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ZonGuru Niche Finder Explained: The Ultimate Guide

Niche Finder is a ZonGuru product research tool that allows you to uncover product selling opportunities. You can evaluate niches by examining the Niche Score (in-house metric), competition, required startup investment, buyer demand, and revenue potential, among other metrics.

Furthermore, the Niche Finder is available with the ZonGuru Researcher and Seller plans, and you can test it with the free trial.

Key Takeaways

  • Find high-demand and low-competition niches with up to 18 filters.
  • Send product ideas from Niche Finder to other ZonGuru tools for further inspection and validation.
  • Use the Easy Mode or Advanced Mode to accelerate your discovery of new product opportunities.

How to Use Niche Finder to Find Product Opportunities?

You can use Niche Finder to find product opportunities by typing in a keyword and setting filters matching your preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using Niche Finder:

  1. Sign up for a ZonGuru account. You can save up to 40% with these one-time discounts.
  2. Log into your ZonGuru account.
  3. Click on “Product Research,” then “Niche Finder” from the left menu panel.
zonguru product research tab
  1. You can start by clicking “Feeling Lucky” to reveal 50 random niches worth digging deeper into.
feeling lucky on zonguru
  1. Alternatively, you can search using one quick filter: All Niches, Easy Starter, Business Builder, or Big Hitter. After making your selection, click “search.”
select a filter on zonguru product research
  1. OR click the “Advanced Mode” tab to specify various filters and add keywords. Then, click search to find product opportunities.
zonguru product research advanced mode
  1. I used “yoga mats” in this example. You can start evaluating product opportunities by examining the niche score, buyer demand, competition, investment, and revenue potential.
product opportunities from zonguru product research

How to Send Product Ideas to Other ZonGuru Tools?

You can send product ideas to four other ZonGuru tools to further explore the product opportunity. These are:

  • Love-Hate: send to the Love-Hate tool to learn how to differentiate your product opportunity. Hence, you can determine if you can stand out in the market before you begin.
  • Keywords-on-Fire: discover the most relevant keywords with this tool, allowing you to figure out if the product offers enough search volume to be viable.
  • Easy Source: send product ideas to Easy Source to determine the quality and number of suppliers available.
  • Chrome Extension: send to the ZonGuru Chrome extension to perform more detailed niche research on the Amazon website.

Now let’s look at how to send product ideas from Niche Finder to one of the tools above:

  1. Click on the “three dots icon” from the list of niche ideas, and select “Send to.”
zonguru product research niche idea options
  1. Select the tool you wish to send the niche idea to.
select zonguru tool to send product research output

Pros and Cons of Niche Finder

Niche Finder is essential to building an Amazon business, but let’s examine the advantages to determine if it’s worth using. Also, I’ll share some of the drawbacks so you can set realistic expectations of what to expect:


  • Identify good product selling opportunities at a glance by looking at the Niche Score.
  • Niche Finder has a simple UI, which makes using the tool self-explanatory.
  • You can send product ideas from Niche Finder to other tools to dig deeper into a niche.
  • Use up to 18 filters to narrow your search, including average reviews, search volume, buyer demand, and more.
  • Niche Finder is available with the ZonGuru free trial for 7 days.


  • ZonGuru niche results could offer visual information, including product pictures.
  • Limit of 300 Niche Finder uses per month.

What Features Does Niche Finder Provide?

Niche Finder is packed with quick filters, niche score, and random niche suggestion features to empower you to find the best product niches for your Amazon business. 

Here’s a summary of the Niche Finder features:

  • Quick filters: the Easy Mode tab allows you to select between Easy Starter, Business Builder, and Big Hitter filters. These options apply filters that help you find products relevant to your business phase.
  • Feeling Lucky: the feature creates a list of niches within your selected buyer category and marketplace. Hence, you can find potential niches if you feel stuck with ideas.
  • Niche Score: the Niche Score gives a rating based on buyer demand, opportunity, investment sweet spot, and profit potential. The score is expressed as a percentage, and a score of at least 50% is recommended.

What ZonGuru Pricing Plans Offer Niche Finder?

Niche Finder is available with the ZonGuru Researcher and Seller plans

The Researcher Plan is the better choice for Amazon sellers in the product research phase, while the Seller Plan is best for established sellers looking to grow their Amazon brand.

You can choose between the monthly and annual plan, with the latter saving you 50%:

  • Monthly: $39/month
  • Annual: $24/month (billed annually at $288)

Furthermore, the ZonGuru Seller plan pricing varies based on the number of SKUs you want to cover. Look at the table below to discover the pricing options based on the number of SKUs selected:

Seller Plan
SKU’s Monthly Annual
1 $49/m $38/m ($456 billed annually)
2-5 $74/m $54/m ($648 billed annually)
6-10 $104/m $74/m ($888 billed annually)
11-20 $139/m $97/m ($1,164 billed annually)
21-50 $184/m $124/m ($1,488 billed annually)
51+ $249/m $159/m ($1,908 billed annually)

What Are the Different Modes on the ZonGuru Niche Finder?

