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How to Get the DataHawk Free Trial?

You can receive the DataHawk free trial by requesting a demo and completing the questionnaire. Then, the DataHawk team will provide you access to the free trial, or reject you because they feel it’s incompatible with your Amazon business.

Also, the free trial lasts for 14 days, and no credit card is required to get started. 

This reduces the barrier to entry and helps avoid getting billed because you forget to cancel the account.

Key Takeaways

  • Try out every feature available at DataHawk to improve the quality of your Amazon business.
  • You may need to wait until you have a successful Amazon business before you get accepted to the DataHawk free trial.
  • You can shop around by checking out multiple DataHawk alternatives for more free trials.

Pros and Cons of the DataHawk Free Trial

Now let’s look at a few advantages of using DataHawk to help you decide if it’s the right match for your business. Likewise, we’ll share some drawbacks, so you get a balanced overview of what to expect.


  • No credit card required means you can start without trusting a new company with your financial information.
  • You’ll get to access all the features available with the paid subscription, helping you get an accurate sense of what to expect.
  • The DataHawk free trial offers features that allow you to improve every aspect of your Amazon business.
  • The team at DataHawk creates a custom free trial that matches the specific needs of your business.


  • Only 14 days to try the free trial might not be enough for some busy professionals.
  • You may get rejected for the free trial if the DataHawk team feels your business is not a good match for their services.
  • DataHawk free trial details and pricing on the website are unclear, making it difficult to decide if it’s worthwhile.

How to Get the DataHawk Free Trial?

You can get the DataHawk free trial by signing up for a demo. You’ll need to fill out some basic information such as your:

  • First & last name
  • Work email
  • Country
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Monthly sales on Amazon and Walmart
  • Description about the phase of your business
  • Challenges and goals

By filling out this questionnaire, the team at DataHawk will decide if their platform is a good match for your business. If it’s not you may get rejected for the free trial. 

However, if you pass, an appointment with an expert will be set up, who will grant you the free trial.

What Features Are Available With the DataHawk Free Trial?

It’s important to find out the available features of a free trial before signing up. 

Fortunately, the DataHawk free trial provides every feature available with the paid subscription. It’s a consumer-friendly approach that ensures you get an accurate representation of what to expect once the free trial ends.

Here is a summary of the features you’ll receive with the free trial:

  • Automated data collection
  • Storage
  • Managed database
  • Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Anomaly detection
  • Insights
  • Dream dashboard creation with help from a sales expert

The list of features above provides a strong offering for Amazon businesses trying to scale, increase sales, and take their operation to the next level.

What Tools Does DataHawk Provide?

Before you decide if the DataHawk free trial is worth your time, you may want to learn more about the tools provided by the software company. This will help you determine if DataHawk is a good match for your Amazon business.

If you decide to upgrade to a paid DataHawk subscription plan, continue reading to learn more about their full list of tools.


DataHawk allows you to sync your Amazon and Walmart data to create a custom dashboard or take advantage of pre-built ones. You can get an aggregated view of your business operations without logging into your Amazon Seller Central account.

You can customize how KPIs are viewed through a large selection of graphs. 

It’s a feature that many competitors in the industry do not offer. Therefore, you can create custom goals and reporting solutions to monitor progress.

Furthermore, DataHawk allows you to sync data with various tools for further analytics, and A/B split testing. It’s a dream come true for data geeks who want to understand how every part of your business works on a granular level.


DataHawk provides a range of analytics tools in several categories. It allows you to make data-driven decisions to leave the guesswork out of the process. Let’s continue by taking a look at each analytics tool in turn.

SEO Analytics

datahawks seo analytics
  • Keyword Rank Tracker: this tool allows you to track keyword ranks for your products and identify the keywords that contribute the lion’s share of the traffic. Hence, you can measure the success of your SEO efforts.
  • Keyword Research Tool: here you can discover the estimated monthly searches, keyword efficacy, and generate new keyword ideas.
  • Listing Optimization Tool: use this tool to monitor daily listing changes such as the search performance and Listing Quality Score.

