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What Is Helium 10 Elite? (Honest Review & Price)

The Elite plan is the most expensive offering from Helium 10 at $399 per month and is aimed at successful Amazon sellers looking to scale.

The package includes the entire suite of Helium 10 tools, higher tools usage limits than the Diamond Plan, in-person events, access to exclusive Facebook groups, expert training, and more.

However, you are unable to access the Elite plan until waiting your turn on the waiting list.

Key Takeaways

  • The Elite plan costs $399 per month, and no annual subscription is available.
  • Subscribing to the package unlocks higher usage limits for popular tools like Index Checker, Alerts, and Adtomic (pay-per-click campaign management tool).
  • Upgrading to the Elite plan gives you access to exclusive features like expert training, Facebook groups, in-person events, VIP customer support, and more.
  • The Elite plan is the best choice for successful Amazon sellers ready to take their business to the next level by accessing more powerful tools and expert strategies that can make a competitive difference.

Helium 10 Elite Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the Elite plan, including the extra features and in-person events. For a balanced overview of what to expect, we’ll also cover the drawbacks, such as the lack of immediate access and no annual plan.


  • Provides increased usage limits for tools like Index Checker and Adtomic, to help scale your Amazon business.
  • Unlocks networking opportunities with like-minded individuals on Facebook and in-person events.
  • Receive expert training directly from Helium 10s Director of Training Bradley Sutton and industry experts like Kevin King.
  • VIP customer support for accessing additional help to overcome the challenges of running an Amazon business.
  • Increase multi-user login to 5 people to facilitate a growing team.


  • Unable to immediately access the Elite plan since you must add your name to the waiting list.
  • No annual membership plan to save money for long-term use.

What Is the Elite Plan?

helium 10 elite

The Helium 10 Elite plan is an exclusive membership program for successful and high-performing sellers. It’s ideal for Amazon sellers looking to rapidly scale their business. 

Also, enrollment is only available for a limited time, and you can register today to secure a spot on the waiting list.

Furthermore, the Elite plan provides extra features not offered with the standard Helium plans, which include local social meetups, access to industry experts on Facebook, weekly virtual roundtables, personalized 1-on-1 sessions with the in-house team, and much more.

The hands-on approach is ideal for Amazon sellers looking for assistance running and growing their businesses. The wealth of resources answers common questions and problems to avoid hindering your progress to the top.

What Tools Are Included With the Elite Plan?

With Helium 10 Elite, you’ll access the same tools as with the Diamond plan, however, the limitations for some tools are different. Here is a summary of the tool usage limits provided with the Elite plan:

  • Index Checker: 500 uses per month
  • Listing Analyzer: 125 uses per month
  • Alerts: Up to 1,000 ASINs
  • Follow-up: Send up to 50,000 emails per month
  • Keyword Tracker: Track up to 5,000 keywords
  • Market Tracker: Track up to 15 markets
  • Adtomic: $40K per month ad spend included
  • Portals Landing Page Builder: Includes 9 portals
  • Portals QR Codes: 50 codes with 100,000 scans per month
  • Portals Product Inserts: Full access with no SKU limit.

What Features Are Included in the Elite Plan?

The Elite plan also provides access to exclusive features, which justifies the higher monthly subscription cost compared to the Diamond plan. Some features are a hands-on experience with Helium 10’s in-house team, which is why there is a limited number of spots for the Elite plan.

Summary of exclusive Helium 10 Elite plan features:

