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How to Get ZonGuru Coupons & Discount Codes?

ZonGuru coupons & discount codes aren’t available, and you won’t find them elsewhere either since the platform doesn’t support them. However, with these ZonGuru DISCOUNT offers covering the Researcher or Seller plans, you can save money on your plans.

Continue reading to discover how to sign up for ZonGuru using a discount offer and other ways to save money when paying for a plan.

Key Takeaways

  • You can access the ZonGuru 7-day free trial through my exclusive discount offer.
  • The ZonGuru discount offer takes 50% off for the first month.
  • The ZonGuru discount allows you to access every tool in your chosen plan.

What ZonGuru Plan Discounts Are Available?

Using my exclusive ZonGuru discount link, you can get a massive 50% off your first month. Hence, you can test ZonGuru tools during your first month at a discount.

Also, you can get a further 40% off by opting for annual billing instead of monthly

The upfront cost is higher since you’ll be billed for an entire year, but in the long run, the savings are significant.

How to Get and Use a ZonGuru Discount Code/Coupon?

As I’ve mentioned previously, ZonGuru discount codes aren’t available. 

However, here’s a step-by-step guide to saving more with my exclusive discount offers:

  1. Click here for MASSIVE discounts with my exclusive ZonGuru offer.
  2. Choose between monthly and annual billing on the Researcher or Seller plan.
zonguru pricing plans
  1. Next, sign up with your Google or Amazon account, or enter your details and click “Create an Account.”
  1. Congratulations, you’ll now have access to the dashboard to test the tools with the 7-day ZonGuru free trial.

You must complete a 3-step form and share your credit card details to activate the free trial. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until the 7 days end, and that’s when my discount kicks in.

What ZonGuru Tools Can You Access With the Discount?

zonguru available tools

My ZonGuru discount offers all the tools you would have received in the initial plan and for a lower price. You can look at my ZonGuru Pricing Guide for a detailed account of the tools offered with the Researcher and Seller plans.

What Other Strategies Can You Use to Save Money With ZonGuru?

Let’s look at a few other savings strategies when signing up for a ZonGuru plan. 

Any money you save can go towards your Amazon business:

  • Free trial: you can use the ZonGuru free trial to save money when starting with the Amazon sellers software. The 7-day free trial period activates automatically after signing up for an account and sharing your credit card information.
  • Choose the right plan: don’t jump to the Sellers plan if you’re looking for your first product. Instead, choose the cheaper Researcher plan and upgrade when your business is ready.
  • SKUs: the Seller plan’s pricing varies based on the number of SKUs you select. Therefore, choose an amount that corresponds with the size of your business, and you can increase the SKU limit at any time by upgrading your ZonGuru account.
  • Annual subscription: the yearly subscription provides a 40% discount, ideal for Amazon Sellers who plan on using ZonGuru for the long term.

My Experience With the ZonGuru Coupon and Discount Codes

At first, I was shocked to learn there aren’t ZonGuru coupons or discount codes, but I was pleased to hear that official discount links exist for the same function. 

In fact, the ZonGuru discount links are easier to use since there’s no need to enter a code.

Likewise, the discount works on both the Researcher and Seller Plans and applies to any SKU range you select on the Seller Plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the ZonGuru discount is only available once and applies to your first month. 

However, you may sign up with ZonGuru under a different email address (perhaps your business partner’s) to take advantage of the discount again on a different account.

The ZonGuru discount lasts one month, after which its pricing reverts to the original numbers. However, that month is enough to determine if the tool is right for you. 

Plus, you get a 7-day free trial to extend your initial month/testing period on this tool.

Final Thoughts on ZonGuru Coupon & Discount Codes

As mentioned, no ZonGuru coupon or discount codes exist since the company doesn’t support them. However, you can still enjoy a big discount using my ZonGuru offers

That way, you get 50% off when signing up for the ZonGuru Researcher or Seller plans.

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