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Helium 10 Market Tracker 360

Helium 10s Market Tracker 360 is an analytics tool that allows you to create custom markets and view competitor data. Using the tool, you can identify new competitors and spot trends to take advantage of for growing your business.

Enter up to 15 keywords per market and unlimited ASINs to create markets specific to your needs. Furthermore, enable updates on keyword-created markets to figure out changes at a glance. 

Benefits and Weaknesses


  • The simple and intuitive user interface allows beginners to learn the features quickly.
  • Only entry of keywords and ASINs are required to use the Market Tracker 360.
  • It provides an overview of noteworthy market information at a glance, which saves time since you don’t need to search manually.
  • Quickly spot new competitors to determine what brands and products may fight for your sales.
  • You can create several markets at once for different regions.
  • Export data for use with spreadsheets.


  • Not included in any Helium 10 subscription plans.
  • Could implement a handy alert feature to inform you when noteworthy new products or brands have entered your market.
  • Limited information about how you compare to competing products and brands.

What Is the Market Tracker 360 Tool?

The Helium 10 Market Tracker 360 tool is a digital shelf analytics solution for understanding your market share and figuring out how to increase it.

Hence, you can improve your products by spotting market trends and keeping an eye on the competition. Also, create custom niche markets using the filters to spot new opportunities.

helium 10 suite

Market Tracker 360 is unavailable with any of the Helium 10 subscription plans.

Instead, you can add the feature by selecting the Amazon region and the number of markets you want to monitor. The available regions include the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & North Africa.

The tool summarizes your performance and how it compares to the market. Also, view top-performing and fastest-growing competitors to spot new challenges.

Want to get started with a Market Tracker 360 Demo? Then click one of the many “Request a Demo”’ buttons and fill out the form below.


At the time of writing, Market Tracker 360 is in beta.”

What Helium 10 Payment Plans Include the Market Tracker 360 Tool and How Much Do They Cost?

Market Tracker 360 is not included in any Helium 10 plan – including the Free, Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Enterprise Plans.

Instead, you’ll need to find the tool in your dashboard under the “Tools” tab and add Market Tracker 360 as an add-on. You can select the number of regions the tool will be used in and the number of markets for each region.

add market tracker 360 to your plan

The monthly price for one region is as follows:

  • Five markets cost $500
  • Six markets cost $575
  • Eight markets cost $695
  • Ten markets cost $775

Furthermore, you’ll need to contact the Helium 10 support team if you wish to use Market Tracker 360 with more than ten markets for a single region.

How to Use the Market Tracker 360 Tool?

To start using Market Tracker 360, you’ll need to find it in your dashboard and create a market. Your subscription limits the number of markets you can create.

Therefore, choose your marketers carefully to make them count.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to create a market:

Step 1: Find Market Tracker 360

Sign in to your Helium 10 account and find the Market Tracker 360 tool in the “Tools” section.

helium 10 tools section

Step 2: Enter Market Details

Click on the blue Create Market button on the right-hand side after entering the Market Tracker 360 dashboard. Next, enter the market details, which include choosing your regional market from the drop-down box.

You’ll need to define your market by entering up to 15 keywords and as many ASINs as you want. Furthermore, keywords and ASINs can be added using the “Add from my list” button.

This feature enables you to take advantage of previous research that’s stored on your Helium 10 account.

Finally, you can add suggestions based on recent Helium 10 activity if you’re stuck for ideas.

Pro tip:

Check out Helium 10s Magnet, a tool that allows you to access a large library of search terms for entering into Market Tracker 360.

add new market to helium 10 market tracker 360
Image sourced from video here:

There are three options for creating a market:

  1. ASIN only: your created market will be static if only ASINs are used.
  2. Keyword only: creating a market with keywords only provides an option to turn on automatic market updates. Turning the feature on will update the market with new products based on entered keywords. However, if the feature is turned off, the market remains static based on your entered keywords.
  3. ASINs and keywords: creating markets with both ASINs and keywords turns on the automated market update feature by default, but it can be disabled.

Step 3: Preview Market Composition and Confirm

The Market Composition Preview section on the right-hand side of the dashboard updates when you enter ASINs and keywords. The overview allows you to get a feel for the scope of the market. Therefore, you may want to add more keywords/ASINs if you feel the market is too small.

Once you are happy with the market creation, click on the blue “Create Market” button at the bottom of the dashboard to finalize the process.

preview market composition on helium 10 market tracker 360

What Information Does the Market Tracker 360 Tool Tell You?

Market Tracker 360 provides a birds-eye view of your market, including competitors and trends. You’ll also get a glimpse of how you are performing in the created market, including your market share, revenue, and unit sales.

You can also view the top 5 brands, products, and categories based on the top performing, fastest growing, and top declining. In addition, you can alter the data time frame using the date filters in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Data is split up into revenue and unit sales. For both sections, you’ll see the change in amount for the specified time period and the percentage growth or decline.

helium 10 market tracker 360 overview

Also, you can group the market by:

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Me vs. competitors
  • Seller type

Furthermore, you can set the graph to reflect various data points, including

  • Revenue
  • Units
  • Price
  • Brands
  • Sellers

You can filter the date to specify the data time period and change the look of the graph. Finally, it’s possible to switch between dollar and percentage-based data.

