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DataHawk Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth It?

DataHawk pricing is unavailable on the website, but they share how it’s calculated. 

The tool’s cost is made up of a Platform Fee that’s based on sales volume and a Credit Fee that’s calculated based on the number of tracked keywords, products, and categories.

Hence, you only get charged for the level of DataHawk services you use rather than get a one-size-fits-all pricing that may exceed your budget.

Furthermore, you’ll start your journey with DataHawk by scheduling a demo where you can learn more about the features and pricing.

Key Takeaways

  • DataHawk pricing is based on the size and scale of your Amazon business.
  • You can add customization to DataHawk pre-built dashboards at an extra cost.
  • Use the DataHawk resources section to learn the basics of getting started with the tools and features.

How to Sign Up for DataHawk?

The process for signing up with DataHawk is fast, and I’ll show you the steps below:

  1. Go to the DataHawk website and click “Book demo.”
  1. Enter your details, then click “Next.”
  1. Complete the registration to get started with DataHawk.
  2. After the demo with customer support, you’ll receive your account and more details about the pricing.

How Much Does DataHawk Cost?

DataHawk doesn’t show its pricing on the website. Instead, you’re encouraged to schedule a demo so the customer support team can assess your Amazon business and provide you with a pricing quote.

The pricing at DataHawk is based on an annual subscription model, and it’s broken down into two sections:

  1. Platform fee: This cost is based on your Amazon sales volume.
  2. Credits fee: This cost is based on the number of credits you track.

You’ll need the DataHawk credits to analyze and monitor categories, keywords, and products. Here’s the conversion rate for credits:

  • 1 category = 50 credits
  • 1 product = 1 credit
  • 1 keyword = 1 credit

The DataHawk platform fee covers all tools and features of the software solution. This includes automated insights, anomaly detection, integrations, analytics, managed databases, storage, and data collection.

Furthermore, you can choose additional customizations for pre-built dashboards at a one-time cost. This varies based on the complexity of the request. You’ll need to contact the Professional Service Team to give you a better idea of the pricing to expect.

What Features Are Available When Paying for DataHawk?

To help you decide if DataHawk is the right fit for your Amazon business, let’s consider the tools available. You can compare these tools with other Amazon software solutions to help you decide if it’s worth requesting a DataHawk demo.


The Connections feature lets you sync your DataHawk and Amazon or Walmart accounts. 

It’s advantageous to view your data on DataHawk because the dashboards are arguably better than what’s offered within your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Furthermore, you can request customizations (at a cost) to the DataHawk per-built dashboard. These customizations allow you to view the data more intuitively.


The powerful Analytics suite at DataHawk allows you to track data about your market, ads, products, SEO, and finances. Therefore, you can get insights that can be used to drive decisions for optimizing your marketing strategies, boost organic search, and optimize listings.

The platform contains five analytics solutions:

  • SEO Analytics: Keyword Rank Tracker, Keyword Research Tool, and Listing Optimization Tool.
  • Product Analytics: ASIN Tracker, Sales Tracker, and Product Alerting Tool.
  • Marketplace Analytics: Product Research Tool, Best Sellers Rank Tool, and Sales Estimates Tool.
  • Advertising Analytics: Amazon PPC Tool and Amazon Advertising Dashboard.
  • Sales Analytics for Amazon Seller Central: Track Profit and Loss, and Finance and Sales Dashboard.


Intelligence at DataHawk allows you to unlock the power of AI to receive recommendations you or competitors would have never considered. The Amazon and Walmart AI Advisor provides the following features:

  • Anomalies: Spot irregularities and potential risks in your Amazon business before they turn into a threat.
  • Findings: Uncover actionable insights into how to optimize various aspects of your Amazon business, including ads campaign recommendations and organic search optimization.
  • Good practices: Receive general tips and tricks to improve your Amazon business.

Also, the AI-powered suite of tools will help generate text for Amazon product listings and emails. This is ideal for Amazon sellers who don’t have the skills to write good copy.

What Educational Tools Do You Get With the DataHawk Plans?

Consider diving into the educational tools at DataHawk to get a better idea of how their software can help grow your Amazon business. This is especially true for beginners still learning the basics of selling on Amazon.


The DataHawk blog contains informative articles on running a successful Amazon business. 

The wide choice of topics centers around the themes of what DataHawk offers, which is data analytics and AI-driven suggestions.


At the time of writing, 11 webinars on DataHawk offer training on important Amazon business tasks. Top webinars include “Optimize Your ACoS With Powerful PPC Strategies” and “Amazon Product Listing Optimization: Best Practices.”


You’ll find 10+ podcasts in the DataHawk library covering various exciting aspects of selling on Amazon. Worthwhile podcasts include “Understanding Amazon DSP With Experts” and “What Is Amazon Live?”

However, the podcasts are a couple of years old, so take the information with a grain of salt.

How Can You Save Money on Your DataHawk Subscription?

Saving money with your DataHawk subscription is a no-brainer since you can commit the funds toward other aspects of Amazon’s business growth. Here are a few money-saving tips to consider:

  • Use pre-built dashboards: DataHawk will charge you extra if you customize your dashboard. However, inspect the pre-built dashboards since they may be good enough for your purposes.
  • Use fewer credits: Fewer credits on your DataHawk subscription means limited tracked products, categories, and keywords. However, you’ll save money since DataHawk’s pricing increases as more credits are used.

3 DataHawk Alternatives to Consider

DataHawk is a comprehensive Amazon software solution, but the lack of transparent pricing may put some sellers off. Therefore, I’ve found a few alternatives that provide transparent pricing and more tools for Amazon sellers.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is an industry-leading software solution and provides comparable features to DataHawk. Firstly, the Adtomic tools offer detailed insights and suggestions about your Amazon PPC campaigns. Also, you can use the Profits tools for a comprehensive overview of essential account financials.

Furthermore, Helium 10 provides a horde of valuable tools that help with almost every aspect of growing an Amazon or Walmart business. For example, you can find new product selling opportunities with Black Box by using advanced filters.

Click here for my Helium 10 plans guide to learn more about starting.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout lets you connect your Amazon account and stream detailed analytics data from Seller Central. For example, you can use the Sales Analytics tool to dive deep into the performance of each product listing.

Besides this, Jungle Scout offers tools unavailable at DataHawk that add value to growing your Amazon business. For example, you can use the Opportunity Finder tool to uncover profitable products in low-competition niches.

Click here to read my Jungle Scout plans guide to get started.


ZonGuru is a worthwhile alternative to DataHawk because it provides a Business Dashboard to get the full picture of your finances. Also, you can see your best and worst-performing products.

Additionally, ZonGuru offers many other tools that Amazon sellers need, including Love-Hate, which helps you with product differentiation by considering customer reviews.

To see what else the software suite offers, check out my ZonGuru pricing plan guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DataHawk doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, which isn’t a consumer-friendly practice. However, you can use the demo to get an idea of what features you can expect and if the software is the right match for your Amazon business.

Should You Try DataHawk?

You should test DataHawk with your business if you’re an Amazon seller who needs advanced analytics and AI-based recommendations. The automation features available at DataHawk could be the key needed to scale your operation.

However, I don’t believe it’s a must-have for Amazon FBA beginners.

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