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SmartScout Pricing & Plans: Which to Choose?

The available SmartScout pricing plans are Basic, Essentials, Business, and Enterprise. SmartScout plans focus on product, market, keyword, and competitor research tools, and you unlock more with each tier. Also, you can use the 7-day free trial to give the plans a test drive before committing to the paid plans.

Let’s dive into exactly what these plans offer and how they can help at different stages of your Amazon FBA business.

Key Takeaways

  • SmartScout provides a 7-day free trial, demo, and 30-day refund period.
  • You can use SmartScout onboarding to help you learn the tools faster.
  • SmartScout mainly provides product and keyword research tools for Amazon sellers.

What SmartScout Pricing Plans Are Available?

SmartScout provides four pricing plans, thus giving Amazon sellers of all budgets and experience levels something that resonates with their budgets and needs.

Here’s a table showcasing the prices on the Basic, Essentials, Business, and Enterprise plans to help you compare them:

  Basic Essentials Business Enterprise
Monthly $29 per month $97 per month $187 per month Custom Pricing
Annual $25 per month ($300 charged annually) $75 per month ($900 charged annually) $158 per month ($1,896 charged annually) Custom Pricing
Best Price Click here Click here Click here Click here

Now, let’s look at the features available with each subscription plan:

  Basic Essentials Business Enterprise
2 Users Available Available Available Available
Brand Research Available Available Available Available
Product Research Available Available Available Available
Sales Estimator Available Available Available Available
UPC Scans Monthly 5,000 50,000 100,000 200,000
Unlock All Brand Features Not available Available Available Available
Categorical Research Not available Available Available Available
Keyword Rank Tracker Not available Available Available Available
Customer Buying Patterns Not available Not available Available Available
Shared Keywords by Brands & Products Not available Not available Available Available
Customer Reporting With Excel Exports Not available Not available Available Available
Unlimited Custom Markets Not available Not available Available Available
2 years of Historical Data on Brands & Products Not available Not available Not available Available
Digital Shelf Optimization Not available Not available Not available Available
Brand & Product Ad Tracking Not available Not available Not available Available
Product Market Understanding by Keyword Not available Not available Not available Available

Which SmartScout Pricing Plan Is Best for You?

Every SmartScout plan is designed to offer you something mouth-watering enough to pick the deal. However, you may not need the highest tier yet.

Here’s a brief rundown of who each plan is for.


Best For: New Sellers

The Basic package is the cheapest and offers enough tools for new Amazon sellers to find their first product. It’s a good starting point to learn simple product research strategies.

However, you don’t get the market, competition, and keyword research tools.

If that isn’t a dealbreaker, the Basic package allows two users. So, you can share the account with an Amazon business partner.


Best For: Amazon Resellers, Amazon Private Label Sellers

The Essentials packaging gives you more robust product research tools and introduces you to SmartScout’s powerful keyword, market, and competition research tools, too. 

However, you don’t get the full suite of keyword research/marketing and competition research tools, but enough to get you started.

Also, the monthly UPC scan limit is increased from 5K to 50K. Therefore, there’s more freedom to find multiple products without worrying about limitations.


Best For: Amazon Brands

Choose the Business package if you scaled your Amazon business and want to enjoy continued growth by finding new products.

Besides the Enterprise plan, the Business plan is the next best thing to undercut your competitor, analyze market trends for winning opportunities, and uncover gem keywords before anyone else gets onto them.

Complete with 100,000 monthly UPC scans, you’re never handicapped at finding new product selling opportunities.


Best For: Growing Brands, Experts, and Agencies

The Enterprise SmartScout plan is the best choice for agencies and brands that want every feature. It includes brand & product ad tracking and up to 2 years of historical data

This can further help with market research to find good product-selling opportunities.

However, you’ll need to contact the SmartScout sales team to uncover the pricing for the Enterprise package. Thus, you can get a quote tailored to the size and needs of your agency without paying a massive fee for feature limits you won’t use.

How to Sign Up for SmartScout?

