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Everbee Pricing: Costs, Discounts & How to Pay

Everbee provides potential users with three pricing plans, but only two are paid.

Named Growth and Business, these Everbee pricing packages are best for users who are convinced of what the tool can do for their Etsy business. They’re also the best bet for Etsy sellers who want to scale their businesses.

I’ve provided unique insights you won’t get from the Everbee pricing page below. 

Hence, you can better decide whether Everbee is for you and what plan is best suited to your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Everbee has three plans, but only two of these plans require payment.
  • You can incur additional costs on the Everbee plans via email service payments.
  • Everbee annual plans provide better savings compared to the monthly plans.

How Much Does Everbee Cost Monthly or Yearly?

Everbee costs between $0 – $99 per month for users who prefer to pay for the software one month at a time. This equates to a payment of up to $1,188 yearly if you use Everbee for 12 months.

That’s why it’s best to choose the outright yearly Everbee plans if you will use the tool for up to one year. For instance, the biggest plan (Business, at $99/month) costs a cumulative $828 on the annual plan. Hence, you’ll have saved $360.

This money can be put into other parts of your Etsy business, such as buying raw materials to make new inventory!

I’ve tabled a simple guide to all Everbee prices and plans below.

Plan Monthly Price Yearly Price
Hobby $0/month $0/month
Growth $29.99/month $239/year ($120 savings)
Business $99/month $828/year ($360 savings)

What Features Do Each Everbee Plan Include?

Most Etsy seller tools don’t update their external pricing pages, so you may not know precisely what you’re getting for the price you pay.

I signed up for an Everbee plan to identify what each plan offers. You can compare the main features of each Everbee plan in the table below.

Features Hobby Growth Business
Product Analytics Limited Included Included
Quick Sort Ability Included Included Included
Advanced Filters Included Included Included
Premium Metrics (Conversion rates, etc.) Not Included Included Included
Favorite Folder Limited Included Included
Extra Shop Insights Not Included Included Included
Store Analytics Not Included Included Included
Store Connections 1 3 Unlimited
Keyword Research First 10 Results Included Included
Tag Analyzer Not Included Included Included
Tag Search Volume Not Included Included Included
Email Marketing Suite Not Included Included Included
Chat and Email Support Priority Low Medium High
Everbee Email Landing Pages 0 10 Unlimited

What Everbee Pricing Plan Is Right for Your Etsy Business?

The right Everbee pricing plan for your Etsy business doesn’t depend so much on budget since this tool is inexpensive. However, it depends very much on the stage of your Etsy business and what goals you want to achieve for your brand.

While the Hobby plan isn’t bad for new sellers, it limits you too much on keyword research and product analytics. Hence, you may be unable to find a winning product with this plan or find the best keywords to sell your high-potential product.

everbee keyword research
Limited keyword research data for Hobby plan users

That’s why it’s best to move to the Growth plan, which is the best bet for new and intermediate Etsy sellers.

I like that Etsy doesn’t impose usage limits on the keyword and product research tools in this tier. In other words, you can do rigorous research to find the right products to sell and get the best keywords for visibility.

In fact, the Growth plan allows you to use the Tag Analyzer to see what works for your competitors and reverse engineer that for success.

Furthermore, intermediate sellers can set up Everbee email campaigns to automatically welcome sellers, follow up on orders, confirm orders, request reviews, and more. 

Even though Etsy has cut off some buyer email provisions for third-party integrations, Everbee’s solution still works like a charm!

Finally, only agencies and bigger Etsy brands with more than 3 shops will get the best out of the Business Plan. You’ll simply be overpaying for this plan if you’re not yet there.

While it doesn’t offer much more than the Growth plan, I’m sure the priority customer support will be helpful when handling multiple stores. In that case, you’ll want every issue resolved as fast as possible to ensure the smooth running of all shops under management.

The Business plan also allows you to create unlimited landing pages for your Etsy store campaigns. That can introduce personalization into your shop’s marketing and boost sales, whereas other sellers use generic formats.

No matter which of these plans you choose, you can grab an Everbee discount to buy at the cheapest price and stay locked in at that price without hidden fees!

How Much Does the Everbee Email Service Cost?

Everbee has a new email service integrated into its Growth and Business plans. 

Hence, you don’t have to pay an extra fee (besides the plan’s pricing) to access robust email templates, automated campaign flows and converting landing pages.

However, Hobby plan users may be charged an email service access fee if they surpass the limits provided on their free account.

Here’s how.

Everbee Hobby plan users can also access the new email service, but at a severe limitation. 

These users can’t create or edit campaigns or import a subscriber list. Likewise, Hobby plan users can only manage 500 subscribers on the free plan.

If the Everbee Hobby plan user gets more than 500 subscribers, they’ll have to pay $10/month to keep using the email service with their free plan.

