In fact, this is a good strategy for deciding when to upgrade your Sellerboard subscription plan. Every time you reach the maximum quota for any important feature – it’s time to upgrade.

Eventually, you’ll end up with the Enterprise subscription plan, which we recommend for Amazon sellers who wish to scale without limits. Note that this is the only pricing plan that allows you to manage user access rights by account, marketplace, and products. An important feature when managing a team of employees or freelancers.

Our Experiences With Choosing a Sellerboard Pricing Plan

We found the Sellerboard pricing plans to be fair since they all include the platform’s core features. Therefore, we could choose the pricing plan that matched the average number of products we sell per month.

This means we can upgrade as we scale, which is what you want from a service. 

That’s because you’ll naturally have more funds to invest as your business grows.

Also, we loved that the pricing structure is broken up between monthly, half-yearly, and annual. Most services offer monthly or annual, so the added pricing flexibility here is much appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise is the best Sellerbaord subscription plan to grow your e-commerce business. That’s because it offers the biggest quotas, which include:

  • 50,000 orders per month
  • 30,000 follow-up emails or review requests per month
  • 16 additional seller accounts
  • 4 additional users
  • 16 automated reports

Furthermore, Sellerbaord encourages you to contact customer support via live chat if you need to increase your access to Sellerboard features. This suggests that you can enjoy a custom pricing plan.

Yes, Sellerboard can help you increase sales if you use the tools correctly. 

For example, you send follow-up emails to generate repeat sales. Or you can use the PPC optimization tools to increase the conversion rate.

The amount of extra sales you receive from Sellerboard depends on how you implement the features, the products you sell, and your experience. Therefore, you must set realistic expectations when signing up for an account.

Sellerboard provides a free demo account that allows you to instantly access a dashboard that’s populated with fake products and made-up sales numbers. However, it gives you an excellent sneak preview of what using Sellerboard looks like.

Also, you can use the navigation menu on the left-hand side to examine each tool to view the functionality. This includes inspecting the quality of the user interface and features.

You cannot receive a refund for your Sellerboard subscription. However, you can cancel and the automated billing will stop. Furthermore, you can continue using Sellerboard until your billing cycle ends.

To cancel your Sellerboard subscription, you can send an email to

Final Thoughts on Sellerboard Pricing & Plans

To conclude, Sellerboard offers a great choice of pricing plans, which ensures users of various budgets have a choice. Also, you’ll receive a discount of up to 20% for choosing the annual plan, which is a massive saving for users that want to commit long-term.

Are you interested in signing up for Sellerboard? Then we encourage you to take advantage of our exclusive 2-month Sellerboard free trial to test the platform for an extended time.

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