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Helium 10 Blog: 5 Facts You Should Know!

The Helium 10 Blog began in 2016, soon after founders Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol started developing the tools that would become the Helium 10 Software Suite.

The Helium 10 Blog is home to tons of information and helpful resources for anyone interested in Amazon selling. There are discussions about the major Helium 10 tools like Cerebro and Magnet and shared expertise on relevant and valuable topics such as Amazon marketing, listing optimization, and keyword research.

Today, the Helium 10 Blog is a vast library of the best references you can find on the internet, with articles, videos, and podcasts tackling all the best practices, tips, and strategies you need to succeed in e-commerce.

The blog’s goal has always been to guide Amazon sellers and help them grow their businesses.

So, what benefits can you expect to find when you subscribe to the Helium 10 Blog?

Why Should You Read the Helium 10 Blog?

Blog of Helium 10

The primary objective of the Helium 10 Software Suite is to offer tools that will help Amazon sellers gain an edge over the competition.

The Helium 10 Blog plays a key role in achieving that objective.

It is a complimentary resource that provides much-needed information to enhance the experience of being a Helium 10 customer significantly.

Regularly reading the Helium 10 Blog can help you become a better and more successful Amazon seller.

What kind of information does the Helium 10 Blog contain?

Here’s a quick rundown:

Amazon Seller Tips

The Helium 10 Blog routinely features posts containing expert tips for Amazon sellers.

An excellent example for beginners is this guide on balancing life and e-commerce as an Amazon seller. The blog also provides advanced tips for Amazon listing and keyword optimization for seasoned online entrepreneurs.

One fantastic advantage of the Helium 10 Blog’s Amazon seller tips is that they are written by past or current Amazon sellers who have been very successful in their ventures.

They are now in a perfect position to share methods that work in real-world settings and not just on paper.

Big Strategy Updates

The Helium 10 Blog also discusses broader strategies in the world of e-commerce.

These strategies apply to Amazon selling in particular along with broader subjects related to digital marketing, such as online branding, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Facebook advertising, and lead generation, among many others.

E-commerce is a very large and involved industry wherein changes happen quickly and without warning. The Helium 10 Blog is an updated, highly reliable source for Amazon sellers who want to keep up with what is going on in the industry.

When you subscribe to the Helium 10 Blog, you will learn all about the adjustments you must make to remain competitive in your niche.

Tips and Updates About Helium 10 Tools

Helium 10’s official website has an extensive Help Center page, which contains numerous resources and tutorials for its users.

The Helium 10 Blog takes this a step further.

Here, their authors demonstrate specific real-world use of Helium 10 tools.

There are various how-to posts for specific functions and a Two Minute Toolbox blog series that breaks down essential operations in easy-to-digest chunks.

There is also up-to-date news regarding any Helium 10 tool updates to notify users of new features or improvements.

The Helium 10 crew has also prepared videos to enrich user experience further.

Informational Guides

The blog also has informational guides on various topics beyond Amazon selling.

These guides could be about writing press releases, trademark protection, or Facebook PPC advertising.

The informational guides on the Helium 10 Blog are written by experts in digital marketing, e-commerce, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Amazon sellers can leverage the strategies listed in these guides for further success on the platform or when they eventually expand operations to their own websites in the future.

News on E-Commerce Trends

The Helium 10 Blog keeps readers updated with the most recent trends in the e-commerce space. While its primary focus is on Amazon selling, it has widened its scope to include other big marketplaces like Walmart and eBay, as well as e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and SquareSpace, just to name a few.

The world of online shopping changes rapidly, and new trends pop up often. For continued success, retailers must stay on top of these changes.

Apart from these benefits, other interesting things about the Helium 10 Blog make it worth checking out.

Listed below are five fascinating facts you should know about the Helium 10 Blog:

Fact 1: The Helium 10 Blog Organizes Its Posts Into Categories

The Helium 10 Blog has accumulated a huge volume of posts over the years, and readers can easily navigate all existing content to find what they’re looking for.

The Helium 10 crew makes this possible by neatly organizing blog posts into the following categories:

Amazon Marketing

These blog posts discuss the different marketing strategies that Amazon sellers can adapt to improve sales and boost their brand.

Amazon Marketing posts dive into specific Amazon selling-related topics like using Amazon sponsored brand ads or ideas for properly running an Amazon advertising campaign.

