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What Is Product Pulse in ZonGuru?

Product Pulse is a ZonGuru Seller Plan-exclusive listing optimization tool that allows you to monitor 17 different event changes on your or competitor’s product listings. 

You can get alerts on price changes across competing products, know when a competitor adds a new keyword to their description or be the first to know when your product’s storage dimensions changes.

Luckily, you can test it out on the ZonGuru free trial to know what you’re getting before committing financially.

Key Takeaways

  • Spy on competitor product listings to avoid losing your Amazon marketplace share.
  • Receive email notifications for important event changes to product listings.
  • You can test Product Pulse risk-free with the ZonGuru free trial.

How to Use Product Pulse?

You can use Product Pulse for 5 ASINs simultaneously. Likewise, you can stop monitoring one product to make room for another.

Here’s how:

  1. Get a ZonGuru account (discounts here).
  2. Log into your ZonGuru account.
  3. Click on “Monitoring & Alerts,” then “Product Pulse” from the navigation menu on the left.
zonguru product pulse
  1. Enter the ASINs you want to monitor and click the “+ Add” button. You can only watch a maximum of 5 ASINs simultaneously.
add asin number to zonguru pulse
  1. The products corresponding to the entered ASINs will appear. You may need to wait for ZonGuru to retrieve product information from Amazon.
  2. Click the eye icon to bring up the menu with the changes you can monitor. You have 17 of these.
modify alerts on zonguru
  1. Click on the individual boxes in the “Notify Me on Changes” column to specify the specific event changes you want to receive updates for.
zonguru notifications options

What Information Does Product Pulse Provide?

Product Pulse lets you track 17 metrics on your own or competitor listings in the Amazon store. You can customize these options only to see the metrics that interest you. 

The table below shares the information Product Pulse provides:

Event Change Description
Price Check competitor sales prices to see if anyone’s undercutting yours
Number of sellers Discover if new competitors have entered the marketplace so you can react to the competition accordingly
Status Always know when the tracked product is live, unavailable, or coming soon
Title Find out when competitors change their product titles
Brand Keep track of competitor brand name changes
Rating Monitor your overall product ratings score
Ratings Monitor the number of product ratings
Reviews Monitor the number of product reviews and see changes that occur to them in near real-time
Bullets Find out if the number of bullet point characters has changed
Description Discover when the product description of a tracked product changes
Images Learn when competitors upload new product images
Dimensions Learn when the tracked product dimensions change, as this impacts Amazon fees (e.g., storage)
Weight Learn when the tracked product weight changes since this impact Amazon fees (e.g., shipping)
Backend Keywords Discover when your competitors add new backend keywords to leapfrog your listing. You’ll also get access to the exact keywords they’re using
Category Find out when a product category changes, which can impact fees and selling potential
Is adult product Determine if a listing’s status has changed to/from an adult product
Buy Box Winner Discover when you win or lose the Buy Box and which brand currently holds the Buy Box

What ZonGuru Pricing Plans Offer Product Pulse?

Product Pulse is only available on the ZonGuru Seller plan, which is ideal for active Amazon sellers striving to optimize conversions. When selecting the Seller plan, the price you pay varies based on the number of SKUs you need.

The table below shares the prices of the Seller plan for different SKUs:

Seller Plan
SKU’s Monthly Annual
1 $49/m $38/m ($456 billed annually)
2-5 $74/m $54/m ($648 billed annually)
6-10 $104/m $74/m ($888 billed annually)
11-20 $139/m $97/m ($1,164 billed annually)
21-50 $184/m $124/m ($1,488 billed annually)
51+ $249/m $159/m ($1,908 billed annually)

Save up to 40% with the ZonGuru annual plans by choosing these DISCOUNT offers today.

How to Set Up Alerts?

Product Pulse Alerts are notifications that inform you when an event change occurs. 

For example, you’ll receive an email notification when a listing price, title, or description changes. You must turn on Product Pulse Alerts to receive notifications for each event change.

All Product Pulse Alerts are turned on by default, but you can customize your alerts to only show the information you need, as described below:

  1. Go to the product you want to set up Product Pulse Alerts for. Then, click on the “Details” icon.
zonguru product details
  1. A list of event changes opens up, and you can choose which ones you want to receive Product Pulse Alerts for.
choose alert events on zonguru pulse
  1. Ensure email notification for Product Pulse is turned on by clicking your username, then “Notifications” in the top right-hand corner.
enable email notification on zonguru pulse
  1. On the notifications page, ensure Product Pulse has a checkmark.
zonguru product pulse notification options
  1. Congratulations! Your Amazon business now receives important notifications for event changes on your or your competitor’s listings.

I loved how setting up the notifications saved me the hassle of tracking my inactive product listings manually, which had affected my sales in the past before switching to this tool. 

Also, I’ve increased my products’ search volume by keeping track of new keywords competitors started using.

If that interests you:

Best Practices for Product Pulse ZonGuru Users

You need to make a few strategic decisions to get the most out of the Product Pulse. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Your products vs. competitors’: Product Pulse only tracks a maximum of five products, so you must choose them wisely. Depending on your sales strategy, the products you monitor should be a balancing act between your store items and what the competition offers.
  • Learning from competitors: You can learn much from competitor listings by keeping up with their changes. For example, if they’ve changed their product pictures, check to see what unique angles they might be taking new pictures in or what new packaging they might be showcasing to attract new buyers.
  • Remove irrelevant event changes: While all Product Pulse alerts are great, they might not all be relevant to your business. So, only choose the event changes worth tracking for your business goals to prevent getting overwhelmed by all that data.
  • Monitor inbox: Ensure you often check the email assigned to your ZonGuru account. Otherwise, you may miss time-sensitive Product Pulse notifications.
  • Attend to notifications: Don’t delay fixing significant problems shared by the Product Pulse notifications. For example, when a listing becomes inactive, find the cause of the problem to avoid missing out on sales.

Pros and Cons of Product Pulse

Product Pulse requires the more expensive Seller package, so let’s consider its advantages to decide if it’s worth the upgrade.


  • Receive essential notifications that allow you to keep track of significant changes in a hands-off manner.
  • You can monitor up to 17 event changes, including price changes, keyword modifications, review changes, spikes/drops in ratings, and other relevant metrics to help you make winning decisions.
  • You can spy on your competitors’ product listings to see what changes they’re making to their product pages.
  • Product Pulse is available with a free trial for 7 days.


  • You can only track 5 ASINs, which may not be enough for Amazon sellers with a large business.
  • Only available on the Seller plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Product Pulse on the ZonGuru free trial when you select the Seller plan since ZonGuru’s free trial includes all the tools on the chosen subscription packages. 

Hence, you can try out Product Pulse on the free trial for seven days without restrictions.

Product Pulse can increase Amazon sales by helping you optimize listings to get your product in front of more customers and ahead of the competition. Likewise, you can quickly attend to problems that may derail your sales prospects by receiving important notifications on changes to your product listings, competitor activity, product dimension changes, and more.

You can’t test Product Pulse with the interactive demo, but you can look at the UI via this mode. This gives you an idea of what it’s like to use the tools once you’ve subscribed to a ZonGuru Seller Plan.

Is Product Pulse Worth Using?

Absolutely! Product Pulse lets private label sellers keep tabs on the product listings that significantly impact their business. And it’s easy to use as it’s set up to send you notifications in your inbox instead of having you manually check every listing.

Do you like the sound of what Product Pulse brings to the table? Then get these Product Pulse discounts before they run out.

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