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What Is Helium 10 Academy? Is It FREE?

Helium 10 Academy is an in-depth course that helps you get familiar with Helium 10 tools and practical tips to make your Amazon business a success.

However, is it worth your time?

Continue reading to find out!

Is Helium 10 Academy Free?

helium 10 academy

The short answer is YES! Helium 10 Academy is 100% free with no upsells! You don’t even have to be a Helium 10 user to learn.

But while the information is free for everyone, if you’re an agency/employee, you should get Helium 10’s official certification. For that, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $92.40.

Then you’ll get a 20-question exam. Once done and with a satisfactory result, you’ll get your certificate!

What’s the Difference Between Helium 10 Academy and Pro Training Videos?

Helium 10 offers more learning resources than just Helium 10 Academy.

They help Helium 10’s users to be as successful as possible with their Amazon business. However, some of them are quite alike. For example, Helium 10 Academy and Pro Training Videos have many similarities, which creates confusion.

So what are the differences? Well, there are a couple of things:

  • Length – First significant difference between the two is the length of the videos. Pro training videos tend to be longer and go into more detail. In contrast, Helium 10 Academy videos are shorter and focus only on the most important.
  • Quizzes – In addition to educational videos, Helium 10 Academy also accompanies quizzes and exercises which aren’t included in Pro Training Videos. These will help you remember the key concepts better.

So, it should become clear that Helium 10 Academy is designed for people with busy days and won’t have enough time to go through Pro Training Videos.

Pro Tip:

Apart from Helium 10 Academy, I suggest you also check out Helium 10 PPC Academy.

Helium 10 Academy Contents

helium 10 academy contents

So what can you learn from Helium 10 University, exactly? Well, there are tons of content for you to go through:

  • Product Research – Learn how to use Helium 10’s product research tools and strategies to find winning products for your Amazon business.
  • Keyword Research – Learn how to use Helium 10 Celebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator to find keywords that help you rank higher in Amazon search results.
  • Listing Optimization – Learn how to build a powerful listing by learning Helium 10 tools such as Frankenstein, Scribbles, Listing Analyzer, and more.
  • Marketing – Learn the tactics and tools to optimize your PPC campaigns and make your promotions successful.
  • Operations – Learn how to make managing your Amazon business easier by using powerful tools such as Helium 10 Alerts, Follow-up, Refund Genie, and more.
  • Analytics – Learn how to create effective marketing strategies by learning to use tools like Keyword Tracker, Market Tracker, and Profits.

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3-Step Guide to Registering to Helium 10 Academy

You’ll have to create a Helium 10 Academy account to access this free content.

Fortunately, it’s easy if you follow these three steps:

Step #1 - Navigate to Helium 10 Academy

helium 10 home

First, we’ll need to get to the Helium 10 Academy. Start by going to the Helium 10 home page. Once there, click on the resources tab on the main menu.

helium 10 learning resources

Once there, click on the “Academy” link, and you’re done!

Step #2 - Registering for Helium 10 Academy

enroll to helium 10 academy for free

Now you’re greeted with this page! To access the learning resource, you need to register an account. To start, click on the blue button named “Enroll Today For Free.”

sign up for helium 10 academy

Once clicked, you’ll see two options:

  • Continue with Teachable – Choose this option if you have already learned other teachable courses before.
  • Sign up with email – If this is your first time enrolling in a Teachable course, choose this option. Once clicked, you’ll be asked to give your full name and email address. Then write down your password.

Once all fields have been filled, you’re ready for the last step.

Step #3 - Start Learning

helium 10 academy lesson

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll now be on this page! If that’s correct, then there’s nothing else to do but start learning.

Pick the course topic that interests you the most and start taking notes.

However, suppose you’re new to Helium 10 or building an Amazon business.

In that case, I suggest you go through this course in this order:

  1. Introduction to Helium 10’s Software Tools
  2. Helium 10’s Complete Product Research Course
  3. Helium 10’s Complete Keyword Research Course
  4. Helium 10’s Complete Listing Optimization Course
  5. Helium 10’s Complete Marketing Course
  6. Helium 10’s Complete Operations Tool Course
  7. Helium 10’s Complete Analytics Course
  8. Certification Exam (If you need a certificate)


It depends on how much time you’re willing to spend on it daily. However, if you’re ready to spend 1-2 hours a day, five days a week, it should take about 4-6 weeks to complete the Helium 10 academy.

To become a Helium 10 Certified Expert, you need to enroll in the Helium 10 Elite Training program, which is available exclusively to Helium 10 Elite members. The program provides comprehensive training on using the Helium 10 software suite and advanced Amazon seller strategies. After completing all the modules and passing a final exam, you will receive a Helium 10 Certified Expert badge that you can use to showcase your expertise in selling on Amazon.


As you can see, Helium 10 Academy is a value-packed learning resource free for everyone. You’ll learn everything from the basics of Amazon FBA to advanced ways to manage your business.

However, if you want to learn more about managing your Amazon business, check out our article about Helium 10 Blog.

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