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Sellerhook Pricing and Plans: Is It Worth It?

Sellerhook’s pricing comprises Standard Reports, Extended Reports, and Supplier Check Reports, which cost $187, $547, and $399, respectively. There’s also a listing creation service that offers product listings starting from $197.

Sellerhook has no free trial, but the e-commerce service provider offers sample research and product listing documents that show exactly what you’ll get on the paid plans.

Key Takeaways

  • Sellerhook offers Standard Reports, Extended Reports, and Supplier Check Reports as pricing offers.
  • Sellerhook’s listing creation service costs $197 for one product listing and $547 for three listings.
  • You can order a customized report that matches the type of online business you run.

What Are Sellerhook Pricing and Plans?

The Sellerhook team offers “Standard Reports” and “Extended Reports” that contain information on 1-5 profitable products to sell.

You can also order a “Supplier Check Report” and “Customized Supplier Report,” which offer you verified and reliable product suppliers to contact.

Plus, Sellerhook delivers product listings in Amazon Listing Optimization Reports guaranteed to make your products rank higher in search results and generate more sales.

Here’s an overview of all Sellerhook plans.

Sellerhook One Product Three Products Five Products  
Standard Report $187 - $547 Order Now
Extended Report $547 - $2495 Order Now
Supplier Check Report $399 - - Order Now
Amazon Listing Optimization Reports $197 $547 - Order Now

What Features Are in the Sellerhook Plans?

Sellerhook researchers do the detailed work required to find best-selling, low-competitive, and highly profitable products for your Amazon store. They also research products for other online marketplaces, including WalMart, eBay, and Shopify.

On top of that, Sellerhook creates high-performing and SEO-optimized product listings for Amazon stores.

Each Sellerhook report type contains:

Standard Report

sellerhook standard reports

A Sellerhook Standard Report includes essential information to launch a potential best-selling product in your online store.

When you order a Standard Report for one product, you get a PDF containing a trending and profitable product idea from the chosen niche.

Sellerhook will also include

  • dozens of keywords to use for listings
  • verified suppliers, plus MOQs and manufacturing price per item
  • average profit margin
  • average monthly sales
  • product sales and price history on Amazon up to two years
  • Google keywords search trends

Although you don’t get to pick the chosen product for a Standard Report, the Sellerhook team ensures that it meets your selected criteria (price range, competition level, monthly demand, potential monthly revenue, and profit margin).

Extended Report

sellerhook extended reports

An Extended Report contains more information than a Standard Report, giving you more control over the final report.

When you order an Extended Report for one product, the Sellerhook service team will send you three product ideas in your chosen niche. From that, you get to pick which one to focus on.

An Extended Report contains everything in a Standard Report, plus:

  • Price segment research report that helps you decide the most profitable selling price for your product
  • Potential first-batch profits and ROI from selling this product
  • Predicted number of sales for the first few months
  • Product modification ideas based on customer reviews
  • Two extra corrections based on your feedback

Supplier Check Reports

sellerhook supplier check reports

Both the Standard and Extended Reports contain sparse information on verified suppliers for a product, and you have to pick which ones to contact.

On the other hand, a Supplier Check Report delivers detailed insights on one supplier and why they’re the best fit to manufacture your product.

For that supplier, the Sellerhook team provides you with the company’s supplier index, manufacturing patents, verification status, and blacklist status. They’ll also offer details on acceptable product modifications, MOQ, turnaround time, first-batch prices, product shipping, and warranty.

On top of all that, Sellerhook will help you contact that supplier if you wish.

Amazon Listing Optimization Reports

Each Sellerhook listing report contains a ready-to-use product listing with an SEO-optimized title, description, and bullet points. It also includes a list of best-performing keywords with their search volumes, text placements, and search terms for optimization.


Sellerhook delivers a product listing report within one week of an order. Despite your payment tier, you can request up to two revisions per product listing.

How to Choose a Sellerhook Report?

Here are all the things to consider when deciding which Sellerhook report to pay for.

Online Store

Think about your online store and how many profitable products you already have. If you’re an online selling newbie or ordering from Sellerhook for the first time, request a report on one product and see how that works out.

Desired Price Range

When choosing products within a specific price range, consider your manufacturing budget and desired profit margin. If you choose an affordable product, you’ll spend less on manufacturing and may increase your profit margin.

Current Active Suppliers

Check whether you currently have trusted suppliers that you work with. 

If not, it’ll be best to order a Supplier Check in addition to product reports.

How to Order a Sellerhook Report?

Ordering a Sellerhook Report is a bit complicated. I’ve made it easy with this step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Sellerhook official website.
  2. Click “Order Product Research.”
order sellerhook product research report
  1. Choose between “Standard Reports” and “Extended Reports.”
  2. Select the number of product ideas you want.
sellerhook plans
  1. Decide whether to get a “Supplier Check” with the product reports.
  2. Click “Buy Now.”
  3. Fill in your email address.
complete sellerhook payment
  1. Proceed to complete payment.

When you’ve paid, the Sellerhook team sends you a form to fill out. 

Fill in your product niche, price range, profit margin, desired competition level, average monthly sales, etc. Be as detailed as possible.

Once you return the filled form, Sellerhook will deliver the reports within one week. Sometimes, it takes up to 10 days.

My Experience With Sellerhook

The first time I worked with Sellerhook, I ordered a Standard Report on a product in the baby clothing niche. They discovered a great product that increased sales in my Amazon store.

After a decent sales run on the first product, I returned for an Extended Report on five products plus a Supplier Check to make the most of it.

The best part was that the Sellerhook team threw in one product for FREE

And on top of that, Sellerhook delivered products that later became bestsellers for my store.

The Sellerhook team has made it easy for me to find products to sell. 

All I’ve ever had to do is fill in the survey form, and in one week (or just slightly more), I get great product ideas to supercharge my Amazon business.

How to Make the Most of Sellerhook?

To ensure you make the most use of Sellerhook, do the following:

  • Choose the best report to order for your business: Think about the type of product research that’s best for your business.
  • Fill in the survey form thoroughly: The more details you fill in, the more accurate the product research will be.
  • When you’ve got a report, launch the product as soon as possible: Don’t wait long after receiving a product idea to start selling it. Other stores may pick up on the idea and gain a larger market share.
  • If you order an Extended Report, don’t hesitate to ask for corrections.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there’s no Sellerhook free trial. However, you can get a sample order report to see what the finished report looks like. Also, you can order a Standard Report for one product to get started without a more significant commitment.

Discover Best-Selling Products With Sellerhook

Sellerhook uses big data gathered by AMZScout from Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Walmart to unearth best-selling products for your store. Plus, it has an excellent listing creation service to help you hit the ground running and rank products high in Amazon search results.

All you have to do is fill out a form, and the Sellerhook team will deliver unique product ideas for your store. Order a report today.

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