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Full Freedom Ticket Course Review (Kevin King & Helium 10)

Freedom Ticket is an in-depth course by Kevin King that gives you a step-by-step guide to building a profitable Amazon FBA business.

And what makes it even better is if you’re a Helium 10 user, you can get it for free.

However, is it worth the time and effort? Stay tuned, as we’ll be finding that out in this Freedom Ticket review!


  • Constantly Updated With New Lessons
  • Free for All Helium 10 Users With a Paid Plan
  • Valuable Information That Has the Potential for Long-Term Income Generation
  • A reputable and experienced Amazon FBA Trainer


  • Strategy Taught Needs a Huge Startup Cost
  • Little to no live interaction

A Quick Overview

Feature Benefits
Reputable Trainer Kevin King has been selling on Amazon since 1999, making him an authority in the industry and his information valuable.
Basics of Amazon Selling Learn everything you need to know about selling on Amazon.
Cashflow & Finances Understand how much money is needed to create and manage your Amazon FBA business.
Product Research Learn Kevin King’s strategies for finding winning products and getting them manufactured
Freight & Logistics Get in-depth information about shipping your products to an FBA warehouse effectively.
Selling on Amazon Learn the marketing tactics to create high-converting product listings
Amazon Advertising Harness skills to create winning ads that boost your Amazon sales
Official Website

Who Is Kevin King?

With so many online business courses, it’s more important than ever to research the lecturer’s background. There are just so many con artists out there! So how does Kevin King fare?

Well, you can breathe easily, as Kevin King is quite reputable! He has been selling on both eBay and Amazon since 1999.

That adds up to 23 years of experience, which means he has seen the changes with eBay and Amazon throughout the years and knows how to persevere them and stay profitable in the long term.

Furthermore, in 2015, he had five FBA brands, which grossed over $1,800,000 in 2016.

Many FBA experts also call him “a walking encyclopedia of Amazon and Marketing.”

So from these facts alone, Kevin King is experienced, and the information will be accurate to reality.

11-Week Content Schedule of Freedom Ticket

At the time of writing this Freedom Ticket review, the course has over 150 modules.

To make going through this massive chunk of information easier, the videos are divided into 11 modules that are meant to be absorbed in a week.

Each module teaches you something important:

  • Week 1: Intro to Selling on Amazon – This module includes all the basic information about the business. Here, you’ll learn how FBA works and how it’s different from other eCommerce businesses, such as dropshipping.
  • Week 2: Basics of Amazon Selling – You’ll learn all the basics of selling and the many things to consider when looking for a product. That includes branding, patents, and much more.
  • Week 3: All About Money – This section teaches you all the financial aspects of an Amazon FBA business. That includes crucial lessons about bookkeeping, business valuation, and cash flow.
  • Week 4: Finding a Product to Sell – This is the first section where you’ll start building your Amazon business. Here, you’ll learn all about product research, such as finding product ideas, packaging, and product compliance.
  • Week 5: Getting Your Product Made – Now that you’ve found some product ideas, this section shows you how to get your products manufactured without being ripped off. You’ll learn about manufacturing in China and India, plus tips for creating a unique product.
  • Week 6: Freight & Logistics – With your products complete, you’ll now learn the tips for getting your product to the FBA warehouse as efficiently as possible. You’ll learn about packaging requirements, different shipping methods, and more.
  • Week 7: How to Make Sales on Amazon – In this module, you’ll learn how to sell the products you’ve sent to FBA warehouses. You’ll know how to do Amazon SEO, things to avoid, and so much more.
  • Week 8: How to Create Your Sales Page – It’s not enough to have keywords in your listing and hope for sales. In this section, you’ll learn how to improve your listing, so your products will be as attractive as possible. You’ll learn how to write compelling titles, descriptions, and more.
  • Week 9: Launching Your Product – By now, you have an excellent foundation for a product launch. So in this section, you’ll learn the strategies for launching your product. Furthermore, you’ll learn about creating coupons and PR.
  • Week 10: Using Amazon Advertising – Lastly, you’ll learn everything about the Amazon advertising platform. You’ll learn everything from the different types of ads to campaign optimization.
  • Week 11: Selling on – As a bonus, Kevin King also offers a small section about selling on You’ll learn everything like creating an account, creating effective product listings, and how to manage your Walmart business.

My Experience With Freedom Ticket

freedom ticket experience

Before writing the Freedom Ticket review, I took a couple of hours to see how good the Freedom ticket was and if it was worth my time. And overall, I’d say I had a great experience with it.

