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Does Sellersprite Offer a Free Trial? (Get It Here)

SellerSprite offers a free trial. However, its free trial offer is different from the conventional time-constrained access that we’ve come to expect from software service providers. 

Instead, SellerSprite provides limited free access to key features.

Moreover, you don’t have to sign up for an account to enjoy this offering

Interestingly, multiple legitimate ways exist to access SellerSprite’s features for free.

Read more about SellerSprite’s free trial offering and other zero-cost access packages below.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 5 ways to use SellerSprite for free!
  • You don’t need to submit credit card details to access SellerSprite’s free features.
  • You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove usage restrictions and unlock additional features.

SellerSprite Savings Coupon: RG35

How to Use SellerSprite for Free?

There are five ways to use SellerSprite for free. You can:

  • Get the basic free trial.
  • Sign up for a forever-free account.
  • Get the 30-day free-use deal.
  • Use SellerSprite’s free Amazon tools.
  • Get SellerSprite’s 7-day money-back guarantee.

I’ve provided stepwise guides to each one of these methods below.

How to Get the SellerSprite Basic Free Trial?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to sign up for a SellerSprite account to get access to the free trial. The process is relatively straightforward, as shown below:

  1. Visit SellerSprite’s website.
  2. Click “Free Trial” to start using the free features.

Getting SellerSprite’s free trial is as easy as that. However, note that each feature has a 10-time usage limit, after which you’ll be prompted to sign up for an account. The free features you get are tabled below.

Feature What it Does
Keyword Mining Recommends related keywords to the primary keyword.
Reverse ASIN Allows you to identify effective keywords from competitors' listings.
Traffic Comparison Shows the traffic a keyword contributes to listings.
Reverse Multiple ASINs Enables batch query of keywords from multiple ASINs.
Keyword Checker Shows the real-time status of PPC and listing effects of optimized Keywords.
My Keyword List Provides tools for sorting, organizing, and comparing your keywords.

You must download SellerSprite's browser extension to use Keyword Checker. Likewise, you’ll be prompted to create a (free) SellerSprite account once you use some of these free tools.

How to Get the SellerSprite Forever Free Account?

You can sign up for a SellerSprite forever-free account to access more features for free, albeit with usage limits.

The best part is that you don’t need to link your account to Amazon or submit credit card information.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit SellerSprite’s website.
  2. Click “Sign Up” at the top right corner of the homepage.
  1. Sign Up with existing accounts on Google, Facebook, or Apple.
  1. Alternatively, you can create login credentials manually by submitting a username, email, and password.
  1. Complete the CAPTCHA test, then click “CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT.”
  1. Voila! You now have a SellerSprite free account.

How to Get a SellerSprite 30-Day Free Use Deal?

While having a free account gives you access to more features, you’re still subject to usage limits. You can get around these restrictions by applying for SellerSprite’s 30-day free-use deal.

All you need to do is leave a positive review of SellerSprite on its Amazon page

In return, you get a 30-day free access. However, you must have an existing SellerSprite account to qualify for this deal.

After you set up your free account using the guide above, do the following:

  1. Go to SellerSprite’s review page on Amazon.
  2. Share a positive review detailing your experience with SellerSprite.
  3. Take a screenshot of your review.
  4. Head to SellerSprite’s designated free trial redemption page.
  5. Upload your screenshot and click “Submit.”

Once you submit your screenshot, SellerSprite will assess it and unlock the 30-day free-use coupon if you qualify.


This deal is available for a limited time. Hence, claim your 30-day free use while the offer is valid.

How to Use SellerSprite’s Amazon Tools for Free?

In addition to the free packages highlighted so far, you can settle for some free SellerSprite Amazon tools. These include Profitability Calculator, Sales Estimator, URL Builder, and Keyword Checker.

You don’t need to set up an account to enjoy these tools. Here’s how:

  1. Visit SellerSprite’s website.
  2. Scroll to the “Amazon Free Tools” section.
  3. Click any of the tools to use them for free.

Remember that the Keyword Checker is a feature exclusive to the browser extension. 

As such, even though it’s a free tool, you need to download the browser extension to access it.

How to Get SellerSprite’s 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee?

SellerSprite’s 7-day money-back guarantee allows you to sign up for one of SellerSprite’s pricing plans and request a full refund within the first seven days of use

Choose this approach if you want to extensively test everything the software offers WITHOUT usage limits.

So, this isn’t a conventional free trial. But since you can get your money back in full, it qualifies as somewhat of a free trial.

Check out my SellerSprite pricing page for a breakdown of the platform’s subscription and a step-wise guide on how to sign up for one.

Remember to send the refund request via SellerSprite’s customer support email ( less than seven days after purchasing the account

If you’re convinced about the tool’s potential, you should keep using it.

Which Features Are Available to SellerSprite’s Free Accounts?

Since there are up to 5 means of using SellerSprite at no cost, you can access various tools depending on the free-to-use model you opt for.

However, all except the money-back guarantee deal and the 30-day free-use options have usage restrictions. Below is a list of SellerSprite features you can access for free:

Listing Builder

As its name implies, Listing Builder allows users to create optimized Amazon product listings. The feature uses AI to evaluate your product descriptions and titles against predefined keywords and attributes.

