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Best Jungle Scout Alternatives: 6 FBA & FBM Picks

Helium 10 is the best overall Jungle Scout alternative, given that it offers an overlap of features and brings on unique features. Helium 10 also makes its core tools available to sellers in more Amazon marketplaces than Jungle Scout.

ZonGuru and Zoof are other reliable Jungle Scout alternatives for product, market, and keyword research.

But if you’re looking for alternatives with a more dedicated focus or other platforms, you’ll find them in the list below.

Ready to find out the best Jungle Scout alternative for your preferred use case?

Tool Monthly Price Discount Best For
Jungle Scout $49 - $129 per month Up to 80% OFF Product & Supplier Research
Helium 10 $39 - $279 Up to 20% OFF Higher Data Accuracy
ZonGuru $49 - $249 Up to 40% OFF Product & Keyword Research
Zoof $39 - $99 Up to 49% OFF Lower Price
AMZScout From $49.99 Get 36% OFF Long-Term Price
Alura $19 - $49 Up to 50% OFF Etsy Sellers
Nepeto $17 - $49 Up to 10% OFF Product and Supplier Research

Helium 10 – Best Overall Jungle Scout Alternative

helium 10 xray keywords

Helium 10 closely matches Jungle Scout by offering similar product, market, and keyword research tools.

Both tools have a browser extension with similar functionality. However, Helium 10’s browser extension only works on Google Chrome, while Jungle Scout has Firefox support.

That shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, anyway. And given that Helium 10 counters with product and keyword research tools for Walmart sellers, it redeems itself.

Another notable area where Helium 10 shines over Jungle Scout is Adtomic, an AI-powered Amazon ad management platform. The only downside is its extra pricing, but it beats what Jungle Scout offers with its Ad Analytics solution.

Speaking of Jungle Scout’s ad analytics, you’ll find that Helium 10’s Insights dashboard does a better job than the rival tool. Besides ad analytics, the Insights dashboard neatly presents crucial elements of your Amazon selling business at a glance. This lets you quickly determine what to focus on when you log into your account.

Unfortunately, Jungle Scout doesn’t have an answer to that.

Furthermore, Helium 10’s tools work across 21 Amazon marketplaces, compared to Jungle Scout’s 17 marketplaces.

Even at that, not all Jungle Scout tools work across all marketplaces. For instance, its browser extension only works in 10 Amazon marketplaces, while Helium 10 works in 3 more!

A major selling point for Jungle Scout is its Supplier Database, which sources manufacturers and distributors in Asia, Europe, and the US. That sounds like a big winner compared to Helium 10’s solution, which only sources manufacturers on Alibaba.

But the truth is evident when you factor in that Jungle Scout’s option only works on Amazon US, while Helium 10’s works in 13 Amazon marketplaces!

Fortunately, both tools are similarly priced – and you know Helium 10 gives you more value for your money.


Our Verdit: Helium 10 is the best Jungle Scout alternative for sellers at all levels seeking similar and extra tools compared to what Jungle Scout offers.

ZonGuru – Jungle Scout Alternative for Keyword and Product Research

jungle scout product research

ZonGuru should be your go-to Amazon seller tool over Jungle Scout (and even Helium 10) if you’re only interested in keyword and product research.

This makes it more suitable for beginners since you won’t have severe usage limits on these two functionalities.

For context, Jungle Scout’s Starter plan limits you to 30 checks per month on the Opportunity Finder, Product Database, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database tools. 

For the same price, you’ll get a ZonGuru Researcher plan with higher usage limits (up to 200/month) on product and keyword research tools.

Furthermore, ZonGuru’s least plan offers listing optimization and building. 

On the contrary, Jungle Scout only allows you to do so on its bigger-priced plans.

The only drawback is with Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database’s access to manufacturers in regions outside Asia. ZonGuru’s Easy Source, a comparable tool for Amazon, only looks for suppliers on Alibaba.

But before you write ZonGuru off based on that, Easy Source works across 10 Amazon marketplaces. Jungle Scout’s rival tool only works on Amazon US.


Our Verdit: ZonGuru is better for beginners and intermediate sellers who are heavy on Amazon product research. However, it’s not as well adjusted to advanced sellers as Jungle Scout.