Amazon Seller Spotlight

Read inspiring stories from successful Amazon sellers as you browse through the Amazon Seller Spotlight category. The featured success stories include average Joes like Ankit Patel and Huy Nguyen and trailblazing figures like Krystina Uradzimskaya.

The Amazon Seller Spotlight series also features interviews (like Clearco’s Melissa Vong’s) and firsthand accounts (like musician-slash-entrepreneur Iman Osman’s).


Explore promos and special offers by checking out the Deals category.

The Helium 10 brand regularly offers great deals to existing customers and online communities (such as The Serious Sellers Club).

You can find the latest information on limited offers for those signing up for a Helium 10 account through this blog category.

Helium 10 Two Minute Toolbox

Helium 10’s Two Minute Toolbox category is a special blog series that provides tips for specific Helium 10 tools. These posts have thorough step-by-step guides—complete with screenshots—that show readers how to utilize Helium10 tools to perform a specific task.

One of the most popular Two-Minute Toolbox posts is how to use Helium 10’s Scribbles tool to reverse engineer product listings on Amazon.

Helium 10 Updates

Check out the latest updates related to all Helium 10 tools by clicking the Helium 10 Updates category. The updates include information about brand new features, software updates, and security upgrades to existing tools in the Helium 10 Software Suite.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial part of Amazon selling, and the Helium 10 Blog has dedicated a specific Keyword Research category to cover this complex topic.

The posts include tips on using Helium 10’s Cerebro or Magnet for keyword research and best practices when formulating an Amazon keyword research strategy.

Launch and Listing Creation

Get tips to help you plan and execute successful product launches on any Amazon marketplace.

Learn about the ins and outs of creating a product listing on Amazon that will attract tons of traffic and drive sales.

You can find these posts and more by exploring Helium 10 Blog’s Launch and Listing Creation category.

Listing Optimization

Learn about the many ways you can drive traffic to your Amazon listings.

You can also better understand why listing optimization is important in the first place.

Read every tip and technique recommended by the Helium 10 team by browsing the Listing Optimization category.

ted by the tool to optimize your Amazon or Walmart product listing.

You can also utilize that same list to boost the visibility of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Ongoing Maintenance

Are you looking for tips to keep doing effective market research or exploring new methods for monitoring your product listing’s performance?

You can find answers under their Ongoing Maintenance category.

These posts outline everything you need to keep track of as an Amazon seller, including maintenance for your Amazon product pages, management of your Amazon inventory, or automation of Amazon business tasks.

Product Launches

This Helium 10 Blog category groups posts to help Amazon sellers carry out successful product launches. Within the Product Launches category, you can find tips for writing press releases for new products, information on Amazon barcodes, and even case studies about Helium 10 projects.

Product Research

Find tips for conducting effective product research and learning about various product research strategies. Learn about how reverse ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) searches work and which best practices to follow when looking for products to sell on Amazon.

You can find these posts by going through the Helium 10 Blog’s Product Research category.

Product Validation

Explore Helium 10 Blog’s Product Validation category for the best methods to determine which products will sell the most and generate profits on Amazon.

You can also browse this category for information on which Helium 10 tools you can use to validate your product idea.

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Amazon FBA Case Study | Validate Products OFF Amazon - Project X: Episode 3

Up next: Discover how the Helium 10 Blog is structured.

Fact 2: Helium 10 Blog Posts Are Structured for Easy Readability

Before discussing how the Helium 10 crew structures their blog posts, it is worth mentioning the many types of content they offer.

So far, the blog has published the following:

  • Amazon seller profiles
  • Case studies
  • FAQs
  • Firsthand accounts
  • Guest posts
  • How-to posts and beginner guides
  • Interviews
  • News and updates
  • News roundups
  • Podcasts, along with transcripts for accessibility

Post titles on the Helium 10 Blog are supported by subheadlines that provide more information on the covered topic. This gives readers a better idea of what the blog post is all about.

The top section of each post contains relevant tags that show how the particular article is categorized within the blog. On some occasions, links to videos that summarize the article are included.

The content body usually comes with supporting images, such as screenshots of Helium 10 tools.

At the end of each article, there are buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, so you can easily share posts on your social media accounts.

There is also a section for author information at the bottom of every post.

For each author, there is a “Recent Posts” tab you can click to access their last three articles on the blog.