Niche Finder has two modes: Easy Mode and Advanced Mode. Let’s look at each in closer detail to help you understand the differences.

  • Easy Mode: Easy Mode loads up by default when you open Niche Finder and offers the Feeling Lucky and Quick Filters Hence, Easy Mode gives beginners the help they need to find product opportunities.
  • Advanced Mode: This mode offers many filter options to narrow your search. Therefore, you can find the product matching your requirements, which helps execute a specific product research strategy.

What Niche Finder Filters Are Available?

Niche Finder offers 18 filters to narrow down your product research. 

Let’s take a look at the first list of filters, which can be modified by choosing a number between 0 and 100 (apart from listing strength):

Filter Description
Buyer Demand Calculates how likely people are to buy based on various metrics, including monthly searches and sales volumes.
Niche Score An in-house metric calculated based on buyer demand, competition, opportunity, profit potential, and investment sweet spot.
Competition Opportunity This metric is based on the number of experienced sellers within a niche.
Average Listing Strength This filter calculates listing strengths based on 10 data points.
Investment Sweetspot ZonGuru recommends an investment sweet spot of $10-15K. This score drops the further away a product deviates from this range. 
KW Title % This is the percentage of listings that include the niche keyword in the title.
Revenue Potential Revenue potential is calculated based on sales velocity, average price, and estimated profit.
% FBA The percentage of sellers who are using Amazon FBA.

In the second set of filters, you can choose the minimum and maximum values to narrow your search.

Filter Description
Search Volume Estimated number of exact match Amazon monthly search volume rates for entered keywords.
Launch Budget Amount of money required to launch the product and rank it on page one. Also, this number includes three months of inventory based on organic page one sales volume.
Average Revenue Average monthly gross revenue for the top 25 product listings for the entered keyword.
PPC Bid The estimated cost of the PPC bid for advertisements associated with the keyword.
Average Sales The average number of units sold for the top 25 listings.
Average Price The average price of the top 25 listings.
Average Ratings The average number of ratings for the top 25 listings on the Amazon store.
KW $ The estimated combined revenue of the top 25 listings
Average Rating Average review rating for the top 25 product listings of the niche.
Word Count See the niches that have the exact number of words in them.
zonguru product research filters

Best Practices for Using Niche Finder

Using Niche Finder is simple, but you can get more out of the tool by following the right strategy. Here’s a summary of the best practices:

  • Low competition: narrow your search to find products with low competition. Hence, you can use filters like Av. Listing Strength, Competition Opportunity, and Av. Ratings to find products that big hitters aren’t going after.
  • Demand: it’s crucial to find products in demand, and you can do that by using filters like Buyer Demand, Av. Sales and Revenue Potential. These filters help you eliminate the niches with insufficient profit potential.
  • Narrow niche: find sub-niches that solve a specific problem to avoid entering a saturated market. For example, “yoga mats” is a saturated niche, but “thick yoga mats” might be viable.
  • Trial and error: figuring out the best filters takes experience. Therefore, play around with different settings to find the best formula for uncovering profitable product opportunities.
  • Exclude keywords: to avoid undesired products adding noise to search results, use the Exclude Keyword You may only discover what words to exclude after running your first search.

Our Experiences With the ZonGuru Niche Finder Tool

Using Niche Finder was a pleasant experience because the UI is optimized for simplicity. 

Hence, using its features was self-explanatory, and a lengthy tutorial wasn’t needed to find my first product opportunity.

Also, I loved that each filter has an explanation once you hover over the “i” icon. 

That way, I could use the best filters for the right purposes without spending too much time fiddling with the tool.

Finally, the availability of Easy and Advanced modes meant finding profitable niches using different approaches. I even discovered more product opportunities than I’d have otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Niche Finder with the ZonGuru free trial. The free trial includes every tool available with the selected ZonGuru subscription plan. Also, the free trial lasts 7 days, after which you’ll be billed for the first month.

Niche Finder can increase your Amazon sales by helping you find products with high demand and low competition. For example, finding a product with a higher monthly sales volume means you have a higher chance of selling more units. Likewise, less competition equates to easier fights for each sale in the niche.

Yes, you can test Niche Finder with the interactive demo. However, its interactive demo is only 15 minutes long, so you have a limited time to try out each feature.

Is Niche Finder Worth Using?

Niche Finder is worth using since it helps with an essential part of running an Amazon business – product research. Furthermore, the availability of 18 filters enables you to narrow your search to find products matching your criteria.

Like the sound of Niche Finder and want to see what it’s all about for yourself? Then get these ZonGuru discounts to enjoy this feature and many more. 

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