Zoof – Cheaper Amazon Product Research Tool for Beginners

zoof rank tracker

Zoof may be cheaper than Jungle Scout, but that doesn’t make it less robust or reliable. Besides saving on the Zoof starter plan (compared to Jungle Scout’s), you still get access to one of the best and fastest product research tools on the market.

Zoof even has an Omni Score to mimic Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Score

This in-house metric estimates the competitiveness and revenue potential of the niche, allowing you to quickly decide what products to pursue.

However, you don’t get robust keyword research on the Zoof starter plan

You’ll have to go for the bigger plan, which is slightly more expensive than Jungle Scout’s next plan.

The saving grace is that paying for Zoof’s biggest plan as an annual offer is cheaper than all Jungle Scout’s month-to-month plans!

With this Zoof plan, you can research bestselling products to sell on other marketplaces like Walmart and TikTok. This makes Zoof a better Jungle Scout alternative for beginner, intermediate, or advanced Amazon sellers who don’t want to put all their eggs into one basket.

You’ll also love Zoof’s Amazon Spotlight tool, which uncovers unsaturated yet profitable niches in seconds. Enter your budget and preferred selling category, and it’ll show you the best products to target. There’s nothing of such on Jungle Scout.


Our Verdit: Zoof offers similar features to Jungle Scout, with a unique product research tool, and at lower prices. It’s best for beginners and intermediate sellers.

AMZScout – Best Jungle Scout Alternative for Long-Term Amazon FBA Sellers

amzscout product research

AMZScout falls behind Jungle Scout on some tools’ usage limits, but it makes up for that in long-term usage.

This is because you can get a lifetime AMZScout account at the same cost as Jungle Scout’s month-to-month mid-tier plan for one year. In other words, you’ll save more by using AMZScout, rather than Jungle Scout, for your long-term Amazon FBA and FBM business.

But savings alone don’t tell the whole story. Is it worth the switch?

Jungle Scout and AMZScout offer reliable Amazon research tools. AMZScout’s Chrome extension is robust enough for live market, competitor, keyword, and product research. 

On top of that, there’s supplier research baked into the AMZScout browser extension, although it only works with Alibaba.

Likewise, AMZScout offers ALL its features on 12 Amazon marketplaces

This might look smaller compared to Jungle Scout’s 17 marketplace support. 

However, Jungle Scout provides all its features on only about ten marketplaces.

Beyond that, though, there’s only a little else on offer. This puts AMZScout in the league of ZonGuru’s basic plan, which is best for beginners and intermediate sellers interested in reliable product research.

So, suppose you also want help building optimized listings, getting suppliers outside Asia, managing your inventory, and handling review requests. In that case, Jungle Scout is the better option.


Our Verdit: Overall, Jungle Scout is slightly better than AMZScout. But if you want to save money on your Amazon business in the long run (1.5 years and more), invest in AMZScout’s Lifetime plan now.

Alura – Best Jungle Scout Alternative for Etsy Sellers

alura product overview

Alura and Jungle Scout are in different leagues, making this tool a worthy alternative. While Jungle Scout is focused on Amazon FBA (and a bit of FBM), Alura helps Etsy sellers with similar toolsets.

So, you don’t need to do your Etsy product and keyword research on Jungle Scout, which would only approximate Amazon data.

Like Jungle Scout, Alura offers a Chrome Extension for real-time Etsy shop, brand, and seller research. Its Chrome extension also packs sales, price, and other market analytics features to help improve your research.

Furthermore, Alura mimics Jungle Scout’s Review Automator with Followup Reminder.

The best part is getting a forever free Alura account to test this software before financially committing.

That brings me to the pricing. Given that Alura’s most extensive plan is priced the same as Jungle Scout’s smallest, the tool is highly inexpensive! Hence, you’ll be hurting your Etsy brand by cheapening out and using Jungle Scout for approximate keyword and product research on Etsy.


Our Verdit: Alura is only a Jungle Scout alternative for Etsy, but never for Amazon. So, pick the right tool for the platform you want to sell on.

Nepeto – Jungle Scout Alternative for In-Depth Amazon Product Research & Sourcing

nepeto product retail suppliers

Are you considering getting Jungle Scout for the richness of its Supplier Database? If so, then Nepeto is a better alternative for product sourcing.

