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SellerSprite Coupon Code: Get Up to 45% OFF

Using the “RG35” SellerSprite coupon code gives you 35% to 45% off the first three months of your subscription – NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

You can extend your SellerSprite savings with an annual plan, giving you an extra 16% off any chosen plan. Furthermore, after using my coupon code, you’ll get access to a 3-day free trial to test every feature of your selected plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Get up to 45% OFF SellerSprite with the coupon code RG35.
  • The SellerSprite coupon code works for new and existing SellerSprite users.
  • You can save an extra 16.67% with an annual plan.

How to Apply the SellerSprite Coupon Code?

Applying the SellerSprite coupon code to get a significant discount is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the SellerSprite website and click “Sign up.”
  1. Enter your details in the form fields and choose a strong password. If you already have an account, jump to Step 4.
  1. Click “CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT” to finish the registration.
  1. Open the SellerSprite website in a fresh tab, then click “Log in.”
  1. Enter your email and password and click “Sign in.” You may also sign in with Google, Facebook, or Apple.
  1. In your account dashboard, go to “Pricing.”
  1. Switch between the “Monthly” and “Annual” subscription options depending on your budget. As I mentioned before, an annual plan helps you save more.
  1. Choose a plan. I’ll select the Standard Plan for this demo.
  2. Click “Credit card” or “Paypal” beneath your chosen plan.
  1. Enter “RG35” in the coupon box. This will give you 45% off the monthly Standard plan and 35% off all other tiers.
  1. Check the box that says, “I know it will be charged every paying period; cancel any time.”
  1. Now, click “Credit Card By Stripe” or “Paypal” if you chose that option initially. Wait for the page to load.
  2. Enter your payment details and complete the purchase. The discount with my SellerSprite coupon code applies automatically, and you’ll still enjoy it by the next billing cycle.

How to Save More With the SellerSprite Coupon Code?

My SellerSprite coupon code helps you save 45% on the Standard monthly plan and 35% on all other plans. This goes for the first few months of using your account.

However, you can save more with an annual subscription, which gives you an extra 16.67% on any plan. While this means paying a higher upfront sum, you save in the long run and can use the extra bucks to improve your Amazon business.

Here are a few extra tips to save more with the SellerSprite coupon code:

  • Choose a cheaper plan: if you’re looking for your first product, don’t jump right into the Advanced or VIP plan. Instead, choose the cheaper Standard Plan and upgrade when you’ve found your feet in the Amazon FBA or FBM business.
  • Get a free trial: the SellerSprite free trial can help you save money when starting with Amazon seller software. I’ve explained five legitimate ways to get SellerSprite for free in this guide.
  • Only subscribe when ready: I recommend you don’t pay for SellerSprite until you’re ready to start your business. That way, the tool can start paying for itself faster.

What SellerSprite Pricing Plans Can You Get With My Coupon Code?

You can choose any SellerSprite plan with my discount coupon code – Basic, Standard, Advanced, and VIP. Hence, Amazon sellers at every stage of their business can choose a plan matching their unique needs and budget.

Here’s a table showing the SellerSprite subscription plans, their regular pricing, and what you get with my discount coupon code:

Plans Basic Standard Advanced VIP
Monthly Price $79/mo
Monthly Discount Price $54/mo
Yearly Price $390/year $790/year $1290/year $1890/year
Yearly Discount Price $304/year $616/year $1006/year $1474/year

Only the Standard plan is available on annual and month-to-month subscriptions. The other three tiers are only available on a yearly plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your SellerSprite coupon code may not work if you’ve mistyped it or it’s invalid. 

Some codes may also be valid but expired, so apply them soon enough. If you’ve encountered this issue, try the coupon code RG35 to get up to 45% OFF your first few months of using SellerSprite.

Yes, existing SellerSprite users can apply the coupon code RG35 to upgrade to a higher plan. That said, you’ll still get the same discount on your chosen plan, whether it renews annually or month-to-month.

Yes, SellerSprite has a fair refund and exchange policy. Users can get a refund when they switch from an annual to a monthly plan. What SellerSprite does is prorate any unused part of the yearly plan and return it to you.

Is the SellerSprite Coupon Code Worth It?

The SellerSprite coupon code is worth it, as it can help you save up to 45% on the first three months of your chosen plan.

That’s a reasonable deal you should probably grab right now, even if you’re not on a shoestring budget. It even takes just a few seconds to apply. So what’s there to lose?

You can explore the SellerSprite pricing page for an overview of the available plans. 

Once you settle on one, enter my coupon code RG35, and get down to business. 

Hurry while the code is still valid!

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