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Can You Merge Amazon Accounts?

You can merge Amazon accounts if they’re Seller accounts, but you should still do it cautiously. While Amazon allows it, the best way to merge your Amazon accounts is to inform Amazon or ask for permission about your plan with a valid explanation.

When you take this route, you’ll prevent Amazon from shutting down or suspending your account suddenly.

Essentially, this piece isn’t only about how to merge your Amazon account. 

I’ll also provide in-depth information about the policy on linking accounts and its possible fees.

Key Takeaways

  • A few circumstances allow sellers to merge accounts.
  • Merging accounts for different countries will enable you to access features and opportunities previously restricted to a single country.

How to Merge Amazon Customer Accounts?

You can’t merge Amazon customer accounts because Amazon links each account to an email address.

However, if you want to link accounts, you can set up an Amazon Household account with multiple family members. To start, you have to create an Amazon Household account.

Creating an Amazon Household Account

manage amazon household accounts

Follow these steps to create an Amazon Household account:

  1. Go to the Amazon Household page.
amazon household home page
  1. Click the “Add Adult” button and add yourself by filling in the required details.
invite user to amazon household account
  1. Add another person to the account by clicking the “Add Adult” button. You can send the person an email invitation to add their details or fill in their information if the person is with you.
add a teen to amazon household account
  1. Alternatively, add a teenager to the household account by clicking “Add a Teen.”
add a child to amazon household account
  1. Or click “Add a Child” to add a child to the account.
  2. Go to the Family Library to review your content-sharing settings and check the button next to the type of content you wish to share.

Amazon allows 10 people to share one Amazon Household account. 

Likewise, two adults can simultaneously use an Amazon Household account with their separate Amazon accounts.

Merging Amazon Seller Accounts

start selling with amazon

Merging Amazon seller accounts can be a permanent experience, and you may have difficulty unmerging them. As an Amazon Seller Central account holder, your combined accounts are listed in the store switcher in Seller Central’s top bar.

Let me explain how to merge your Amazon seller accounts successfully:

  1. Log in to your Seller Central account and click “Global Accounts.”
  2. Click the “Merge Account” tab displayed on the Global Accounts page.
  3. Read the guidelines and choose “Account Merge.”
  4. You’ll see a popup box with instructions to enter your details and the other account you want to merge.
  5. Sign in to see the newly merged account.
  6. Confirm and accept the terms and conditions.

Remember that your Amazon seller account is linked to all your details, including your phone number and email address. As such, associating additional contact details with two different versions becomes tricky.

In context, merging multiple seller accounts allow you to unify subscription costs and manage various Amazon Seller Central accounts simultaneously. Ultimately, you’ll be able to navigate your business profiles and access benefits from marketplaces in different countries.

Mind you, keep this eligibility criteria in mind when merging your Amazon accounts:

  • You can merge two Amazon accounts to cater to your business in different countries.
  • You cannot merge personal Amazon accounts.
  • You must have multiple Amazon Seller Central accounts.
  • You must be the owner of the Amazon accounts to be merged.
  • You must adhere to Amazon’s strict rules and regulations to merge two accounts.

Merged Account Subscription Fees: What You Need to Know

You can expect to pay the equivalent of $39.99 monthly or the total subscription fees for every country with active listings in your merged accounts.

Amazon will split your subscription fee proportionally across each region or country with active listings and charge separately in local currency. Hence, you can enjoy a reduced cost if you’ve been selling in multiple regions or countries with your accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can merge two Amazon accounts with different emails if those accounts are Amazon Seller accounts. However, it’s more seamless when you own both accounts, regardless of the email differences.

Furthermore, seek explicit approval from Amazon to avoid later account suspension due to such mergers.

Merge Amazon Accounts for Seamless Experience

It is possible to merge Amazon customer accounts if you create an Amazon Household account to manage all other linked Amazon accounts from a single dashboard.

However, merging seller accounts is possible, but you must consult Amazon about your intentions.

Ultimately, understanding the merged account subscription fees and Amazon’s terms and conditions on how to merge Amazon accounts is crucial.

As you merge your accounts and sell in multiple marketplaces, utilize tools like Helium 10 to optimize your listings and boost your sales.

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