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Epinium Pricing & Plans: Which to Choose?

The Epinium pricing plans you can choose from are Pro (€59/month), Guru (€99/month), Business (€349/month + % Ads investment), and Enterprise (customized pricing)

Epinium also offers annual subscriptions, which you can utilize to save up to 25%.

Learn what Epinium offers on each plan, how to choose the best one, and how to save more on your selected plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Epinium offers four subscription plans allowing Amazon sellers of all budgets to find the best fit for their business.
  • The Pro, Guru, and Business plans offer a 14-day free trial that expires automatically and requires no credit card.
  • Epinium offers free and paid customer support, which you can use to get the most out of the software.

What Epinium Pricing Plans Are Available?

Epinium provides four pricing plans: Pro, Guru, Business, and Enterprise. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the cost of each plan to help you determine the best one for your business.

  Pro Guru Business Enterprise
Monthly Pricing €59/month €99/month €349/month + % Ads investment Customized Pricing
Annual Pricing (25% Off) €44/month - Annual Billing €79/month - Annual Billing €299/month - Annual Billing + % Investment Ads
Best Price Here Here Here

Is There an Epinium Free Trial?

Epinium offers a 14-day free trial on the Pro, Guru, and Business subscription plans, where you get access to all the tools of the corresponding plan. For the Enterprise plan, you can contact Epinium to request a demo.

Fourteen (14) days is a reasonable amount of time to test the software’s features and capabilities to determine if it meets your needs. Additionally, no credit card is required to access Epinium’s free trial.

So, you don’t have to worry about getting charged unexpectedly by the service provider if you don’t want to keep using the plan.

What Features Do You Get With the Epinium Pricing Plans?

It’s crucial to assess the different features of each Epinium plan to select the right option. 

This way, you’ll get the needed features without spending money on unnecessary ones.

Here’s a summary of all the tools and usage limits you get with each Epinium pricing plan.

  Pro (€59/month) Guru (€99/month) Business (€349/month)
Seller Accounts One Seller account - One user Two Seller accounts - One user Two Seller accounts - One user
Integration per Market Maximum 2000 ASIN Maximum 2000 ASIN Maximum 2000 ASIN
Multiple Marketplaces Included Included Included
Sales Dashboard Included Included Included
Catalog Monitoring Included Included Included
SEO Audit and Optimization Included Included Included
FBA Logistics Forecast Included Included Included
Change History Included Included Included
Back-Front Catalog Check Included Included Included
Amazon Ads Analytics Not Included Included Included
Campaign Configuration Not Included Included Included
Multi-Campaign Strategy Not Included Included Included
Extensive Historical Data Not Included Included Included
Customizable Reports Not Included Included Included
Dynamic Keywords Not Included Included Included
ChatGPT Not Included Included Included
Amazon Ads Automation Not Included Not Included Included
Unlimited Campaign Creation Not Included Not Included Included
Migration Campaigns to IA Not Included Not Included Included
API Access Not Included Not Included Included

Epinium also provides free and paid customer support to help you every step of the way. The table below shows the features offered by the customer support tiers:

  Free (€0 monthly) Consulting (€99 monthly) Consulting+ (€399 monthly)
Initial Call Included Included Included
Chat Included Included Included
Tickets Included Included Included
Webinars Included Included Included
E-books Included Included Included
Access to Private Community Not Included Included Included
Individualized Weekly Consulting Not Included Not Included Included
Individualized Monthly Consulting Not Included Included Included
Onboarding Call Not Included Included Included
Account Manager Assignment Not Included Not Included Included
Advertising Strategy Review Not Included Not Included Included
Catalog Review Not Included Not Included Included

How to Sign Up for Epinium?

Signing up for Epinium is straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Epinium on your browser.
  2. Enter your details, accept the terms of service, and click “Register.”
create epinium account
  1. Select between “Seller Edition” or “Enterprise Edition.”
  2. Enter your commercial name and click “Start.”
choose type of epinium account
  1. You’ll be prompted to connect your Amazon and Epinium accounts.
  2. Click “Go,” then follow the detailed instructions to link your accounts.
epinium sync seller account prompt

What Epinium Pricing Plan Should You Get?

The Epinium pricing plan you should pick majorly depends on your specific needs. 

To determine which plan would be best for your e-commerce business, consider the following factors:

  • Features included in each subscription plan: You should review each plan’s features and determine which are vital to your advertising goals.
  • The size of your business: If you’re a small business with limited advertisement needs, the Pro, Guru, or Business plan may be enough. The Enterprise plan may be your best option if you’re a larger business or agency with more complex ad requirements.
  • Your customer service needs: Epinium understands that customer service is vital for any business, and they offer various customer support options depending on your chosen plan. Consider your customer service needs and select the plan that best meets them.

If you’re still uncertain which plan to select, contact Epinium’s diligent customer support team to discuss your advertising objectives for recommendations on which pricing plan would work best for you.

How Can You Save Money When Subscribing to Epinium?

You can save money when subscribing to Epinium with the following ideas:

  • Use my discount link: Enjoy massive discounts by signing up for Epinium via my link.
  • Choose the right pricing plan: Consider the features offered in each pricing plan to decide if it’s worth the cost. You can save money by selecting a less expensive plan if you don’t need all the extra features.
  • Start small and upgrade: If you’re unsure which plan to choose, start with a basic plan and upgrade later if needed. This will allow you to test the platform and see which plan works best.
  • Consider a yearly subscription: Epinium offers discounts of up to 25% for annual subscriptions. If you use the service frequently, this option might be an excellent way to save some bucks.

Epinium Alternatives to Consider

Epinium provides excellent tools for managing and optimizing advertising campaigns. 

However, its free trial is limited, unlike that of Helium 10, and lacks additional features such as product and keyword research. So, it makes sense to look for alternatives.

Here are a few options:

Helium 10

helium 10 web page

Helium 10 offers a comprehensive set of tools specifically designed for Amazon sellers, including one to manage Amazon advertising campaigns effectively

It also handles inventory management, listing optimization, and stock forecast management.


quartile research report

Quartile’s PPC platform uses six patented AI and machine learning technologies to streamline your Amazon Advertising and other e-commerce marketplace campaigns, ultimately boosting your sales.


perpetua summary dashboard

Perpetua makes campaign creation, execution, and optimization easier with automated tools to help you get the most from your budget. Its features are designed to keep campaigns running smoothly, reduce ad expenditure, and deliver profitable market share growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Epinium accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Advance Your Amazon Business With Epinium

Epinium provides several pricing plans with excellent tools to help you create, launch and optimize your Amazon ads. You can select from the Pro, Guru, or Business plans, which offer a 14-day free trial, or the Enterprise plan, which provides a demo.

Want to find out what Epinium can do for you? Then sign up and get started.

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