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Does Helium 10 Work in Egypt? How to Use It?

Helium 10 isn’t available in Egypt, even though the e-commerce software giant has a placeholder page suggesting it’s coming to the region soon. However, Amazon sellers in Egypt can leverage Helium 10 alternatives to level up their business without skipping a beat.

Apart from integrating with, these solutions pack a collection of features to optimize your listing, identify trends, find keywords, manage products, and improve your revenue potential.

In the following sections, I’ll analyze three Helium 10 alternatives and how you can use them to accelerate results.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10 isn’t available in Egypt yet.
  • You can still use Helium 10 alternatives in Egypt to optimize your business.

Why Isn't Helium 10 Available in Egypt?

Helium 10 is at an advanced stage of making the platform more accessible internationally. Some possible reasons Helium 10 isn’t available in Egypt yet include:

Market Size recorded 18.1 million visits in May 2023, a drop from 18.7 million in April. 

While these numbers are impressive, they fade compared to other marketplaces where Helium 10 is available.

amazon egypt market size, for instance, registered about 160 million visits in February 2023, eight times more than This even pales compared to which got 561.4 million visits in June 2023.

This shows that the Egyptian Amazon market is still in its infancy and may only represent a nominal potential customer base for Helium 10.

Lack of a Robust Community

Helium 10 is a community-driven tool. In other words, it runs active online Amazon seller forums where members can network, solve problems and discuss potential opportunities.

Hence, Helium 10 may have opted to only offer its software in Egypt if the country has a robust and engaged Amazon community.

Lack of Local Partnerships

Local partnerships in Egypt can help open Helium 10 to potential customers unfamiliar with this platform. It can also boost Helium 10’s growth, reach and influence in the country.

Furthermore, local partnerships can enable Helium 10 to foster trust and credibility with Amazon sellers in Egypt.

The lack of brands or businesses willing to partner with Helium 10 in Egypt could be a reason for the platform’s hesitation to offer its service there.

Business Prioritization

It is possible that Helium 10 is focusing on other markets for now, based on potential growth and competition, in addition to the factors I’ve mentioned above.

However, this doesn’t mean Helium 10 won’t enter the Egyptian market in the future.

On the official website, Helium 10 advises Amazon sellers in Egypt to “check back for updates,” indicating the software’s intention to launch in the country.

helium 10 unavailable in egypt

Helium 10 Alternatives in Egypt

Helium 10 isn’t the only relevant tool for Amazon sellers to optimize their businesses in Egypt.

Here’s a breakdown of the top Helium 10 alternatives to use in Egypt:


sellerboard web home

SellerBoard is an analytics software to help Amazon sellers better understand their sales trends, customers, operation costs, profits, and losses in real time.

It offers tools like inventory management, listing change notifications, PPC optimization, review requests, and refunds for lost inventory.

In addition, SellerBoard monitors crucial KPIs for every item, including profits, returns, and units sold, enabling you to tweak your marketing and stocking strategies based on a product’s popularity.

SellerBoard offers a 2 months trial, allowing you to use almost every feature on the platform without committing.

Seller Labs

seller labs web home

Seller Labs is an Amazon marketing analytics solution that sellers in Egypt can leverage to manage their PPC campaigns, optimize listings, track product changes, and more.

With full Amazon integration, Seller Labs lets you import your current campaigns or create new ones quickly, saving time and fast-tracking results.

In addition, you can maintain product catalogs, monitor sales and receive keyword suggestions. The platform uses artificial intelligence to provide smart SEO recommendations and insights to improve your advertising strategy.

Seller Labs has a 30-day free trial, enabling you to test drive the platform at no cost.


datahawk web home

DataHawk is an analytics tool to help Amazon sellers boost productivity, increase sales, optimize margins, and acquire valuable insights to grow their business

The software offers product data monitoring, SEO, market research, and financial reporting.

You can add DataHawk to your business intelligence tools to access in-depth intel from Amazon, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, you can track your advertising campaign, providing data to improve your marketing strategy, boost organic search, and optimize listings.

DataHawk offers a 14-day trial, giving you access to all premium features without exchanging your credit card details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Helium 10 will be available in Egypt soon. However, Amazon sellers in Egypt can lobby for an earlier release by sending your tool requests, feature suggestions, and ideas to product managers at

You can also engage Helium 10 customer support directly via the “Live Chat” button at the bottom right corner of the platform’s official website.

Stay Tuned for Helium 10 in Egypt

Helium 10 is an excellent tool to help Amazon sellers research products, optimize listings, manage merchandise, review analytics, and more.

Unfortunately, Helium 10 isn’t available in Egypt at the moment. However, is expanding rapidly as online shoppers increase, so there’s a possibility Helium 10 will be available in Egypt soon.

In the meantime, Amazon sellers in Egypt can use SellerBoard, Seller Labs to optimize their businesses.

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