Readers are free to post comments and reactions, but they will need to provide their email addresses to do so.

Those who wish to subscribe to the Helium 10 Blog can enter their email address to sign up for updates. You can choose to get alerts for new blog posts in the following categories:

  • Helium 10 Updates
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Product Launches
  • Product Research

By now, you must be wondering: Who are the experts behind the abundant resources found on the Helium 10 Blog?

Fact 3: Helium 10 Blog Authors Are Experts in Their Respective Fields

The list of in-house Helium 10 Blog post authors is pretty long.

It doesn’t even include the many guest authors that have shared their expertise on specific topics, such as digital marketing and e-commerce.

Here are some authors who regularly publish articles on the Helium 10 Blog.

Note that this is an incomplete list, and all contributors to the blog are worth checking out.

Cassandra Craven

Cassandra Craven is the Director of Social Media & Influencer Relationships at Helium 10.

She has more than a decade of experience in organic social media management.

Before joining the Helium 10 Team, she managed the accounts of FOX Studios, IMAX, and MGM Studios.

Lailama Hasan

Lailama Hasan is one of Helium 10’s Brand Evangelists.

She has leveraged her extensive background in photography to teach Amazon sellers how to develop a successful image strategy for their product listings.

Apart from her photography expertise, she has experience in accounting, finance, and marketing.

Carrie Miller

Carrie Miller is a Brand Evangelist & Customer Advocate for Helium 10’s Walmart platform.

She is one of Helium 10’s first adopters—she has been using its keyword research tools since 2016.

An Amazon seller herself before joining the Helium 10 team, she now uses her experience as an entrepreneur and Helium 10 user to guide Walmart sellers to success.

Marcus Mokros

Marcus Mokros is an international Brand Evangelist for German-speaking audiences at Helium 10.

He leverages his experience as an Amazon seller to teach selling strategies to the European market.

Vince Montero

Vince Montero is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Helium 10.

He is a PPC expert who hosts TACoS Tuesday Monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

His live sessions address topics related to PPC advertising and using Helium 10’s Adtomic tool.

Shivali Patel

Shivali Patel, a published author, and expert Amazon seller is a Brand Evangelist at Helium 10.

On the Helium 10 Blog, she provides Amazon selling tips, shares insights on e-commerce trends, and demonstrates the newest updates on Helium 10 tools. She also hosts podcasts and webinars.

Bradley Sutton

Bradley Sutton is the Director of Training and Chief Brand Evangelist at Helium 10.

Before joining the team, he ran a million-dollar aftermarket car parts business before the age of 20.

He has two decades of experience as an Amazon seller and hosts the Serious Sellers Podcast.

Are you wondering what the most widely read articles are in the Helium 10 Blog?

Keep reading!

Fact 4: These Are The Most Popular Helium 10 Blog Posts

Over the years, the Helium 10 Blog has published hundreds of articles that have helped thousands of Amazon sellers grow their businesses.

The ones listed below are the cream of the crop.

  • Selling on Amazon For Beginners: Are You Ready For Liftoff? This post is incredibly popular because it is a fantastic guide for new Amazon sellers who have just begun to explore the platform.

Read Helium 10’s Beginner’s Guide for How to Sell on Amazon, or watch the summary video below.

  • Valentine’s Season Starts Now. It may surprise you to learn that the best time to sell Valentine-themed products on Amazon is not close to Valentine’s Day at all. Prasida Newman gives readers the lowdown in this post. Discover when Valentine’s season starts for Amazon shoppers.
Valentine's Season
  • 8 Amazon Advertising Campaigns For a Superior Ad Strategy. This informative post tackles ideas for launching successful Amazon advertising campaigns and guides readers on using Helium 10’s Adtomic tool to set up ad campaigns. Read about the most common Sponsored Product ad campaigns on Amazon.
Advertising Campaigns
  • You Can Now Use Pinterest Trends to Gauge Amazon Opportunity. Are you looking for new products to sell on Amazon? Product research can be tricky if you don’t know where to look for things that are sure to turn profits. This post shows sellers how to conduct effective product research using Pinterest. Learn to utilize Pinterest Trends to look for new opportunities.