  • Weekly virtual roundtables: increase your profits by linking up with other successful sellers to gain valuable insights and share ideas.
  • Private elite-only Facebook group: join a Facebook group of like-minded sellers to share ideas, ask for help, and collaborate to collectively improve results.
  • Access to industry experts via Facebook: well-known Amazon sellers will be available to answer e-commerce questions to help push your business forward.
  • Local social meetups: depending on where you live, participate in networking events with other sellers for fun and productive sessions. It’s a nice alternative to digital collaboration as there is an opportunity to make friends the old-fashioned way.
  • Access to a library of training videos: view the large library of training videos and materials to improve the skills necessary for Amazon selling success.
  • Monthly virtual training with Keving King & other experts: discover the tricks of the trade directly for industry experts that have spent years honing their skills.
  • Weekly office hours with Helium 10 evangelists: the Helium 10 in-house team provides 1-on-1 support for specific problems you have that week. Solve issues about choosing your next product, listing optimization concerns, PPC tweaks to boost profitability, and much more.
  • Quarterly in-person workshops: exclusive networking events to help dedicated Amazon sellers scale faster. These workshops are one-day activities in various locations that reveal the latest hacks and introduce you to like-minded Amazon sellers.
  • VIP customer support: receive a higher level of support from the Helium 10s customer service team to solve problems as they arise.
  • Exclusive access to advanced analytics tools: get the most out of your Helium 10 experience with analytics tools not available to other members.

How Much Does the Helium Elite Plan Cost?

The Helium 10 Elite plan costs $399 per month, and an annual subscription is not available to get a better deal. In comparison, the Diamond plan costs $249 per month, so you’re paying an extra $150 per month to take advantage of the exclusive features listed above.

Is the Elite Plan Worth the Cost?

Decide on whether the Elite plan is the right choice by considering if you’re ready to take advantage of the exclusive features. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to meet and network with like-minded sellers digitally and in person?
  • Are you looking for advanced tips from industry experts?
  • Do you need additional support to run your Amazon business?
  • Are you eager to continue learning more about how to run a successful Amazon business?
  • Do you want to access beta Helium 10 tools early before the competition?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then the Elite plan might be a good investment for your business. Ultimately, the upgrade is justified when the extra cost of the Elite membership results in more sales. We believe that taking advantage of Elite’s training, support, and networking opportunities will open new doors for sellers ready to put in the extra work.

Do you feel that you’re not ready to make the leap to the Elite plan?

Then consider the Platinum or Diamond plans by clicking here – excellent alternatives that provide the full suite of Helium 10 tools.

How to Sign Up for the Helium 10 Elite Plan?

To sign up for the Helium 10 Elite plan, you need to visit the pricing page, compare the options, and choose the plan that is the best match for your budget, needs, and business stage. However, you cannot simply sign up for the Elite plan like the other Helium 10 plans. Instead, you can join a waiting list by submitting your name and email address.

Here is a step-by-step guide to signing up for the Elite plan:

Step 1: Visit the Helium 10 Pricing Page

Once you’ve arrived at the Helium 10 pricing page, compare the various plans to ensure you make the right choice. The available options include STARTER, PLATINUM, DIAMOND, and ELITE.

You’ll need to scroll down below the fold to find information about the Elite plan.

Step 2: Select the Elite Plan

You can select the Elite plan by clicking on the blue “Join the Waitlist” button alongside the plan’s information.

helium 10 elite plan

Step 3: Join the Waitlist

On the next page you’ll need to enter your first name, last name, and email address, and click on the blue “Save my Spot” button. You can also scroll down on this page to learn more about what’s offered by the Elite plan.

helium 10 elite plan waitlist

Step 4: Confirmation

A confirmation message appears, which shares that registration is closed, but you’ll be contacted if a spot opens up on the Elite plan. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long before you can join the ranks of other Amazon sellers in the exclusive Helium 10 membership plan.

helium 10 elite plan waitlist successful

Elite vs Diamond: What Are the Differences?

Whether you’re joining Helium 10 for the first time, or plan to upgrade, you’ll need to decide between the Elite and Diamond packages. Firstly, there are many similarities between the plans, such as a full suite of Helium 10 tools with higher access usage limits than the STARTER or PLATINUM plans. However, let’s focus on the differences to decide on the best option.

The price difference is $150, since the Elite plan costs $399 per month, while the Diamond package costs $249 per month. However, the Diamond plan provides the cost-saving option of $209 per month when choosing the annual subscription.