That’s not a good value for money since you’re just getting the email management on top of limited product and keyword research. Hence, upgrading to the Growth plan is best for enjoying better tool usage limits and integrated Everbee email access.

How to Sign Up for the Everbee Plans?

Signing up for Everbee plans is a breeze. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Everbee website.
  2. Click “Try for FREE” or “Use for FREE.” I recommend this so you can see any changes to the plans you want to choose inside the app.
  1. Register using your name, email address, and password. You can also create an account by connecting your Google or Etsy account.
  1. Click “Upgrade Plan” in the bottom left corner.
  1. In the new tab, choose between “Monthly” or “Annually.” I recommend the monthly plan to test the tool without usage limits, but the annual plan gives you the best savings.
  1. Click “Upgrade to Growth” or “Upgrade to Business,” depending on your preferred plan.
  2. Enter your credit card details.
  1. Click “Pay.”
  2. Follow and complete any other prompt(s) that may show up.
  3. You can now access a paid Everbee plan to optimize and grow your Etsy stores.

Remember to connect your Etsy store after payment to maximize the plan. The Growth plan allows you to connect 3 unique Etsy stores and get valuable insights to grow them via Everbee!

How to Cancel Your Everbee Plan?

You can cancel your Everbee plan to stop paying, return to the free plan, or upgrade to a bigger one.

Here’s how to do all of these:

  1. Login to your Everbee account.
  2. Click your account name. That’s RevenueGeeks in my case.
  1. Click “Account.”
  2. Click “Manage Billing” to cancel your current plan and move to another plan.
  3. Or click “Cancel Subscription” to cancel your plan.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your preferred process.

Does Everbee Offer a Money Back Guarantee on Its Plans?

Everbee doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee on any of its plans since it already has a forever-free plan in the Hobby package. However, you can still get a refund on monthly or yearly plans if you requested such refunds within 3 days of your last payment.

This refund policy doesn’t only apply to the first payment made on your account, like most money-back guarantees. Instead, it works for ALL monthly or yearly payments you make to Everbee.

It’s likely in place to ensure clients who are accidentally charged on plans can get their money back till they’re ready to use the tool again or to switch to another plan.

What Are the Best Everbee Alternatives for Etsy Sellers?

Everbee has a robust keyword and product research suite for new and intermediate sellers. 

It’s also one of the most affordable Etsy seller tools and allows unlimited connections on the biggest plan.

However, that doesn’t save it from shortcomings such as the lack of in-depth keyword research insights and slightly more expensive pricing for beginners.

If you’re also concerned about those, here are some alternatives.


Alura mimics Everbee with three plans. In fact, it has a free plan and another one named Growth.

The difference, however, is that Alura’s Growth plan is way cheaper than Everbee’s and offers much more.

For instance, Alura’s Growth and Business plans come with a Listing Helper

This tool draws insights from the best-performing listings in your category. Then, it gives you recommendations on how to improve your listing’s rankings.

Besides that, Alura’s free plan shows you the first 25 keywords of any search, which is better than the 10-keyword limit on Everbee.

The only downside is that Alura’s mid-tier plan only allows one shop connection, unlike Everbee’s. But at the price, it’s well worth it. Plus, most new and intermediate sellers only run one shop, anyway.

Finally, Alura’s biggest plan is more than 2x cheaper than Everbee’s.

This shows that Alura might be a better fit for Etsy beginners and advanced intermediates who want more focused seller tools at a lower price.


The most significant advantage I noticed on EtsyHunt over Everbee was speed. 

It’s keyword and product research results load faster than Everbee manages

That might look small, but it increases operational efficiency and decision-making speed.

Regarding keyword research, EtsyHunt’s solution is better than Everbee’s, given the additional insights provided. Even users on the free plan get related keyword searches to boost their listings or optimize their product marketing campaigns.

Some unique extra insights you get with EtsyHunt include the number of views, favorites, and reviews associated with a keyword. You’ll also learn how many competitors have the keyword in their listing and how many sales the top 100 sellers using that keyword have recorded.

Besides that, EtsyHunt introduces brilliant solutions to help Etsy sellers with other parts of their businesses. This includes an image background remover, an AI-assisted listing creator, and an unavailable products tracker.

The last tool will help you find otherwise hot products that aren’t currently in other sellers’ stock to gain the upper hand in that market.

There’s more where that came from. And when you’re ready to commit, its plans are very inexpensive compared to Everbee’s.

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Is Everbee Right for Your Etsy Brand?

Everbee provides tools for reliable Etsy product and keyword research, among other things. That’ll enable new sellers to find a product while existing sellers can always find new products or ways to improve their current offerings.

Grab these Everbee discounts and choose the annual plans for more savings to start using its robust Etsy seller tools.

But if you want more than what Everbee provides at a lesser price, with no hidden fees, check Alura’s offers instead.

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