Underneath the graph, you’ll find information about the products and brands the data is based on. Using the “Export Data…” button on the right-hand side, you can export data as a CSV or XLSX file.

helium 10 market tracker 360 overall market dashboard

How to Analyze the Market Tracker 360 Data?

How you analyze data using Market Tracker 360 depends on the information you’re after.

For example, if you need to find new competitors that are potentially selling the same products, you should filter the market based on products and scan new entries.

Also, look for products with a high growth percentage to spot new competitors.

Focusing on the best-performing or fastest-growing products allows you to spot new market opportunities. Inspect every product on the top 5 list to figure out if there are advantages over your offering or common themes contributing to their success.

On the other hand, spot newly competing brands by clicking on the “Brands” tab.

You may instantly find a new brand if you understand your market well. If not, look for brands with high growth percentages to uncover new competitors.

How to Access the Market Tracker 360 Video Tutorial in Helium 10 Dashboard?

Are you interested in learning more about how to use Market Tracker 360?

Then you can view the Market Tracker 360 tutorial by clicking on the “Learn” button from the dashboard.

helium 10 market tracker 360 learn button

The video provides a basic overview of how to use the Market Tracker 360 tool.

Limitations of Market Tracker 360 to Improve Upon

Market Tracker 360 is a useful tool that can save Amazon business owners time.

However, it’s not perfect, and some limitations attention. The following section outlines the limitations so you can set realistic expectations before using Market Tracker 360.

  • Lower cost: it costs $500 to create five markets for a single region per month. This is expensive – especially if you need more markets across multiple regions. Also, an annual plan is unavailable to provide long-term users with savings.
  • Limited comparisons: Market Tracker 360 could do more to allow users to compare their market position with competing brands and products.
  • Primary subscription plans: unfortunately, Helium 10 does not include Market Tracker 360 in any advertised subscription plan. Some Helium 10 users might be disgruntled about spending the extra money to use everything the platform offers.
  • Limited visualization tools: Helium 10 could do more to provide custom visualization tools. Users may want to play around with the data to find a setup that meets their expectations.

Is the Customer Service Department Helpful?

Before using Market Tracker 360, I wasn’t sure if the demo was worth the hassle.

Therefore, I decided to contact customer support to learn more about what the demo included. You can contact Helium 10 customer support by clicking on the chat bubble icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

helium 10 market tracker 360 support icon

A chat box opens up, allowing you to ask questions from the automated bot.

However, I wanted to ask a real person, so I clicked on the “Chat with Agent Button”

I typed out my question, and a live agent connected shortly – 3 minutes to be exact!

The customer support agent looked into my question and could not provide an answer because the team dedicated to supporting the tool was offline. However, my query was passed onto the team, which would respond during working hours.

Our Experience Using Helium 10's Market Tracker 360

Overall, our experience using Market Tracker 360 was positive. Creating markets was easy and fast, and navigating the data analytics page was intuitive. Whenever I got stuck, the informative video tutorial and supplementary information guided me to execute the next step.

What I loved most about Market Tracker 360 was the ease of setting up new markets.

The process lasted no more than a few minutes from start to finish, and there were multiple options to enter keywords, including manually and adding from a list of suggestions.

Furthermore, the ability to customize and filter data means I can use the tool based on my needs. I changed the parameters depending on what I wanted to find out.

However, the limited graphical data presentation options were not ideal. For example, I like to use pie charts and customize graphs with various colors. However, Helium 10 might improve future versions of the tool to add further visual customization options.

In summary, Market Tracker is the best tool for keeping an eye on new competitors and trends in your market. Additionally, you can take advantage of Helium 10s Cerebro tool to gather keywords for creating new markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Market Tracker 360: you can view the market’s historical data using keywords and ASINs. Hence, a more comprehensive amount of data is available compared with Market Tracker.

Market Tracker: data is only captured from the day of your market creation.

Therefore, you cannot view historical data using Market Tracker.

Yes, Market Tracker 360 can help you increase sales by helping you understand the competitive landscape. Hence, using markets, you can avoid going for products that are too competitive and find exploitable gaps. Fighting for sales in unexplored niches is much easier than going head-to-head with established sellers in fiercely competitive ones.

Furthermore, the dynamic data provided by Market Tracker 360 will help you spot trends in the market to capitalize on. For example, a specific seller may receive a large sales increase after making a product alteration. Keeping an eye on such trends helps you uncover winning products and mimic what they’re doing right.

Market Tracker 360 is worth the cost if you know how to take advantage of the data provided by the tool. Ultimately, it’s a worthwhile investment if the features help you increase profitability above the cost of acquiring the tool.

It also depends on the stage of your business. For example, if you’re just starting out with limited funds, you may want to invest in important aspects of the business, like stock.

In comparison, advanced sellers with more cash flow are better positioned to take advantage of Market Tracker 360.

Market Tracker 360 is easy to use because you need to enter keywords and ASINs to create markets, and suggestions for these are provided by the tool. Next, market data is presented using an intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Market Tracker 360 is a powerful tool for giving you access to an overview of custom markets. Creating a new market takes just a few minutes, and there is an impactful quantity of data to interpret for spotting new trends and competitors.

After reading our Market Tracker 360 review, I hope you have enough information to determine if the tool is a worthy addition to your analytics needs. Having the pulse of your markets can be the difference that helps you stay on top.

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