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Alura Pricing & Plans: Which Should You Choose?

Alura offers two pricing plans, named Growth and Professional.

The Growth plan costs $19, while the Professional costs $49 monthly. 

You can save by choosing the annual subscription option to pay an equivalent of $9/month (Growth) or $29/month (Professional) instead.

Both plans have a no-questions-asked 7-day cancellation policy. So, you can try either for one week before committing for the long run or cancel the plans to get a refund.

Key Takeaways

  • The Free plan is an unlimited time free trial.
  • The Growth plan is best for beginners and intermediate sellers who want advanced data analytics and historical product/store data to make better decisions.
  • The annual Growth and Professional plans offer up to 50% in savings.

What Features Come With Each Alura Pricing Plan?

Alura groups its features under Research, Operations, and Marketing. 

Comparing the available features under each Alura subscription plan will help you pick the best fit for the stage of your Etsy business.

Here’s a table showing you what features and tools you’ll get with each Alura pricing plan and their monthly usage limits:

 Features Free Growth Professional
Alura Extension Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Keyword Research 25 500 Unlimited
Product Research 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Shop Research 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Saved Research 500 5000 Unlimited
Historical Data Not included Included Included
Data Export Not included Not included Included
Listing Helper 25 listings 500 listings Unlimited
Followup Reminder 25 messages 500 messages Unlimited
AI Templates 25 responses 250 responses Unlimited
Email Sender 25 contacts 250 contacts 1000 contacts
Multiple Shops Not included Not included Included

What Alura Pricing Plan Should You Choose?

You shouldn’t pay for a bigger plan if the smaller Alura plan would meet your needs. 

Conversely, it wouldn’t make sense to cheapen out on the bigger plan if it’s the reasonable option for your business.

I’ve broken down things to consider when selecting an Alura plan below.

When Should You Choose the Free Plan?

The Free plan is ideal if you’re new to Etsy and want to find your feet before upgrading to the more advanced premium plans. Besides the money you’ll save on the bigger plans, the Free plan has the essential resources and tool limits to help you with product and keyword research, listing optimization, and analytics.

In my experience, however, this tier might not help a beginner who wants a powerful product research tool to use at will. On top of that, you can only create and optimize up to 25 listings monthly, and there’s no option for connecting multiple shops.

Lastly, the Free plan doesn’t allow you to export your research data for in-depth analysis, an option I think every beginner should have. You’ll get this with the Professional plan instead.

When Should You Choose the Growth Plan?

I recommend the Growth plan for beginner Etsy sellers who want to start their business correctly.

I know it’s a bit expensive for newbies at $19/month, but you’ll get the full blast of reliable product and keyword research. Luckily, you can save a lot on this plan by paying for it annually.

You can also request reviews and automate customer follow-ups on the Growth plan, with a limit of 500 messages. That’s better than the 25 messages you get on the Free plan. 

Another similar and notable addition is the 250 contacts-limit email autoresponder.

The downside of this plan is that you still can’t connect multiple Etsy shops

But again, as a new seller, you shouldn’t be bothered by that.

When Should You Choose the Professional Plan?

The Professional plan works great if you’re an advanced Etsy seller looking to scale up your business.

Besides allowing advanced product and keyword research, this is the only plan packed with pro data features, extensive filters, and insights to help your analytics. Plus, it gives you unlimited access to the Listing Helper and AI templates.

After spending some time on the Professional Monthly plan, it’s evident that it’s also a good fit for small agencies managing multiple Etsy shops. In fact, Alura ensured the option to connect numerous shops is only available on this plan.

There are still some usage limitations, such as sending (unlimited) emails to only 1,000 unique customers monthly. But given that this is 4x what you get on the starter plan, and you have unlimited Followup Reminder access, the plan is well worth it.

How to Sign Up for Alura?

Signing up for Alura takes just a few minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  1. Go to the Alura website.
  2. Click “Pricing.”
  1. Switch to “Annual” to save up to 50%. You could test the service with the free plan, so you know what you’re paying for.
  1. Click “Get started” under a preferred plan. I’ve chosen the Growth plan for this example.
  1. Click “Sign up with email.” Alternatively, you can sign up with Google to link your Gmail account with Alura.
  1. Now, fill in your name and email address.
  1. Click “Sign up.” Alura will send a verification link to your email address.
  1. Click “Open Gmail,” or manually open your account in another tab.
  1. Open the verification link from Gmail or paste it into your browser to complete the signup.

Now that you have an Alura account, you can use its powerful tools, including the Alura Chrome extension.

How to Save Money When Subscribing to Alura?

There are a few ways to save money legitimately with Alura, so you can channel those funds into other parts of your Etsy business. Here are three ideas to help:

  • Use my discount link: Save more on the Growth and Professional plans using my discount link.
  • Choose a convenient plan: Go with the right Alura plan that fits your budget and is appropriate for the stage of your Etsy business. I’ve shared insights above to help you pick the right plan.
  • Pay annually: The annual billing option saves you up to 50% compared to the monthly subscription option.

How Do I Cancel My Alura Subscription?

You can cancel your Alura subscription from the “Account” page. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Alura account.
  1. Click “My account.”
  1. Go to “Settings.”
  1. Click “Billing.”
  1. Click “Manage plan.”
  1. Click “Cancel plan.”

After canceling, your plan will remain active until the end of the subscription period

You can still use the premium features during this time, after which your account will downgrade to the free plan.

Are There Good Alura Alternatives to Consider?

Sure! Alura has a few good alternatives; the best are Everbee and EtsyHunt.

Alternatives Free Trial Duration Best Price
EverBee Unlimited Pricing Page
EtsyHunt Unlimited Pricing Page


While Alura is a great software solution for Etsy sellers, it might not focus much on product research and analytics as you’d find with EverBee.

Furthermore, unlike Alura, EverBee allows multiple account connections on its basic plan. However, EverBee is slightly costlier than Alura, which would account for the extra features it offers.

Check out EverBee’s pricing page for a breakdown of its subscription fees and the features and tools you get on each tier.


EtsyHunt focuses on providing some of the limited Alura features with better usage limits and lower prices.

For instance, the Growth plan capped Alura’s Listing Helper at 500 monthly uses. 

EtsyHunt has a similar tool, Listing Optimize, with a 50 daily usage limit. That translates to about 1,500 monthly usage!

EtsyHunt also ships a forever-free plan to get basic features for life, or you can try the bigger Pro plan for just $1!

Want to know how much it costs to use EtsyHunt? Check EtsyHunt’s pricing page to see what you get on its various plans compared to Alura’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Alura has a free trial. Alura’s Free plan is an unlimited time plan you can use before upgrading to the other premium plans. However, you’ll get usage limits on most Alura tools and won’t get some features (like multiple shop connections).

Yes, Alura offers refunds on its paid plans. Each plan has a 7-day cancellation period during which you can get a refund on your first purchase from the software company.

Should You Get Alura for Etsy?

Yes, Alura is worth getting for Etsy since it can improve critical aspects of your business. 

It has powerful enough features for product and keyword research, listing optimization, competitor shop tracking, and more.

And since it has various price points on its premium plans, it can match the budget of all sellers.

Want to see if Alura can help take your Etsy business to new heights? Then grab these Alura deals to save on your purchase.

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