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What Is Helium 10 Amazon Attribution?

Helium 10’s Amazon Attribution solution allows Amazon FBA sellers to track and analyze their advertising efforts beyond Amazon’s platforms. This is possible with Helium 10’s Portals tool, which can help you drive external web traffic seamlessly toward your product listings.

Thus, sellers can determine which of their external traffic from sources like search engine ads and social media fare better in conversions, sales, and other relevant metrics.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10’s Amazon attribution lets you tap into off-Amazon traffic, which drives more sales to your product.
  • Amazon rewards you with a bonus if you drive external traffic to the platform.
  • Helium 10 Portals for Amazon attribution is only available on the Platinum and Diamond plans.

Is Helium 10 Amazon Attribution Worth It?

Helium 10’s Amazon attribution is worth it as it helps sellers tap into new audiences that need your product. Instead of waiting for leads to discover you in a saturated marketplace, it’s more effective to proactively pursue them through off-Amazon channels.

Furthermore, using Helium 10 to measure and track your Amazon attribution gives you insightful analytics to optimize for the best results. You can know which channels have a big market for your products.

Another exciting thing about Helium Amazon attribution is that Amazon rewards US Brand sellers an average of 10% of all product sales from off-Amazon marketing channels

For example, if you have a TikTok ad that generated 200 sales of your moon lamp costing $30 each for a $6,000 revenue, you qualify for a $600 bonus!

This is because Amazon highly values external traffic directed to the platform, as it presents opportunities for upselling customers on additional products.

How Does Helium 10 Handle Amazon Attribution?

Helium 10 helps its customers setup, customize, run and manage Amazon attribution via Portals. This tool gives you comprehensive insights into the performance of your off-Amazon marketing channels and their influence on customers’ shopping journeys.

You also get to know your target audience’s search and purchase behavior, which is handy for data-driven decisions.

How to Setup Amazon Attribution via Helium 10 Portals?

Creating Amazon attribution links in Helium 10 Portals is a quick process. 

But before you get started, there are a few prerequisites:

  1. Connect your Helium 10 account to Amazon.
  2. Register for the Amazon attribution program, which will enroll you in the Brand Referral Bonus Program.
  3. Upgrade to the Helium 10 Platinum and Diamond plans. Or, follow this guide to buy a new Helium 10 plan if you don’t have one.

Here’s how to upgrade your Helium 10 plan if you’re on the free plan or Starter plan:

  1. Go to the Helium 10 website and log in to your account.
  2. Click “Upgrade.”
  1. To get discounted prices for the Platinum and Diamond plans, enter my Helium 10 coupon codes REVENUEGEEKS10 or REVENUEGEEKS20 and hit “Apply.” The prices will be discounted.
  1. Select “Diamond” or Platinum,” then click “SUBSCRIBE.”
  1. Enter your payment details and click “Complete Payment.”
  1. Follow this step-by-step guide to make the Attribution link.

On completion, the Helium Amazon attribution tool will assist you in measuring these key metrics for all the links you’ve created:

  • Sales: The total number of product sales made from the Attribution link.
  • Clicks: The number of times the attribution link has been clicked.
  • Referral bonus: The amount that the seller is rewarded for directing off-Amazon traffic to the platform.
  • Units sold: The number of products customers buy by clicking the attribution link.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Helium 10 Amazon attribution management is included in the cost of its Diamond and Platinum subscription tiers. These plans allows you to access the full functionality of the Portals tool, which grants access to Amazon attribution management.

Use Amazon Attribution to Your Advantage

Helium 10’s Amazon Attribution, through its Portals tool, is a game-changer for Amazon FBA sellers.

In a competitive marketplace like Amazon, where every edge counts, Helium 10’s Amazon Attribution management stands as an indispensable resource to maximize success by tapping into off-Amazon traffic

So, if you’re ready to expand your reach, optimize your marketing, and boost your Amazon sales, Helium 10’s Amazon Attribution is an investment well worth considering.

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