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What Is Helium 10 Sales Estimator?

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator is a free tool to help Amazon sellers quickly check monthly sales volume and net revenue estimates for specific products.

To give customers the best value for their money, Amazon rotates the “Buy Box” between sellers whose price for a product is within 2% of the Prime Offer

By checking a specific product’s earning potential via the Sales Estimator, sellers can determine whether competing for the item’s Buy Box is worth it.

The Sales Estimator is available within Helium 10’s Chrome Extension.

Key Takeaways

  • The Helium 10 Sales Estimator is an excellent tool for sellers looking to increase their competitive advantage for a product with multiple resellers.
  • You can access the Helium 10 Sales Estimator on the software’s Chrome Extension.
  • You can use the Sales Estimator to calculate your potential earnings quickly.

How to Use the Helium 10 Sales Estimator?

Getting started with Helium 10 Sales Estimator is straightforward, as outlined below:

  1. Download Helium 10’s “Chrome Extension.”
download helium 10 chrome extension
  1. Click “Add to Chrome” to activate the extension.
add helium 10 extension to chrome
  1. Log in or create a Helium 10 account to use the extension.
create helium 10 account
  1. Visit your preferred product page on Amazon with the Chrome Extension active.
  2. Scroll down the page to access the Sales Estimator below the product image and the Best Sellers Rank (BSR).
  1. Join as a potential competitive reseller to calculate potential monthly sales and earnings. To do this, change the number of offers from one to two, then click “Launch Sales Estimator.”
  1. The Sales Estimator will, in a few seconds, generate projected sales and net revenue for your product if you sell it within 2% of the Buy Box price using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
estimated sales from helium 10 sales estimator

While Helium 10 Sales Estimator enables you to know the projected sales and revenue for a specific product, you get even more advanced results using the Xray tool

The Helium 10 Xray offers an in-depth look into sales, leveraging the platform’s keyword rankings database, estimated conversion rate, search volumes, sales trends, and more.

However, you must shift from a free to a paid subscription to access the Helium 10’s Xray.

Here’s a quick guide to help you transition from a free to paid Helium 10 subscription.

  1. Go to your Helium 10 dashboard and click “Upgrade,” located on the top right corner of your screen.
helium 10 upgrade button
  1. Enter REVENUEGEEKS20 to get 20% off your first month, or REVENUEGEEKS10 for a 10% monthly discount.
enter helium 10 discount code
  1. Choose a plan that best works for you, then click “Subscribe.”
choose helium 10 plan
  1. Enter your card details, then click “Complete Payment” to upgrade your account.

Well done! You’ve upgraded your Helium 10 account and can now access more detailed insights using the Xray feature.


A premium Helium 10 account has other valuable tools to help take your Amazon business to the next level. These include Profits, Gems, Market Tracker 360, and Magnet.

Why Use the Helium 10 Sales Estimator?

Apart from helping you calculate projected sales and net revenue for Amazon products, the Helium 10 Sales Estimator can also:

Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator can cushion you against costly pitfalls by providing valuable intel on competitive Amazon products.

Thus, enabling you to make informed decisions and reduce risks, thanks to its in-depth data analysis that saves you time and money while ensuring you only go after profitable products.

Enable You to Outmaneuver Your Competition

You can leverage Helium 10’s Sales Estimator to monitor your competitor’s performance, pricing, sales rank, and other crucial data points. With this intel, you can implement well-informed strategies to outsmart your competitors.

Supercharge Your Product Research

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator simplifies the labor-intensive product research process, saving time and energy that you can direct to other valuable tasks. The tool removes manual product information collection, making research more efficient, faster, and streamlined.

Enable You to Make Confident, Data-Backed Decisions

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator eliminates guesswork and allows you to make crucial business decisions confidently since they’re backed by real-time market intelligence. 

Who Is Helium 10 Sales Estimator Made For?

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator is ideal for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) sellers eager to compete with existing merchants on an existing product.

By gaining rough estimates of a product’s sales and revenue potential, the seller can evaluate the item’s viability and possible undercutting strategies to win some market share.

Helium 10 Sales Estimator: My Experience

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator is simple to navigate and use. 

All I needed to do was download the Chrome Extension, and everything else fell into place once I was on Amazon product listing pages.

The figures are easy to crunch, and you can quickly tell whether a particular product is worth pursuing.


I recommend upgrading your Helium 10 subscription to make the most of the Sales Estimator.

When you upgrade your account, you can access Xray, a powerful feature that analyzes a product’s potential based on projected conversion rate, keyword search volumes, and rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator is reliably accurate. There might be some discrepancies compared to the actual Amazon data, but the tool’s data is accurate enough to enable you to evaluate whether a specific product is worthwhile.

Is Helium 10 Sales Estimator Worth It?

The Helium 10 Sales Estimator is a robust tool that every Amazon seller looking to compete for popular products should use.

It gives you an edge by providing information to grow your Amazon business and generate more sales and revenue.

Does Helium 10’s Sale Estimator capabilities sound like something your business could benefit from? Download the Helium 10 Chrome Extension for FREE to get started.

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