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Zoof Pricing & Plans: Which to Choose?

Zoof offers different pricing packages, depending on whether you want to pay for the tool yearly or month-to-month.

You can only access the tool’s Standard and Enterprise plans when you don’t have an existing account. Existing Zoof account holders get to pick extra offerings like the Essentials (yearly) or Ultimate (monthly) plans.

I’ve researched and compared these plans, so you don’t have to pay for them all, and you can find my insights on them below.

Key Takeaways

  • You can only access the Essentials (yearly) and Ultimate (monthly) plans once you have a Zoof account.
  • New users can choose between Standard and Enterprise accounts when signing up.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on any plan you choose.

What Do Zoof Plans Cost? (Yearly and Monthly Prices)

The Zoof pricing plans range from $39 to $197 monthly. However, you can get decent savings by choosing the yearly plans via my discount codes, as shown below.

  Standard Enterprise Essentials Ultimate
Monthly $39/month $99/month N/A $197/month
Annual $20/month ($240 charged annually) $50/month ($600 charged annually) $33/month ($399 charged annually) N/A
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The table above shows that only the Standard and Enterprise plans have a monthly and yearly offer. This explains why they’re the usual pricing on Zoof’s public pages.

Getting any of these plans unlocks the 30-day money-back guarantee. In other words, you can test the tools with the peace of mind that you can request a FULL REFUND if you don’t like Zoof.

What Zoof Plan Should You Choose?

I only recommend the monthly plans to users who want to test Zoof for a while before committing fully. After all, it’s more expensive compared to the yearly pricing.

Given the 30-day money-back guarantee on any Zoof plan you buy, you can get the yearly plan and cancel anyway. Unless you don’t want to put up that much money upfront.

For Beginner FBA Sellers

Zoof’s Standard and Enterprise plans are the easiest to choose. True beginners to FBA should find their feet with the Standard Plan before they move on to Enterprise.

Besides the money they’ll save on the bigger plan, the Standard plan contains enough resources and tool limits to help you do effective competitor research, calculate profit margins on products you’re interested in, look for suppliers, and browse a product library.

However, I’ve used this tier, and I don’t think it’ll help a beginner who wants a robust product research tool, keyword research to boost their listing rankings, or help writing a winning listing.

These can be found on the Enterprise plan instead.

On top of that, the Enterprise plan gives you access to Amazon Spotlight, which every beginner should have. The tool simply needs you to enter what budget you want to start Amazon FBA with and choose a category to sell in. Then, it brings you the best products to sell instantly.

This cuts back on all the hours of product research that you might have wasted.

Still, I know it’s more expensive for newbies at $99/month. But if you buy the yearly Enterprise plan outright, that’ll be $50/month – or a 50% savings – and you can still cancel to get your money back before the 30 days!

Alternatively, beginners should switch to the Essentials plan once they open their Zoof account. Unlike the very basic features of the Standard Plan, Essentials allows you to use the Amazon Spotlight tool, then gives you other product and keyword research tools.

Considering that the Essentials (only available as a yearly plan) is priced lower than the Standard monthly plan, it’s an excellent value for money.


For Intermediate and Advanced FBA Sellers

Intermediate and advanced sellers who have been at Amazon FBA for a while shouldn’t go near the Standard plan. In fact, I don’t see the appeal in the Essentials Annual plan for this user base, either, unless you still have minimal needs.

Hence, your best fit lies in the Enterprise Annual or Ultimate Monthly plans.

Before choosing the Ultimate monthly plan, ensure you’ll need live coaching and a dedicated account manager to scale your business. Otherwise, you’ll leave this plan’s core features on the table – and that’s overpaying.

After spending some time on the Ultimate Monthly plan, it’s evident that it’s best for agencies and brands managing many Amazon FBA businesses or accounts. Any slight percentage increase for these users means a massive boost to their revenues, so it’s worth it.

How to Sign Up for Zoof?

Signing up for Zoof takes just a few minutes. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Zoof website and click “Order Now.”

  1. Select between the monthly and annual payment options. They’re all eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1.  Click “Order Now” on your preferred plan. I’ll choose the Standard plan for this demo.

    • You don’t get the Essentials Annual or Ultimate Monthly plan on the main pricing page. You can choose these plans once you have a Zoof account.
  1. Fill your details (name and email address) in the boxes provided.

  1. Create a strong password. This will be the password you’ll use to access your Zoof account later.

  2. Enter your credit card details. Your card will be charged immediately, and this is where a refund will be processed if you request one.

  3. Confirm the price to be billed.

  4. Click “Buy Now.”

  5. You should get an invoice and confirmation message in the registered email address.
  6. You can now log in to your Zoof account and download the Zoof Chrome extension to get actionable insights while browsing Amazon.