Product Analytics

datahawks product analytics
  • ASIN Tracker: execute competitor research with the reverse ASIN lookup tool. Also, you can monitor daily changes to your listing information and metrics.
  • Sales Rank Tracker: real-time changes can be tracked to sales rank and BSR to determine sales performance and analyze changes to the marketplace.
  • Product Alerting Tool: with this handy tool, you can schedule and receive email alerts regarding product listing changes, thus reducing the need to check manually.

Marketplace Analytics

datahawks marketplace analytics
  • Product Research Tool: execute in-depth product research to find ones in high demand and low competition. The tool helps determine market dynamics and what’s required to beat the competition.
  • Best Sellers Rank Tool: for any category, you can find the top 100 selling products and monitor their progress. This includes analyzing customer ratings and prices.
  • Sales Estimates Tool: take advantage of AI-based metrics to determine a product’s estimated minimum and monthly sales. Therefore, you can go after products that have high sales potential.

Advertising Analytics

datahawks advertising analytics
  • Amazon PPC Tool: create custom reports based on millions of ad-related points, with recommendations about optimizing your ad campaigns. It’s the perfect tool for Amazon sellers without a marketing background that need a helping hand.
  • Amazon Advertising Dashboard: sync one or more Amazon Ad accounts to examine various KPIs on parent or child ASIN levels.

Sales Analytics for Amazon Sellers

datahawks sales analytics
  • Track Profit and Loss: analyze your P&L dashboard to monitor your expenses, costs, and revenue. This information will help improve the profitability of your Amazon business.
  • Finance and Sales Dashboard: measure your product sales to better manage your finances. Also, you can see a historical overview of important KPIs within the financial dashboard.


DataHawk provides AI-backed insights that help you spot anomalies and irregularities before they threaten your business. Furthermore, you’ll receive a wide range of recommendations, including optimizing search and creating ad campaigns.

Furthermore, you can protect your product listing with email alerts. For example, you can create alerts for events such as:

  • New seller appearances
  • Losing the buy box
  • Best seller changes
  • Competitor pricing changes

This important information allows you to spring into action to reduce the negative effects on your product listing performance. You can create custom alerts to avoid needless notifications and only receive the news you want.

How Does DataHawk Pricing Work?

DataHawk pricing is not transparent, partly because the price is determined by your needs. 

The DataHawk onboarding process requires you to fill out a questionnaire, which will be used to suggest a DataHawk pricing structure based on the phase of your business.

Therefore, you will only get a sense of the pricing once you begin interacting with the customer support staff. This can be off-putting for some Amazon sellers trying to compare several software solutions.

However, custom pricing plans are a good choice for businesses after specific tools and features. This ensures they can pay for the tools they need without paying extra for ones they don’t.

How to Take Full Advantage of the DataHawk Free Trial?

To take full advantage of the DataHawk free trial, you need to have a business up and running. This enables you to test every DataHawk feature to determine if the paid subscription is worthwhile.

The DataHawk free trial lasts only 14 days, so you must make the most of it. 

Also, DataHawk might reject your application for the free trial if your business is not in the process of scaling.

Also, since DataHawk focuses on providing a custom plan, figuring out your needs is a good idea. This allows you to determine the features you should add to the custom plan, and ones you can leave off to save money.

Is DataHawk Better Than Helium 10 for Amazon Sellers?

You may want to compare DataHawk to Helium 10 – after all, it’s one of the main competitors. Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of Helium 10. It offers a free trial with no expiration date. This is ideal for users who don’t want to be pressured into purchasing until their business is ready. Also, Helium 10 offers upfront pricing, allowing you to compare with competitors more readily.

In contrast, the DataHawk free trial has a 14-day limit, but it offers every feature available on the paid subscription. Hence, you’ll better understand what it’s like to use the paid version of DataHawk compared to Helium 10.

