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FeedbackFive Pricing & Plans: Which to Choose?

FeedbackFive offers tiered pricing plans based on the monthly orders you receive on Amazon. These prices go from $24 per month to $199 per month. Sellers can also add an ASIN Review Monitoring add-on that costs as low as $4 per month.

On top of that, the software offers a 30-day free trial to new users who sign up with my exclusive link.

Let’s dive into FeedbackFive’s pricing in more detail, plus how to sign up to access the free trial.

Key Takeaways

  • FeedbackFive costs $24 to $199 per month, depending on monthly orders received.
  • The software offers a 30-day free trial to new users.
  • Agencies also have a dedicated plan that starts from $74 per month.

What Are FeedbackFive’s Pricing Plans?

FeedbackFive’s pricing is tiered according to the number of monthly orders received on Amazon, with the baseline price of $24 per month up to $199/month. All tiers have FULL access to the features offered by the software.

Here’s an overview of FeedbackFive’s pricing:

Monthly Orders Pricing (per month)
2,000 $24
5,000 $34
10,000 $44
25,000 $74
50,000 $99
100,000 $149
Above 100,000 $199

If you want to monitor the reviews that ASINs receive, you can get the Review Monitoring service, which allows you to see the reviews both your products and competitor products receive.

The pricing for this option is tiered according to the number of ASINs you monitor and goes from $4 to $259 per month.

You can also bundle FeedbackFive with SellerPulse to get access to the Product Listing Monitoring software. When you get the bundle package, you can save up to 30% in additional fees.

How to Sign Up for FeedbackFive and Get Up to $199 Off?

FeedbackFive offers new users who sign up with my exclusive link an automatic free month, which saves you at least $24 that month. Here’s how to sign up for FeedbackFive to automatically access the free first month:

  1. Go to FeedbackFive.
  2. Enter your email address and click “Start Free Trial.”
  1. You’ll be redirected to a sign-up page where you’ll have to fill out a form to start the process.
  1. Then, pick a plan. You can select the default FeedbackFive package or bundle it with SellerPulse. When you’ve chosen a plan, click “Next.”
  1. Choose whether to get the ASINs review monitoring add-on. If you monitor less than 50 ASINs a month, the add-on is free of charge.
  1. Finally, complete the checkout by inputting card details. Also, enter an Amazon marketplace and your store’s name.
  1. You must leave the coupon code that’s applied to the checkout page as is so that you get access to the free month.
  1. Congrats! You’ve created a new FeedbackFive account.

Is There a FeedbackFive Plan for Agencies?

Yes, FeedbackFive offers several custom agency plans starting at $74 per month.

Agencies must schedule a demo with a contact email to speak with someone on the FeedbackFive team. This ensures you get the correct pricing for your agency’s needs rather than being charged a one-size-fits-all price that is more than what you need.

What Features Do You Get With FeedbackFive’s Pricing?

All pricing plans have COMPLETE access to FeedbackFive’s features. Here are the major features offered by the software:

Automated Review Requests and Email Templates

FeedbackFive automates Amazon’s “Request a Review” emails and provides customizable email templates sellers use to send out requests. The software also allows you to set campaign rules, such as when to send a review request email after order placement, which emails to send to, and which ones to exclude.

Review Monitoring per ASIN

With FeedbackFive, you can monitor reviews for your products and competitor products to identify review trends and where improvements need to be made to boost market share

You can automatically monitor your product reviews by adding all the ASINs in your product catalog and monitor competitors by importing them.

Reviews and Trends Alerts

FeedbackFive sends email and SMS alerts when new reviews are submitted. 

Of course, you can adjust alert preferences to get a daily digest of all recent reviews or alerts whenever there’s a negative or positive review. You can also get reviews when your Amazon store is rated.

Top-Notch Customer Support

FeedbackFive offers excellent customer support to all its users. You can reach the support team via email, live chat, and phone support. As a new user, you can contact the team for a live onboarding call and set up a walk-through. Agency accounts enjoy dedicated account managers that help boost their success rates.

2 Best FeedbackFive Alternatives to Consider

Even though FeedbackFive is an excellent tool, it’s not perfect. Here are two alternatives that you may want to consider:


FeedbackWhiz also automates Amazon review requests and review monitoring. 

On top of that, it also offers profits and accounting tracking.

Overall, the software allows you to track your Amazon seller expenses and measure the performance of your product listings to boost your profit margins.


AMZAlert monitors ASIN reviews and sends both email and SMS alerts. However, it monitors product listing changes, bestseller ranking, and stock availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FeedbackFive offers a 30-day free trial to new users. However, you must input your card details before starting the free trial. So, always cancel before the free trial ends so you don’t get charged when it’s over.

No, there’s no way of manually upgrading your FeedbackFive Plan. 

The software automatically calculates what to bill based on the monthly orders you receive on Amazon. Your pricing plan will be automatically upgraded once you exceed a plan’s limit.

Boost Your Amazon Reputation With FeedbackFive

FeedbackFive helps sellers automate Amazon “Request a Review” emails while fully complying with Amazon’s policies. Besides, it allows you to get on top of negative reviews, use positive reviews to amplify your Amazon selling business, and ensure you always have happy customers.

So, try FeedbackFive for free today to supercharge your Amazon store reputation and stay updated with review trends on your products and competitor products.

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