Furthermore, the Elite plan offers higher usage limits for some tools as highlighted in the table below:

Tool Elite Diamond
Index Checker 500 uses per month 300 uses per month
Listing Analyzer 125 uses per month 50 uses per month
Alerts Track up to 1,000 ASINs Track up to 600 ASINs
Follow-Up 50,000 emails per month 15,000 emails per month
Keyword Tracker Track up to 5,000 keywords Track up to 5,000 keywords
Market Tracker Track up to 15 markets Track up to 5 markets
Adtomic $40K per month ad spend included $20K per month ad spend included
Landing Page Builder, Portals Up to 9 portals Up to 6 portals
QR Codes, Portals 50 codes / 100,000 scans per month 40 codes / 100,000 scans per month
Product Inserts, Portals Full access, no SKU limit Full access

Therefore, if you feel limited by the usage restrictions of the Diamond plan, it’s time to take advantage of the Elite plan’s higher limits by upgrading. For instance, if you need to track up to 15 markets instead of 5 with the Market Tracker feature, the Elite plan will facilitate your needs.

Additionally, the Elite package offers the following perks not included in the Diamond plan:

  • Multi-user access for up to 5 people (only 3 users on the Diamond plan)
  • Monthly member exclusive webinars
  • In-person high-level workshops
  • Facebook group access, which includes other Helium 10 Elite members, Helium 10 brand evangelists, Kevin King, and Bradley Sutton

Who Should Choose the Elite Plan?

The Helium 10 Elite plan should be chosen by top-tier sellers that want to scale faster. Leveraging networking opportunities, advanced strategies, and expert training is ideal for sellers with a grasp of the basics. Furthermore, you must have the time to commit to the extra training, which includes in-person events.

Also, should choose the Elite plan to upgrade usage limits for important Helium 10 tools like Index Checker and Listing Analyzer. Don’t let the tool limitations be the bottleneck in your Amazon business. The cost of investing in a higher tier might pay for itself if you can generate more sales from the added functionality.

Running and growing an Amazon business can be tough, so the Elite plan is a good choice for tilting the odds in your favor with more support and better features. Click here to join the Elite plan waiting list and join the ranks of top-tier Amazon sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Helium 10 Elite plan will increase your Amazon sales by unlocking extra features, networking opportunities, and tips from industry experts. For example, use the exclusive Facebook group to connect with other advanced sellers to discover techniques that have worked for them.

Furthermore, you’ll receive increased usage limits on important tools like Adtomic.

Hence, you’ll get $40K per month ad spend instead of the $20K on the Diamond one. This ensures you can use Helium 10 to optimize more expensive PPC campaigns as you scale.

Almost every Helium 10 tool is included in the Elite plan, including user favorites, like Cerebro and Xray, and Adtomic (only available on the Diamond and Elite plans). Additionally, the Elite plan provides higher usage limits than the other Helium 10 plans.

Not included in the Elite plan are beta tools like Market Tracker 360, which requires extra payment to access.

Users without a large budget or an established Amazon business should not choose the Helium 10 Elite plan. If $399 per month represents a significant portion of your budget for buying inventory and other important expenses, you’re better off choosing the more affordable Helium 10 Plans, Starter or Platinum.

Also, Amazon sellers learning the basics may feel overwhelmed or not ready for the advanced training in the Elite plan. We recommend growing your business and having some Amazon success before putting your name on the waiting list for the Elite plan.

Don’t feel ready for the Elite plan? Then click here to join the PLATINUM or DIAMOND plans with a big discount.

Helium 10 doesn’t offer a free trial for the Elite plan, however, you can take advantage of the 7-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Hence, you have 7 days to give the Elite plan a try without financial risk to test-drive the features and tools.

Note: the money-back guarantee only applies to new accounts on their first billing.

You can add up to 5 users to the Helium 10 Elite Plan, which is 2 more than the 3 multi-users available with the Diamond plan.

Final Verdict on the Helium 10 Elite Plan

To conclude, the Helium 10 Elite plan is the best choice for experienced Amazon sellers that want to scale their business by accessing more features and training. 

You’ll have extra support through Facebook groups and 1-on-1 support. And, enjoy higher tool usage limits, such as an extra 75 Listing Analyzer uses compared to the Diamond plan.

However, the Elite plan is Helium 10’s most expensive at $399 per month, and you’ll need to stand by on a waiting list before getting accepted.

Click here now to secure your spot on the Elite plan waiting list and get ready to soar to new heights with Helium 10!

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