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430+ Facebook Groups for Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller, the more knowledge you amass, the greater chance you have of success.

But, with the amount of information available, how do you choose what to follow?

There are websites dedicated to selling on Amazon and training courses.

Plus, there are podcasts and hundreds of Facebook groups.

Trying to find just one or two reliable ones can eat up much of your valuable time.

Time that you should be spending on growing your business.

To help you out, I’ve spent a large amount of time researching Amazon seller Facebook groups.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most active groups.

What I like about these groups is that they give valuable information in a positive environment.

Many other groups exist that may also be valuable.

But, these 5 are a good starting point.

P.S. At the end of this article, you will find a BONUS!

Top 5 Facebook Groups for Amazon FBA Sellers

Here are the top 5 Facebook groups designed for Amazon FBA Sellers in no particular order.

#1: Amazon FBA and Online Sellers: MySilentTeam

Amazon FBA and Online Sellers : MySilentTeam is a private Facebook group for Amazon FBA sellers of all levels, from beginners to experienced sellers. 

The group was created in August 2013 by top-selling author, podcaster, and Amazon entrepreneur, Jim Cockrum. It now has over 73,000 members.

The group offers a free training course on how to start and grow an Amazon FBA business, as well as success stories from other Amazon sellers, a dedicated Q&A section, and a networking forum. 

The group offers support and encouragement to its members, who are all working towards the same goal of success on Amazon.

#2: Business Building Legends

Business Building Legends is a small, tight-knit Facebook group for Amazon sellers of all levels. 

The group was created by entrepreneur and Amazon seller, Ryan Reger, in 2019. It now has over 700 members.

The group is a subscription-based group that requires enrollment. 

When you purchase a Legends membership, you will gain access to the group, as well as free use of many tools designed for FBA sellers, access to the Legendary Sourcing App, free courses, invitation to regional meetups, and many other perks.

The group is highly-focused on selling on Amazon but also branches out to other marketplaces such as Walmart and eBay. 

As well as many active members, the group also has a ton of videos and webinars available in the units section. This is more than enough insider information for anyone to master selling on Amazon.

#3: Helium 10 Members

The Helium 10 Members Group is a Facebook group for Helium 10 users created in 2016.

It is a space for users to network, problem-solve, and discuss everything Amazon-related and e-commerce adjacent.

The group is moderated by a team of Helium 10 experts, who ensure that the group is a positive and supportive environment.

The group is very active, with over 30 new posts on the day I visited. 

I asked to join as a free member of Helium 10 and was approved almost immediately.

The Helium 10 Members Group is a valuable resource for Helium 10 users who are looking to connect with other Amazon sellers, learn new strategies, and get help with their businesses.

#4: Amazon FBA Jungle

The Amazon FBA Facebook group is a community of Amazon sellers who are passionate about creating private label brands and selling on Amazon FBA, Shopify, and other platforms.

The group was created by Nick Landowski in 2016, and is run by him and a team of moderators.

The group is very active, and members receive discounted access to various tools and resources. 

There is also a PDF in the files section on “20 Hot Product Opportunities” that is worth a read to learn how to identify a good private-label product. 

Nick also shares links to other useful training information for Amazon sellers, including his podcast called The Private Labeler.

#5: AI & ChatGPT - The Future of Amazon Selling

The AI & ChatGPT – The Future of Amazon Selling Facebook group is a new group that is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of Amazon selling. 

The group is open to Amazon sellers, marketers, and anyone who is interested in the power of AI and ChatGPT.

Since joining the AI & ChatGPT – The Future of Amazon Selling Facebook group, I have had the opportunity to learn from experienced Amazon sellers who are leveraging AI and ChatGPT to drive success in their businesses. 

The group is a valuable resource for learning about the latest trends and technologies in Amazon selling, and the members are helpful and supportive.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of this list of the top 5 Amazon seller Facebook groups?

What I like about these groups is that they’re all active.

Plus, the discussions within these groups are helpful.

And, quite often they offer solutions to common problems.

The groups also have a positive vibe. This is important when you’re running your Amazon business.

You want to be able to get helpful advice and definitely stay away from any negativity.

Looking for more? 

Discover our BONUS: an extensive list of Amazon seller Facebook groups right below this article. 

Make use of the filters to refine your search by name or member count. 

Dive in and find your community!

BONUS: 400+ Facebook Groups

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Adam Wood
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