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Helium 10 Estimated Business Value (Explained In-Depth)

Helium 10’s Estimated Business Value (EBV) calculates your brand’s worth in real time. 

It uses metrics like growth rate, business history, Amazon sales data, and trends to determine what your brand is worth to a potential buyer.

The Estimated Business Value tool was first released for private label sellers with one brand in their account. Then, Helium 10 updated the tool to calculate the business value at an account level.

I’ll show you how to access the Helium 10 Business Value tool in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10’s Estimated Business Value tool calculates the current value of your business.
  • It works with metrics like growth rate, profitability, and market trends.
  • It comes at no additional cost.

How to Access the Helium 10 Estimated Business Value Tool?

Here’s how to estimate what your e-commerce brand is worth to buyers with the Helium 10 EBV tool.

  1. Login to your Helium 10 account.
helium 10 log in
  1. Click “Tools” on the top navigation menu.
helium 10 tools
  1. Scroll down to the Operations section.
  2. Select “Estimated Brand Value.”
  1. The Estimated Brand Value page will be loaded now.

How Does Helium 10 Estimated Brand Value Work?

Helium 10’s Estimated Brand Value calculates the current value of a private label brand that’s been selling for over 12 months.

Helium 10 also includes sliders to help you see what happens to the brand value when specific determinant metrics increase or decrease.

The brand value tool considers the following factors:

Business Growth Rate

This is the rate at which a business increases or decreases in revenue, profit margins, and market share. It’s the rate at which your Amazon business grows.


The tool checks how profitable your brand is to calculate its worth accurately. 

You can check for an overview of your profits by visiting the Helium 10 Profit dashboard.

Market Trends and Benchmarks

Helium 10’s brand valuation tool also considers market trends to determine the value of your brand at the current time. It looks at seasonality, best sellers’ rank, and average monthly sales.

Is the Helium 10 Estimated Business Value Tool Free?

The Estimated Business Value tool is a free add-on to your paid account. 

Once you’ve got a functional Helium 10 account, you don’t have to pay anything extra to access the tool.

Remember, you must have been a private label seller for over a year before accessing the brand value tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Helium 10’s Estimated Brand Value is accurate. To arrive at a number, the tool considers several metrics like growth rate, profitability, and trends to determine how well your brand has grown and what amount you could potentially exit at.

Know Your Brand’s Worth!

Helium 10’s Estimated Business Value helps online sellers keep up with their brand’s worth. 

It also shows them the metrics to improve to boost the worth of their brand. 

So, you have reliable insights into what to do to improve your brand’s value – or how much to ask for when exiting an FBA model.

Try Helium 10 today to know your brand’s worth.

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