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Does Jungle Scout Have a Listing Builder?

Jungle Scout has a listing builder that enables sellers to create, optimize, and edit Amazon product listings from their account dashboard.

The listing builder also features a unique score that lets you know how well-optimized your listing is against your chosen keyword(s) and competitors.

On top of that, you get suggestions to improve your listing for a better chance of leapfrogging the competition to score more sales.

Read on to learn where to find the Jungle Scout Listing Builder and how to use it effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • You can import keywords into the Jungle Scout Listing Builder to optimize your listings.
  • The Listing Builder is only available on Jungle Scout Suite and Professional subscriptions.
  • Using the Listing Builder can lead to increased sales and profits from creating a better listing.

How to Use Jungle Scout's Listing Builder to Create a New Listing?

You can create a new product listing using the Jungle Scout Listing Builder.

Here’s how:

  1. Get a Jungle Scout account. You can grab these savings.
  2. Log in to your Jungle Scout account.
  1. Click “Keywords,” then “Listing Builder.”
  1. Click “Create New Listing“.
  1. Choose “Draft a Listing,” then click “Next Step.”
  1. Choose a keyword list or create a new one. These are the keywords your listing will be optimized for. Then, click “Next Step.”
  1. Fill in the relevant listing information. This includes product title, features, and description.
  2. Click “Save & Exit”.

I recommend using Keyword Scout for keyword research to create your list and just import it to Listing Builder.

How to Use Jungle Scout's Listing Builder to Optimize an Existing Listing?

If you already have a product listing on Amazon and want to improve it, Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder can help. Here’s how:

  1. Click Keywords > Listing Builder, as before.
  1. Click “Import Existing Listings.”
  1. Click “Get Started.”
  1. Select a region and primary marketplace corresponding to your Amazon Seller Central account. Then, click “Next.”
  1. Add your account nickname and Amazon seller account email address. Then, click “Authenticate Account Connection.”
  1. Sync your PPC account, then complete the setup.
  2. Pull the listing you want to optimize into the Jungle Scout dashboard from Amazon.
  3. Review and adjust content and keywords with Jungle Scout’s recommendations. Keep an eye on the listing score provided by the tool to assess the quality of your listing.
  1. Once you’re satisfied with the updates, click “Sync to Amazon” to update your listing on the marketplace.

You don’t need to follow ALL Jungle Scout Listing Builder recommendations when optimizing existing listings. While most recommendations would be spot-on, some might not be relevant.

How to Use Jungle Scout’s AI Assistant to Create New Listings?

Jungle Scout’s AI Assist can help sellers generate personalized content for their Amazon listings in only a few clicks. The AI assistant gives you impressive base content to edit and helps get the creative juices flowing if you’re stuck on a listing.

Here’s how to use this AI Assist to create your listing:

  1. Click Keywords > Listing Builder.
  1. Click “Create New Listing.”
  1. Choose “Draft a Listing,” then click “Next Step.”
  1. Choose a keyword list or create a new one, then click “Next Step.”
  1. Click “AI Assist” on each section where it appears or only where you want to use it. The AI Assist feature can help you with the Product Title, Features, and Description.
  1. Review and edit the AI-generated listing elements for clarity and relevance.
  2. Click “Save & Exit” once you are satisfied with the content.

Users on the Suite plan can use the AI Assist 50 times per month, while those on the Professional plan can go up to 300 times monthly.

What Features Are Included in the Jungle Scout Listing Builder?

Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder offers a variety of features that can help sellers create effective product listings on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

  • Importing keyword lists: You can import the keyword lists you generated with Keyword Scout into Listing Builder.
  • Creating new keyword lists: You can create keyword lists directly within Listing Builder. Hence, you can research and add winning product keywords when creating their listings.
  • Template for listing copy: Listing Builder offers a template to ensure your listing copy stays within Amazon’s character and best practices limits.
  • Keyword usage tracking: While composing your title, bullet points, and description, the tool will indicate utilized keywords and those yet to be included in your listing.
  • Listing optimization score: The score is calculated in real-time and helps you optimize listings for better visibility and conversion rates. The higher the score, the better the listing is optimized.
  • AI Assist: It uses machine learning algorithms to generate optimized product titles and descriptions. This feature can save sellers money, time, and effort in creating effective listings.
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The Jungle Scout Listing Builder is exclusive to its Suite and Professional plans. 

Basic plan users must upgrade to one of these plans to access this powerful feature.

Why Use Jungle Scout Listing Builder?

Just listing your product on Amazon isn’t enough! Your product listings must be optimized for search engines to attract potential customers and stand out from competitors.

Fortunately, Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder can help you with this.

With its robust keyword research, listing optimization, and competitor analysis capabilities, sellers can save time and effort when creating winning, Amazon-compliant listings.

Ready to take your Amazon business to the next level? Get these Jungle Scout discounts to start using its Listing Builder today.

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