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SellerSprite Price and Plans: Which Is Best for You?

SellerSprite has four subscription plans – Free, Standard, Advanced, and VIP.

The Standard plan is the only paid subscription package that supports an annual and monthly schedule. In contrast, the other paid plans allow yearly payments only.

Likewise, the annual plans are designed to give you more than 16% off your preferred package.

Read more about SellerSprite’s pricing and learn how to save 30% off any plan!

Key Takeaways

  • SellerSprite offers three paid plans.
  • You can save MORE THAN 30% on your first subscription with coupon code: REGE30.
  • SellerSprites supports two payment methods – PayPal and credit cards.

SellerSprite Savings Coupon: REGE30

What Are SellerSprite’s Pricing Plans?

Users on the lowest tier (also called Free) don’t pay a subscription fee to access SellerSprite’s features. The caveat is that it comes with usage restrictions, as my SellerSprite free trial guide explains.

So, this plan is only suitable for testing SellerSprite’s web app. You get more freedom to use SellerSprite’s tools when you upgrade to a paid plan.

SellerSprite’s base payment plan (Standard) costs $79 monthly. However, you’ll only pay $790 (16.67% off the month-to-month list price) if you opt for the yearly payment schedule.

Unfortunately, Standard is the only monthly subscription available to SellerSprite’s users. Advanced and VIP plans support only annual payments.

The table below breaks down SellerSprite’s pricing plans.

Pricing Plans Monthly Fee Yearly Fee
Free $0 $0
Standard $79 $790
Advanced n/a $1,290
VIP n/a $1,890

SellerSprite's API Pricing

SellerSprite has a separate pricing plan for businesses that want more extensive data collection via its APIs. Check the table below for some of SellerSpirte’s API products and pricing.

API Name Price /month Hits/minute Requests/month
Competitor Lookup $499 40 40,000
Competitor Lookup $999 100 250,000
Product Research $599 40 40,000
Product Research $14,99 100 300,000
Keyword Mining $899 40 40,000
Keyword Mining $1,899 100 600,000
Google Trends $199 40 100,000
Google Trends $429 100 500,000
Keyword Research $499 40 40,000
Keyword Research $999 100 500,000
ASIN Sales Estimator $799 60 150,000
ASIN Sales Estimator $1,799 100 300,000
Keyword Distribution $699 40 40,000
Keyword Distribution $14,99 50 300,000
Reverse ASIN $999 40 40,000
Reverse ASIN $1,899 50 300,000

Pros and Cons of SellerSprite Pricing

SellerSprite is generous with its discounts on the annual plans, but it’s a shame users don’t get to test the VIP or Advanced plan on a month-to-month basis before deciding to commit fully.

But then, again, that’s where the 7-day money-back guarantee kicks in.

Below, I’ve summarized the biggest advantages and drawbacks of SellerSprite’s current pricing plan.


How to Sign Up for a SellerSprite Plan?

It shouldn’t take up to 5 minutes to subscribe for a SellerSprite paid plan if you follow the steps below. But how about you get 30% + 16% OFF while at it?

Let me show you how to do so without cutting corners:

  1. Visit the SellerSprite website.
  2. Click “Sign Up” at the top right corner of the homepage.
  1. Create an account by submitting a username, an email address, and a password.
  1. Complete the CAPTCHA and click “CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT.”
  1. Once your SellerSprite account is live, click “Pricing” on the overview page.
  1. Select “Annual” or “Monthly” to reveal the subscriptions available under each payment schedule. The annual plan gives you more than 16% OFF (compared to month-to-month payments) your chosen subscription tier.
  1. Click a payment channel under your preferred plan. For this example, I selected the monthly Standard plan and opted to pay with my credit card.
  1. Submit a discount code if you’ve got one. I recommend using my exclusive REGE30 code to get a 30% discount.
  1. Next, agree to the renewal clause and click “Credit Card by Stripe.” Your payment prompt will differ if you’ve chosen PayPal.
  2. Enter your card details and click “Credit Card (Powered by Stripe)” to finalize the payment.
  1. Congrats! You now have a SellerSprite paid account.

What Payment Methods Does SellerSprite Accept?

As highlighted in the stepwise guide above, SellerSprite accepts credit card payments. 

You can also make payments using PayPal.

Which Features Are Available on SellerSprite’s Plans?

One unique thing about SellerSprite’s pricing model is that paid users can access all the platform’s features, regardless of their plans. The major differentiating factor between SellerSprite’s plans is the limits on the number of products, keywords, and storefronts users can track.