What Features Do You Get With the Zoof Pricing Plans?

Compare the features of the Zoof subscription plans to select the right one for the stage of your Amazon business. Here’s a table listing the tools and features of each Zoof plan:

  Standard Essentials Enterprise Ultimate
Zoof Detective Software Included Included Included Included
Amazon Spotlight Not included Included Included Included
Opportunity Finder Not included Included Included Included
Opportunity Analyzer Not included Included Included Included
Profit Calculator  Not included Included Included Included
Keyword Finder    Not included Included Included Included
Reverse ASIN   Not included Included Included Included
Chrome Extension    Limited Access Included Included Included
Review Request Automation   Not included Not included Included Included
Profit Dashboard Not included Not included Included Included
Rank Tracker Not included Not included Included Included
Product Alerts Not included Not included Included Included
Launch Tracker    Not included Not included Included Included
URL Builder Not included Not included Included Included
Rank Checker  Not included Not included Included Included
Index Checker  Not included Not included Included Included
Keyword Processor Not included Not included Included Included
Misspelling Checker Not included Not included Included Included
Listing Editor Not included Not included Included Included
Nurture Customer Awards Not included Not included Included Included
NEW! Multi-Channel Dashboard Not included Not included Included Included
Connect to Seller Central Not included Not included 1 account 5 accounts
Expert Coaching & Support Not included Not included Not included Included
Extended Usage Limits Not included Not included Not included Included
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Included Included Included Included

What Zoof Tools You Should Get Started With?

Zoof provides a comprehensive array of tools and features, so it can be tricky for newcomers to find a good starting point. Therefore, I’ll summarize the most important and valuable tools to use after signing up.

Zoof Chrome Extension

zoof google chrome extension

The Zoof Chrome Extension is available with every subscription plan and helps you find profitable Amazon product-selling opportunities faster. The extension offers 17 tools, and some of the highlights include the following:

  • Profitability Calculator
  • Keyword Finder
  • Opportunity Analyzer

Using these tools, new Zoof customers can find their first product to sell on Amazon.

Opportunity Finder for Product Research

zoof opportunity finder

Opportunity Finder is another product research tool available on all plans except Standard. It lists potential product-selling ideas after entering your budget and desired product categories.

Therefore, you don’t need to browse product pages within Amazon to find a good opportunity. It’s an alternative method to using the Zoof Chrome Extension that saves time with the product research phase.

Listing Editors for Listing Optimization

zoof listing editor

The Listing Editor allows you to increase the traffic your product pages receive by adding high-traffic keywords. You can optimize your existing listings, which is great if you’ve signed up to Zoof with an established Amazon business.

Once you add the right keywords, Amazon’s algorithm will increase the visibility of your product listings based on the search volume for that keyword.


zoof alerts

The Zoof Alerts feature should be one of the first tools you use after creating an account. That’s because it provides handy notifications when important events are triggered. 

This includes when:

  • You Win/Lose the Buy Box
  • New sellers appear on your listing
  • You receive a new product review
  • A monitored product’s title, dimensions, or image changes

How Can You Save Money When Subscribing to Zoof?

There are multiple ways to save money with Zoof, so you can spend those funds on other parts of your Amazon business. Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Enjoy my discount: by using my Zoof discount, you can save money on every Zoof subscription.
  • Choose the right plan: select the right Zoof subscription plan for the stage of your Amazon business so you’re not overpaying. I’ve provided insights above to help you choose the right plan.
  • Pay annually: select the annual billing option to use Zoof for at least one year. It offers significant savings compared to the monthly subscription option.

3 Zoof Alternatives to Consider

Zoof is a great software solution for Amazon sellers, but it doesn’t provide the same listing optimization detail as Helium 10. Also, there are no educational resources to help new users, as Jungle Scout or AMZScout provides.

To try one of these alternatives, check out the table below:

  Free Trial Duration Best Price
Helium 10 Unlimited Pricing Page
AMZ Scout 7 days Pricing Page
ZonGuru 7 days Pricing Page
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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoof doesn’t provide a demo version to test its features and tools. 

However, you can use the 14-day free trial when signing up for one of the Zoof subscription packages.

You can contact Zoof customer support by sending them an email at

Is Zoof Worth Your Time?

Zoof is worth your time since it can improve crucial aspects of your Amazon-selling business. This is possible due to its efficacy in product & keyword research, listing optimization, monitoring product listings, and more.

Also, there’s enterprise-level support to help scale your business to new heights.

Want to see if Zoof can help grow your Amazon business? Then start from the Zoof pricing page.

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