Pinterest Trend Finder | Helium 10 Amazon ProTraining

  • Helium 10 Buzz 12/22/2022: Amazon Showrooms, Listing Tips, & Product Research Tactics. In this installment of the Helium 10 Buzz podcast, Brand Evangelist Shivali Patel discusses Amazon showrooms, tips for Amazon product listings, and techniques for conducting product research. You can read the full transcript of the podcast for all the details or listen to it here.
Weekly Buzz
  • Tapping Into Unexplored Niches: Where & How to Begin. In this blog post, Shivali Patel walks readers through the process of exploring new and undiscovered niches on Amazon with a high potential for profitability. Plus, she provides tips to help sellers leverage Helium 10 tools for effective product research. Learn how you can start tapping into unexplored niches on Amazon.
Tapping niches
  • Catching Amazon’s “Glitches” With the Helium 10 Anomaly Tracker. Discover what Amazon anomalies are and how to detect them. More importantly, learn how to use Helium 10 tools to address search glitches on Amazon. Read about how Helium 10’s Anomaly Tracker can help Amazon sellers deal with Amazon glitches.

Prioritizing PPC

And finally, check out these five compelling reasons you should subscribe to the Helium 10 Blog today.

Fact 5: Here Are Five Good Reasons to Subscribe to the Helium 10 Blog Today

The Helium 10 Blog publishes new posts almost every day. As a busy Amazon seller, you may not have time to read them all.

Fortunately, you can choose specific topics and categories, so you will only receive content that is valuable and relevant to your business.

Here are five big reasons you should sign up for Helium 10 Blog updates:

  • Two Minute Toolbox for the Best Tricks. The Helium 10 Blog’s Two Minute Toolbox series provides loads of tips for Amazon sellers, new and old. You can quickly learn how to use certain Helium 10 tools for specific purposes, with plenty of screenshots to guide you through each step. Learn from authors who are Amazon sellers themselves and Helium 10 Software Suite experts.
  • Most Useful Amazon Seller Tips. There is no better way to learn about Amazon selling tactics and strategies than to get them from seasoned and successful Amazon sellers. Make your product listings stand out from the competition—more visibility means more sales and revenue! Get tips directly from the experts through the Helium 10 Blog.
  • Best Tips for How to Sell on Amazon FBA. You can also learn about the ins and outs of FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) requirements. Discover best practices for selling your product on Amazon FBA. Explore this subcategory on the Helium 10 Blog and gain access to posts that can help you navigate this sometimes tricky service from Amazon.
Amazon FBA
  • Learn Everything About Amazon Advertising. When you sell products on Amazon, you want your product listings to reach your target audience. To boost visibility and revenue, it’s best to learn everything you can about Amazon advertising. Thankfully, the marketing experts at Helium 10 Blog have got you covered. Learn about the most effective Amazon marketing strategies you can adapt, along with tips on using sponsored ads, keyword research, listing optimization, and many more.
  • Explore International Marketplaces. If you want to grow your Amazon business beyond the United States, you need to learn more about international marketplaces. Use posts on the Helium 10 Blog as guides that will help you reach potential buyers all over the world. Be mindful of the challenges you may face when going international, such as cultural and language barriers, high shipping costs, and more.
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Helium 10 Blog: Further Enriching Your Amazon Seller Experience

The Helium 10 Software Suite is already a fantastic and valuable solution that Amazon sellers can leverage for their businesses. But the Helium 10 crew has gone the extra mile by maintaining a blog that offers tons of useful, up-to-date information that readers can use to take their e-commerce sales to the next level.

The Helium 10 Blog is an excellent source of Amazon selling strategies, information guides, and news on the latest trends in e-commerce. It is also a vast library wherein Helium 10 users can look up best practices and tips for using Helium 10 tools for product research, keyword research, PPC campaigns, and more.

Helium 10 Blog’s vast selection of posts is categorized for easy browsing.

Helium 10 Blog contains remarkably diverse content.

There are how-to posts and beginner guides, news and updates, interviews with industry experts, news roundups, frequently asked questions, Amazon seller profiles, case studies, guest posts, firsthand accounts, and podcasts, including transcripts of podcasts.

With a reliable roster of veteran Amazon sellers and industry experts authoring posts, the Helium 10 Blog further strengthens Helium 10’s branding. This high level of credibility makes it a trustworthy name in the Amazon seller community.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Helium 10 Blog today!

If you want to learn more about other Helium 10 tools, read our guides on Cerebro, Magnet, Scribbles, Trendster, Gems, Adtomic (PPC tool), and Seller Assistant.

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