As expected, the Standard plan has the lowest tracking limits, followed by the Advanced and VIP subscription tiers. Check the table below for more information on SellerSprite’s plans and the features available to each.

Features Free Standard Advanced VIP
Keyword Mining First Five Records (Extension Version: Top 10 Words) Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Keyword Research First Five Records Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Reverse ASIN Keywords First Five Records Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Keyword Checker Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Competitor Lookup Limited View Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Product research Limited View Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Market Research Limited View Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Browser Extension Limited Queries Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Product Tracker 0 100 300 500
Keyword Tracker 0 500 1000 2000
Storefront Tracker 5 50 100 200
Data Export No Yes Yes Yes
Child Account 0 3 6 10

Child accounts are exclusive to the annual payment plans.

Which SellerSprite Pricing Plan Is Best for You?

Your budget will impact what SellerSprite account to choose to a large extent. 

However, besides finances, you should also consider the size of your business when selecting a SellerSprite plan.

The VIP plan targets Amazon businesses with large teams and plenty of products. 

Hence, subscribing to a VIP plan may be a waste of money for a small business.

Instead, a lower subscription plan like Standard is more suitable for a small Amazon FBA business. While this is a given, avoid the monthly Standard plan if you plan on setting up a sub-account for your team member.

In all, you should opt for a plan that suits your current Amazon operations.

How to Save on SellerSprite’s Pricing Plans?

SellerSprite enables deals with which you can access discounts. This is in addition to my exclusive offer that allows you to save 30% on your subscription fee.

Here’s a quick summary of all the legitimate ways to save on a SellerSprite subscription:

  • Get SellerSprite Free Trial: You can use SellerSprite for free in five ways. Each method allows you to get a first-hand experience of how SellerSprite works. You can read more about SellerSprite’s free trial offerings in my SellerSprite free trial guide.
  • Subscribe Using Our Coupon Code: Once the free trial elapses, you can upgrade to a paid plan using our coupon Code, REGE30, to get a 30% discount on your first subscription.
  • Opt for an Annual Payment Plan: SellerSprite helps you save 16.67% on the monthly list price via its annual subscription plans. So, choose a yearly plan if you’ll use the tool for a while.

Best Alternatives to SellerSprite

SellerSprite excels in user experience and functionality. However, its pricing and multi-platform support, among other things, need some work.

That’s why I tested some other reliable Amazon seller tools to find SellerSprite alternatives that shine where it has faltered:

Helium 10

Helium 10 has become a household name in the Amazon FBA market due to its consistency and top-notch services.

Furthermore, it offers multi-platform support since Walmart sellers can use some of its tools. The same can’t be said of SellerSprite, which is strictly for Amazon sellers.

Also, unlike SellerSprite, Helium 10 doesn’t only cater to the research needs of its users. 

Features like Inventory Management, Refund Genie, and Adtomic allow Helium 10 users to localize most of their operations on one platform.

Want to know how much it costs to use Helium 10? Check out our Helium 10 pricing page for a breakdown of Helium 10’s subscription fees.


Helium 10’s Starter plan is 50% cheaper than SellerSprite’s lowest plan!

Jungle Scout

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout is an all-in-one Amazon FBA platform with various tools for researching, launching products, and managing an Amazon business.

Besides functionality, Jungle Scout has a pricing advantage over SellerSprite

The lowest pricing tier on Jungle Scout costs only $49 monthly, followed by a $69 package.

In other words, Jungle Scout has two monthly plans that are cheaper than SellerSprite’s base subscription fee!

Check out Jungle Scout’s pricing page to see and compare what you get on its pricing plans against SellerSprite’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can cancel your SellerSprite subscription at any time. Send a cancellation request to the support team via to terminate your account.

You’ll also qualify for a full refund of the subscription amount if you cancel your first account within seven days of paying for it.

Yes, SellerSprite supports refunds. Users can get a refund when they migrate from an annual plan to a monthly subscription package. In this case, the unused part of the yearly plan is prorated and returned to the user.

Boost Your Amazon Business With SellerSprite

SellerSprite provides a robust infrastructure for taking on the ever-changing Amazon landscape.

Once you find your business’s ideal SellerSprite pricing plan, you can access finely tuned tools for identifying and exploiting profitable opportunities.

Remember to use my exclusive code (REGE30) to get a 30% discount on your first subscription.

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