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How to Get the EverBee Free Trial?

You’ll automatically get an EverBee free trial when you sign up for its Hobby plan. 

This free trial lets you explore the tool with data limits (such as sales and revenue numbers) on product analytics.

The good bit about EverBee’s free trial is that you won’t need to provide your credit card details. Hence, you don’t have to worry about incurring hidden charges.

I signed up and combed through EverBee’s platform to discover everything about its Hobby plan, and I’ve shared it with you below.

Key Takeaways

  • Sign up for the Hobby plan to use the EverBee free trial.
  • The free trial is limited to the product research tools.
  • The EverBee free trial isn’t deep enough to test the tool accurately.

How to Get the EverBee Free Trial?

Signing up for EverBee’s forever free trial takes just a minute or two. I’ve explained how to do this in 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to the EverBee website.
  2. Click “Try for FREE.” Or scroll a bit and click “Use for FREE (no credit card required).”
  1. Fill in your name and email address, then create a strong password. You can also choose to sign in with your Google or Etsy account.
  1. Click “Sign Up Now” to finish the registration.
  1. Now that you have an EverBee account, installing the free EverBee Chrome extension is best. You can skip this step and continue searching for products on the EverBee web app.

What Tools and Features Are Available With the EverBee Free Trial?

EverBee’s free trial offers basic product research tools. I also discovered that these tools still have a few locked features. Hence, you don’t get to explore the provided tools fully.

I’ve listed the tools I got access to during the free trial and associated usage limits below:

Product Research Tool Usage Limits
Product Analytics No Monthly Sales, Monthly Revenue, Visibility Score, or Conversion Rate data
Shop Analyzer No Monthly Sales, Monthly Revenue, Visibility Score, or Conversion Rate data
Keyword Research Up to 10 related keywords only
Etsy Calculator Unlimited
My Listings Unlimited

Despite these limits, EverBee still provides valuable learning resources to help new users take full advantage of these tools. You’ll find tutorial videos under the “LEARN” section of the tool you’ve opened.

Also, unlike its top competitor, Alura, EverBee’s free trial still allows you to export data directly to the email you signed up with.

What EverBee Plans Can You Upgrade to From the Free Trial?

You can upgrade to EverBee’s Growth or Business plans from the free trial. 

They’re packed with advanced product and keyword research tools, Etsy store analytics features, and the Listing Rank Tracker.

Here’s a table showing you the available EverBee plans and their pricing:

Pricing Options Growth Business
Monthly $29.99 per month $99 per month
Yearly $19.99/mo (Billed at $239 annually) $69/mo (Billed at $828 annually)
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As you can see, you’ll get impressive savings on the annual plans. The Business plan offers even more, including priority chat and email support and the option to connect to many Etsy stores. But it might not be the right plan for you.

So, read my detailed EverBee pricing guide to make an informed decision.

How to Cancel Your EverBee Free Trial?

You don’t need to cancel your Everbee free trial since you didn’t register with a credit card, which could get charged.

But if you want an account-side option to cancel the trial, follow this guide:

  1. Sign in to your EverBee account.
  1. Click your profile name at the top right.
  1. Click “Account.”
  1. Click “Cancel subscription” and confirm your choice.

What EverBee Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

The best EverBee alternative that offers a free trial is Alura. While EverBee works great for in-depth product research and analysis, Alura gives you a more thorough suite of features to manage your Etsy shop operations, finances, and marketing.

For example, the Listing Helper will help you optimize your listings to improve your products’ visibility, a feature you won’t find on EverBee.

Another vital tool Alura has is the Followup Reminder, which helps get more customer reviews and respond to their feedback efficiently. You can create personalized follow-up messages for each customer, helping you build better relationships and increase your sales.

Also, Alura’s design and mobile optimization make it a friendly choice for new Etsy sellers

So, while it has a broad range of powerful features, they’re neatly organized and easy to access across various devices.

Still, it’s essential to consider your precise needs, Etsy business goals, and budget when choosing between them.

That’s why you should read my detailed Alura free trial guide to know what you can expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EverBee’s free trial may not help you get more sales on Etsy since it only helps with basic product research. Hence, upgrading to the Growth or Business plans is best to activate robust keyword research and listing management tools, which can lead to more sales.

Get Started With EverBee for Free Today

While the EverBee free trial has limited access to basic tools, it’s worth exploring since you can test these tools and features before committing to a paid plan. Best of all, the free trial has no time limit, making it suitable for exploring the product research suite and learning more from the tutorials.

Like the sound of what the EverBee free trial offers? Then, take the first step — visit the EverBee website and get started with the Hobby plan.

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