Creating a SmartScout account is a fast process, as illustrated below:

  1. Go to the SmartScout website and click “Pricing.”
  1. Choose your SmartScout pricing plan and click “Start Free Trial” or “Talk to Sales.”
  1. Enter your details and click “Submit.”
  1. After confirming your account from the email inbox, you’ll have access to the SmartScout features to find new product selling opportunities.

How Can You Save Money When Subscribing to SmartScout?

Every dollar you save when subscribing to SmartScout can go toward building your Amazon business. So, here are some money-saving tips to reduce the cost of your SmartScout subscription.

  • Free trial: Get the free trial to test the software with your Amazon venture rather than spending paid plan days to do such tests. It’s only available for new SmartScout users.
  • My discount: Use my discount for the best price on your SmartScout subscription.
  • Annual subscription: Choose the annual subscription if you plan to use SmartScout for at least one year. This provides around 10-20% savings, depending on the package you choose.
  • Relevant subscription plan: Pick the SmartScout pricing plan that matches the phase of your Amazon business. For example, beginners should stick with the Basic plan as they don’t need the bells and whistles of the other plans for now.
  • Ready to start: Don’t subscribe to SmartScout if you don’t have an Amazon business or don’t plan to start within the next month. Wait until you’re ready to use the software.

What Educational Resources Does SmartScout Offer Amazon Sellers?

SmartScout offers a range of educational resources by clicking the “Resources” button from the navigation menu.

Here’s a summary of each educational resource to help you understand what’s available:

  • SmartScout University: A series of videos that teach you how to use SmartScout tools for different business models. It includes resellers and private label sellers. Also, there are a few videos in Spanish if that’s your native/preferred language.
  • Industry Reports: SmartScout industry reports provide up-to-date market and product research analytics. It provides information on macro-trends to help you monitor hot industries.
  • Seller Key Terms: A glossary to help you understand Amazon jargon. Beginners starting a business in this space can reference this section when stuck on some terminologies.
  • SmartScout Blog: The blog provides articles to help with different aspects of Amazon FBA, answering questions and developing strategies.

3 SmartScout Alternatives to Consider

SmartScout is one of the best product and market research tools. Still, the software package doesn’t help with many other parts of running an Amazon Business. 

Therefore, I’ll share SmartScout alternatives that offer comparable tools and much more in this section.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon seller solutions because of its comprehensive product and keyword research tools. Examples of its standout tools are Cerebro, Black Box, and Magnet.

Besides product, market, and competitor research, Helium 10 also helps you find trending products (via Trendster), manage reviews, handle inventory better, and do so much more from one dashboard.

Furthermore, Helium 10 allows you to test these tools with a limited free trial that never expires!

Check out my Helium 10 free trial guide to give the tools a spin.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers extensive product research tools matching SmartScout, including a Product Database that you can filter with a long list of options.

Luckily, Jungle Scout provides many more tools not available with SmartScout. 

This includes a Listing Builder to help craft winning product listings and Review Automation to increase the number of reviews.

You can also use its Supplier Database to quickly find trusted sources for the winning products uncovered during your research phase.

Want to get started with Jungle Scout? Then check out my Jungle Scout free trial guide to learn more.


ZonGuru doesn’t have as many product research tools as you’ll get with SmartScout, but it offers a broader range of features.

The top product research tools to check out at ZonGuru are Niche Finder, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, and Easy Source. Also, many of ZonGuru’s product research tools are available on the cheaper Researcher plan.

Beyond that, ZonGuru allows you to craft product listings with the help of ChatGPT-4. 

Also, there’s a Review Automator tool that doesn’t break Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Check out my ZonGuru free trial guide to learn more about what the software package offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SmartScout offers a money-back guarantee for 14 days, so there’s plenty of time to test the tools and change your mind. You must contact the customer support team at to receive the refund.

SmartScout offers potential users and buyers a demo, which you can apply for by clicking the “See a Demo” button in the navigation menu. The SmartScout team will get back to you after filling out a form with more details about how you can access the demo.

Should You Give SmartScout a Try?

SmartScout is worth trying because it offers extensive product research tools that aren’t available with other Amazon software solutions. It will also help you craft and execute advanced strategies by accessing more data than you can get elsewhere.

So, sign up via these discounted SmartScout pricing plans to take your product, market, keyword, and competition research to the next level.

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