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Does Helium 10 Work in the Netherlands? How to Use It?

Helium 10 works seamlessly in the Netherlands, allowing you to integrate your account to unlock enhanced features within the tool.

While the Helium 10-Amazon NL integration misses a few tools you’ll get in other marketplaces, like the US and UK, the Netherlands market isn’t at a huge disadvantage, either.

I’ll show you how to sign up for a Helium 10 account in the Netherlands, set it up, and get the most out of the tool.

Key Takeaways

  • Trendster, Index Checker, Portals, and other H10 tools aren’t available for Amazon Netherlands.
  • Helium 10 is priced the same for Netherlands users.
  • Amazon FBA sellers in the Netherlands can unlock all Helium 10 tools if selling on marketplaces like the US or UK.

How to Sign Up for Helium 10 in the Netherlands?

Here’s how to sign up for Helium 10 in the Netherlands:

  1. Go to the Helium 10 website.
  2. Click “Sign Up for Free” in the top-right corner.
  1. Fill in the required details and click “Sign Up.”
  1. There you have it! You can use your new Helium 10 account to grow your Amazon business.

Can I Integrate My Account With Helium 10?

You can sync your account with Helium 10 to stream data and utilize the platform’s full functionality. To do this, you must have an active Helium 10 subscription plan, as that’s how you’ll get the required tokens for Amazon account integration.

Here’s how:

  1. Login to your Helium 10 account.
  2. Click “Upgrade” in the top-right corner of your dashboard.
  1. Enter REVENUEGEEKS20 or REVENUEGEEKS10 in the coupon section and click “Apply” to unlock our discounted prices. There’s no discount for the Helium 10 Starter plan.
  1. Select a plan and click “SUBSCRIBE.”
  1. Fill in your payment details and click “Complete Payment.”
  1. You’ll receive Helium 10 tokens to link your Amazon account once your subscription is confirmed.
  2. Return to your dashboard, click the drop-down menu next to your account name, and select “Connections.”
  1. Click “Connect Your Seller Account.”
  1. On the new screen, choose the Amazon button. You can also connect your Walmart account, which is only available for the US marketplace.
  1. Select “Europe,” then click “Initiate in Seller Central.”
  1. Follow the instructions that appear in the Amazon pop-up to finish the process.

You’ll need to use Helium 10 tokens to connect Helium 10 to Amazon, which you can acquire through the Starter (2 tokens), Platinum (2 Tokens), and Diamond (4 tokens) plans.

What Helium 10 Pricing Plans Are Available for Amazon Sellers in the Netherlands?

Helium 10 offers three pricing plans for Amazon sellers in the Netherlands – Starter, Platinum, and Diamond. You can check out my comprehensive Helium 10 pricing and plans guide for further insights and details.

What Helium 10 Tools Are Available in the Netherlands?

Helium 10 doesn’t provide its complete range of tools in the Netherlands, unlike in the US, where users can access the entire collection. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider these limitations before deciding if Helium 10 is a suitable fit for your Amazon business.

You should check my Helium 10 marketplaces guide to determine which tools are available in the Amazon Netherlands marketplace.

Can You Join Multiple Helium 10 Amazon Marketplaces From the Netherlands?

You can join multiple Helium 10 Amazon marketplaces in the Netherlands. 

In fact, you can join all of the Amazon marketplaces Helium 10 supports, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Poland.

There’s no need to register a new Amazon Seller Central account for each marketplace; you just need to add a new region.

However, you must have an active Helium 10 subscription plan with free tokens to join multiple Helium 10 Amazon marketplaces. Once you’ve entered all of the Amazon marketplaces you want to sell in, you can use Helium 10’s tools to help you grow your Amazon business in the Netherlands and other countries.

How Can You Save Money When Signing Up for Helium 10 in the Netherlands?

You can save money when signing up for Helium 10 in the Netherlands with the following tips:

  • Sign up for an annual subscription: Helium 10 offers discounted pricing of up to 20% for yearly subscription plans compared to monthly plans. If you’re confident you’ll use Helium 10 for quite a while, get the annual plan.
  • Use my Helium 10 coupon codes: Enter REVENUEGEEKS20 or REVENUEGEEKS10 during checkout to receive a discount.
  • Take advantage of the free trial: Helium 10 offers a free trial for an unlimited period. This is an acceptable way to test the software and see if it’s right for you before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Consider your needs and choose the right plan: Helium 10 offers different subscription plans based on the specific needs and size of your business. Evaluate your requirements and choose a plan that aligns with your needs.

Alternatives to Helium 10 for Sellers in the Netherlands

Helium 10 is a robust seller tool, but it’s not cheap, and its free trial doesn’t provide complete access to its wide range of features. Here are a few options that could be worthwhile:

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides data insights on product demand, competition, and historical pricing trends.

With this robust tool, you can conduct product and keyword research, track sales performance, analyze market trends, and estimate sales potential. It also offers features like a Product Database, Opportunity Score, Sales Estimator, and a Chrome Extension for real-time data while browsing Amazon.

Although Jungle Scout doesn’t offer a free trial like Helium 10, it provides a 7-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the full-scale platform without commitments.


From sales and revenue estimates to product pricing, competitor analysis, product research, and keyword research, AMZScout equips you with the necessary tools to make informed decisions.

AMZScout thoroughly analyzes the profitability and demand of various products, enabling you to assess their viability before taking the plunge into selling them.

Besides its 7-day free trial, you get a 10-day money-back guarantee after paying for the tool. Hence, you have about 17 days to test it risk-free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Helium 10 users in the Netherlands can sign up for a new account and get a free trial. The free trial doesn’t expire, allowing you to test the features without worries. 

However, there are significant limitations to using Helium 10 tools and features during the free trial.

Amazon sellers in the Netherlands who utilize Helium 10 effectively can improve their product visibility, rankings, and overall sales performance. Thus, boosting their product sales potential.

You can contact Helium 10 customer support from the Netherlands via live chat on the website or email them at

Unleash the Power of Helium 10 in the Netherlands

Whether you’re an experienced Amazon FBA seller in the Netherlands or just starting, Helium 10 is a valuable seller tool that can skyrocket your e-commerce success.

Its wide range of features and functionalities can significantly help optimize product research, listings, and sales strategies to gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce market.

Sign up with these HUGE discounts to hit the ground running with your Amazon FBA in the Netherlands!

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