However, both software solutions allow you to create a custom plan. With the Helium 10 A La Carte Plan, you can add tools to the subscription plan one-by-one. Since both companies offer a free trial, you should try to compare them first-hand.

Our Experience With the DataHawk Free Trial

To provide you with an accurate account of what you can expect with the DataHawk free trial, we tried it ourselves. Firstly, we were slightly confused by the lack of information about the DataHawk free trial on the website.

However, to learn more, we decided to fill out the questionnaire, which we found by clicking the blue “Book demo” button in the top right-hand corner. Instead of accessing the free trial, we were given a message along the lines of, “DataHawk is not a good fit for your business”. 

Not off to a great start so far.

Consequently, we decided to get more information about the DataHawk free trial by using the live chat feature. It took around 24 hours for an agent to respond, and they mentioned that we should contact the marketing department via email to find out more. That’s exactly what we did to discover the DataHawk free trial information you’ve read on this page.

What DataHawk Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

Not happy with the difficulty or quality of the DataHawk free trial? Then you’ll find some alternative e-commerce software services offering different free trial formats. 

We recommend you check them out to determine the best solution for your business.

Helium 10

Look no further than Helium 10, if you’re after an all-in-one package that allows you to improve every aspect of the Amazon business. The Helium 10 free trial can be accessed by registering an account with no expiration date. It’s perfect for users who wish to decide when to upgrade at their own pace.

Helium 10 provides tools in the following categories:

  • Marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Product research
  • Keyword research
  • Listing optimization
  • Operations
  • Educational content

Also, you can use the Helium 10 7-day refund policy if you are unhappy after subscribing to a paid plan. To receive the refund, you simply contact customer support via live chat or email.


SellerBoard offers a 2-month free trial, which is more than enough time to test the variety of features. Also, a credit card is not required to access the free trial, a consumer-friendly practice that reduces the friction of getting started with SellerBoard.

To sign up for the SellerBoard free trial, you’ll need to select from one of four pricing plans:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Make sure to select the best pricing plan for your business since it will dictate the features you can access.


The ZonGuru free trial also offers every feature in the selected subscription plan, allowing you to get an accurate representation of what to expect once the billing period starts. 

You’ll need to choose from 2 pricing plans to get started:

  • Researcher: this plan is ideal for users looking for their first product.
  • Sellers: choose the Seller plan if you’re an Amazon seller that will soon start or is currently selling on Amazon.

However, the ZonGuru free trial only lasts 7 days, which is a short amount of time to fully test every feature. Hence, you’ll need to choose a week in your schedule with extra free time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The DataHawk free trial lasts for 14 days, which is a fair amount of time to test-drive the features. However, more time would be preferable to ensure that you don’t have to rush to decide on the quality of the DataHawk tools.

It’s not possible to use the DataHawk trial more than once. The company has a detailed onboarding process to receive the free trial. Therefore, if you try getting it more than once, the DataHawk team will notice.

There is no reason to upgrade to the DataHawk paid subscription during the free trial. 

That’s because the free trial provides every feature of the paid subscription, which means upgrading has no advantage. It’s better to save money and take advantage of the free 14 day period.

There is no need to provide a credit card when signing up for the DataHawk free trial. Therefore, you can test the features without any financial commitment. 

It’s a consumer-friendly approach that reduces the amount of effort required to get started.

Yes, the DataHawk free trial is worth it since you can test every available feature with the paid subscription. Hence, you can get an accurate account of what DataHawk offers, and if it’s the right match for your business.

Also, the range of features available with the DataHawk free trial means you can grow your Amazon business during the 2 weeks.

Final Thoughts on the DataHawk Free Trial

To summarize, the DataHawk free trial is worthwhile if you are interested in the features available. Also, there is no financial risk since you can sign up without a credit card. 

After completing the brief questionnaire, you may receive access to the free trial lasting 14 days.

Want to find out if your Amazon business will qualify for the DataHaw free trial? Then click here to get started and take advantage of the strong data analytics features.

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