Nepeto allows you to search for products across retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. That means you can get better deals as you scale up your Amazon business and inventory needs, helping you to transfer the savings to your customers.

In the same way, you can sell at lower prices while maintaining a healthy profit margin and retaining a high chance of winning the Buy Box.

A significant drawback of Nepeto’s product sourcing tool is that it only works for Amazon US sellers. However, the same applies to Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database, so it doesn’t have that advantage over Nepeto.

Speaking of advantages, Nepeto also lets you get liquidation deals from trusted suppliers. Therefore, you can swoop to buy quality products at clearance rates and dictate the price on Amazon.

Likewise, Nepeto’s “Out of Stock” product selection shows you items that have gone out of stock from the major sellers on Amazon. That makes you the sole seller of such products, even if for a little while.

Just imagine the number of sales and market share you can steal from your competitors – and at your own defined price – until they can update their inventory!

There’s more on Nepeto, like the ability to source products via Telegram groups, identifying Amazon opportunities that are easy to flip on Walmart, and much more.

The best part is that you can test the software for free for three days before you get billed. This is better than Jungle Scout’s 7-day money-back guarantee, which takes your money upfront.

When it’s time to pay for Nepeto, its highest monthly plan costs are about the same as Jungle Scout’s lowest-tier plan. Hence, good value for money.


Our Verdit: Nepeto isn’t a significant advantage over Jungle Scout’s Supplier Finder for Amazon newbies. However, it’s a huge product and supplier research advantage for bigger Amazon FBA/FBM sellers, agencies, and vendors.

How I Created This List

There are a lot of other Amazon seller software in the market, but not all can rival Jungle Scout.

That’s why I identified specific scoring criteria to test the 20+ tools I considered before settling on the final six above.

Here are the test criteria I used.

Similar Features

The first thing I checked was that the tools on this list offered features similar to those of Jungle Scout.

I understand that some Amazon FBA and FBM sellers are looking for reliable alternatives that do the same things as Jungle Scout but at a lower price. Or alternatives that offer the same features (such as product and keyword research) with better accuracy.

Hence, the decision to test for an overlap of features.

Unique Features

I also considered the unique features of these tools.

The rationale is that some Amazon sellers want more from Jungle Scout than it currently provides.

Also, while looking for unique features, I tested similar features across tools that work differently from Jungle Scout’s solution. For example, Nepeto and Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database helps find products from manufacturers in different ways.

Data Accuracy

Jungle Scout is one of the most accurate product, market, competitor, and keyword research tools an Amazon seller can have. Therefore, replacing it with another tool of lesser accuracy wouldn’t make sense, even if that tool was cheaper.

This was where most of the alternatives I tested for this list washed out before settling on the final six above.


Finally, I evaluated the alternatives’ pricing against Jungle Scout’s to ensure value for money. That way, you wouldn’t have to pay more for an alternative offering the same thing as Jungle Scout. Or worse, offering lesser.

Some tools (like Nepeto) only offer one service, while Jungle Scout offers a lot. 

I carefully evaluated the offering of such tools against their pricing to ensure you’re not cheating yourself out of a better tool in Jungle Scout.

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There are no free Jungle Scout alternatives, as no free tool can replicate the sophistication, data accuracy, and reliability that Jungle Scout provides.

However, some trustworthy Jungle Scout alternatives like Helium 10 offer a free plan or trial, ensuring you can test some or all their tools. This free access usually comes with tool usage limits or an expiry date.

Helium 10 is a reliable Jungle Scout alternative for Walmart product and keyword research. You can also use Nepeto to source Amazon products that can be flipped on Walmart or vice versa, which Jungle Scout can’t do.

Can Jungle Scout Do It All?

Jungle Scout offers everything an Amazon FBA beginner needs to set up their business. Likewise, it gives intermediate and advanced sellers reliable tools to sustain and scale their businesses.

However, the price might be wrong for some, while other sellers might need more targeted solutions.

In that case, Helium 10 is the best alternative for Jungle Scout. 

Besides offering support for more marketplaces, it’s relatively cheaper and challenges Jungle Scout’s data accuracy.

But if you want other Jungle Scout alternatives for different reasons, you can explore the rest of the list above.

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