Keyword Mining

Keyword Mining lets you find search terms to improve your listings and PPC campaigns. When you enter a keyword phrase into this tool, it searches for related terms, their monthly search volume, sales volume, and other relevant data.

With this, you can determine the search terms to drive more traffic and conversions to your PPC campaigns and product listings.

You can even hover over some parts of the results to uncover additional insights into the products that show up in your keyword research. This includes details on the top products for your searched keywords, granular data on the sales trends of top products backed by the keywords, and much more.

As stated earlier, this tool has a 10-time full access usage limit, after which you will be limited to 20 results per search.

Reverse ASIN

Reverse ASIN allows you to unravel search terms for which competing products are optimized. You can incorporate the keyword phrases in your listings so that your product appears whenever buyers search for these terms.

Like the Keyword Mining tool, you can use the Reverse ASIN up to 10 times for free

Once you exceed this limit, upgrade to a paid plan or apply for the 30-day free-use deal to continue using the product.

Traffic Comparison

Traffic Comparison and Reverse ASIN are similar in that they allow you to research search terms for which competing products are optimized.

The only difference is that Traffic Comparison allows you to directly compare your product with similar or winning products in your niche. Insights from this data can be used to optimize your business and improve your processes for higher market share.

It’s worth noting that you can use Traffic Comparison for free up to 10 times.

Keyword Checker

Keyword Checker is one of SellerSprite’s browser extension tools for free trial users. 

This tool allows you to determine the real-time ranks of keywords associated with an ASIN.

Unlike the features mentioned so far, SellerSprite offers unlimited access to Keyword Checker for free users.

How to Upgrade to a Paid SellerSprite Plan?

You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove usage restrictions or after the free use deal ends.

At this point, you can choose from three annual pricing tiers and one monthly plan.

Here’s how to get a 35% discount on your first SellerSprite plan:

  1. Go to SellerSprite’s website.
  2. Click “Log In” at the top right corner of the screen.
  1. Log into your free account if you have one. If you don’t, refer to the free account setup guide for the signup process.
  1. Click “Pricing” on the top right-hand side of your account’s overview page.
  1. Select “Annual” or “Monthly.” You can get more than 15% off by choosing the annual package.
  1. Choose a payment method under your preferred payment plan. In this example, I chose to pay with my credit card.
  1. Enter my coupon code, RG35, to get a 35% discount.
  1. Consent to the renewal clause and click “Credit Card by Stripe.” Your checkout button will be different if you’re paying via PayPal.
  2. Enter your card information and click “Credit Card (Powered by Stripe)” to pay. Again, this button may differ for PayPal users.

Once you complete the payment, you instantly get unlimited access to the SellerSprites features available under your chosen plan.

What SellerSprite’s Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

SellerSprite has one of the most generous free trial packages among Amazon software providers. The array of free-to-use offerings allows new users to test the tools before committing financially to a plan.

However, SellerSprite has its limitations. They include:

  • It caters exclusively to Amazon sellers. Therefore, it isn’t suitable for those selling on multiple platforms.
  • It has an expensive entry plan compared to major competitors.
  • SellerSprite supports only nine marketplaces.
  • SellerSprite focuses on the research aspect of Amazon businesses only. 

If any of the above is a deal breaker, below is an alternative you can explore:

Helium 10

Helium 10 (get free trial) offers a suite of tools for optimizing the research and management processes of Amazon businesses.

As part of its onboarding package, Helium 10 packs a free forever plan for new users to access selected tools. As expected, each function comes with usage restrictions.

While this is the only means of using Helium 10 for free, the zero-fee plan offers multi-platform support. In addition to Amazon-focused features accessible under this plan, Helium 10 brings free Walmart tools like Xray and Profits.

Also, compared to SellerSprite functionality, Helium 10 offers a vast array of tools. 

Besides e-commerce research and analytics, Helium 10 allows users to track and manage other aspects of their Amazon business, including inventory and advertisements.

Furthermore, its Starter plan costs only $29 – $50 cheaper than SellerSprite’s lowest subscription. On top of that, you get access to 17 Amazon marketplaces, including Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Sweden, and Singapore, which are unavailable to SellerSprite users.

Want to know more about the Helium 10 free trial? Explore our Helium 10 free trial guide for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can cancel your SellerSprite free trial by stopping to use the tools anytime. 

You won’t be charged since you didn’t submit payment details to the software provider.

However, you must manually cancel the 7-day risk-free trial by sending a termination request to SellerSprite’s support team via

Yes, SellerSprite’s free trial offers browser extension access. The browser extension gives you free access to tools like Keyword Checker, Quick View, and Review Requests.

Is SellerSprite’s Free Trial Worth It?

Judging by the multiple free deals available to users, one thing is clear: SellerSprite is highly confident in its product and isn’t afraid to showcase the quality of its tools.

The possibility of enjoying all these freebies without financial commitment is enough reason to explore SellerSprite.

Also, depending on how compatible SellerSprite is with your business, you might upgrade to a paid plan to remove usage restrictions and access more features.

Remember to use my coupon code, RG35, to get 35% OFF your SellerSprite plan.

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