All of the videos were professionally shot with a pleasant background. Furthermore, Kevin King explained all topics in a clear manner and with simple words. So anyone should be able to understand, even if you don’t have a college degree.

However, I have one personal gripe about the videos! Kevin King spoke about the topics too slowly for my taste. That sometimes made the videos feel like a drag!

But fortunately, speed options allowed me to increase or decrease the video speed, making it only a minor complaint.

Freedom Ticket Pricing

freedom ticket pricing

You can access Freedom Ticket in two ways:

  • Helium 10 Users – First, if you’re a Helium 10 member with a starter plan or higher, you can get free access to it. The Freedom Ticket course will be yours as long as you pay for Helium 10. So the pricing starts at $39 per month.
  • One-Off Fee – If you don’t use Helium 10, and don’t want to, then you have another option. To get this course without Helium 10, the Freedom ticket cost will be $997. However, you’ll get lifetime access.

For most of you, especially if you’re a beginner Amazon seller, I highly suggest you pick the Helium 10 option. Not only do you get the course for cheaper, but you also get access to a set of tools that help you become a successful Amazon FBA seller.

Who Is Freedom Ticket For?

Now that you know the contents and pricing, you might ask: is it made for me?

Well, that depends on who you are, so here’s who I would recommend this course:

First, this course is most valuable for a beginner Amazon seller who wants to start their first FBA business. However, that doesn’t mean more experienced Amazon sellers won’t get any value from it. There’s some information that could help you level up your business.

And if you have Helium 10, there’s no reason not to!

Furthermore, if you’re looking to automate your business, you could give the course to your virtual assistants. That way, they know how to manage your business better.

How to Access Freedom Ticket Course?

Once becoming a Helium 10 paid user, you can access the Freedom Ticket course by following the following three steps:

Step #1 - Login to Helium 10

amazon helium 10 login

First, you need to be logged into your Helium 10 account.

To do this, all you need to do is click the white “Log In” button.

Then add your login credentials, and you’re good to go!

Step #2 - Find “FBA Training” Under Tools Section

helium 10 tools section

Now, you should be greeted with the main dashboard!

From there, go to the top left corner, where you’ll find a dropdown menu called “Tools.”

helium 10 fba training

Click on it, and you’ll get a list of tools and resources.

To access the course, you should find the “FBA Training button in the learning section.

Click on that, and you’ll be redirected to the Helium 10 Learning Hub.

Step #3 - Start Learning

helium 10 learning hub

Now, you’re almost ready to start learning. The last thing left to do is press the “View Course” button on the Freedom Ticket Section.

Once clicked, you’ll be greeted with the course material.

For beginners, I suggest you start your learning journey with the week 1 module and go through it in order.

However, if you’re experienced, you can skip the first two weeks.

What Do Users Online Think About the Course?

For the most part, people are pretty happy with Freedom Ticket and its material.

The main things that most users write in their freedom ticket reviews about the following:

  • The course has a great structure making it easy to follow and comprehend the material.
  • In-depth videos have tips and tricks not found on FBA YouTube videos.

So, from these good praises, it shouldn’t be surprising that it has been voted the best Amazon FBA training course. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

The main thing that some people have complained about is that it’s not really made for an advanced Amazon seller. There’s little to no information that would help them better their brands.

Alternatives to Helium 10 Freedom Ticket

While Freedom Ticket is praised for being one of the best, it’s not made for everyone.

So for those looking for more advanced tips or who don’t use Helium 10, here are some great alternatives:

  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp
  • Amazing Selling Machine
  • Zon Ninja MasterClass


To become a Freedom Ticket Certified, you need to match two conditions:

  • Go through all course material except Week 11.
  • Pass the Certification Exam.

Once all that is done, you’re officially Freedom Ticket Certified.

Yes! You can retake it as much as you want, and you won’t need to pay for retakes as well!

While some information will go out of date as Amazon changes its search algorithm and other things, you don’t have to worry as this course is regularly updated.

At the time of writing this Freedom Ticket review, there have been three major revisions of the course.

Yes! When you become a Helium 10 member, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The same goes when you choose the one-time fee.


So, from this Freedom Ticket review, one thing should become clear.

This is one of the best FBA courses and is worth every penny. And the good news is that we have an exclusive Helium 10 discount for you!

However, that’s not all learning resources that Helium 10.

Be sure to check out Helium 10 Academy article.

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