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Does Jungle Scout Have a Firefox Extension?

Jungle Scout has a Firefox extension. In fact, it’s just as feature-rich as the Chrome extension.

The Jungle Scout Firefox extension can help you quickly and easily identify profitable product opportunities, research keywords, and track sales performance from the Amazon product page.

I’ll show you how to set up the Jungle Scout Firefox extension and maximize its features.

Key Takeaways

  • You must purchase a plan to access the Jungle Scout Firefox extension.
  • You can use the extension’s data to identify profitable products, improve product listings, and optimize overall Amazon selling strategies.
  • The Jungle Scout Firefox extension can benefit experienced sellers looking to scale their operations and novice sellers looking to succeed on Amazon.

How to Download and Install the Jungle Scout Firefox Extension?

Follow these simple steps below to download and install the Jungle Scout Firefox extension on your computer:

  1. Get your Jungle Scout account. Use these discount codes for savings.
  2. Go to the Firefox add-ons URL from your Firefox browser.
  3. Search for “Jungle Scout.”
  1. Select the extension and click “Add to Firefox” to proceed.
  1. Keep following the instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Click the puzzle piece icon, and a dropdown menu will show the extensions currently installed on your browser.
  1. Look for Jungle Scout and pin it on your browser.

How Does the Jungle Scout Firefox Extension Work?

The Jungle Scout Firefox extension pulls data directly from Amazon search results and product pages into one dashboard.

Here are the steps to use it effectively:

  1. Go to Amazon and search for a product or category you’re interested in.
  2. Click the puzzle piece icon and tap the Jungle Scout logo to launch the extension.
  3. The Jungle Scout Firefox extension will display a pop-up window with various data on your search results.
  1. Use the filters (sales, price, reviews, ratings, and more) provided to narrow your search and find the most profitable products.
  2. Note the projected sales, revenue, and other metrics provided. This data will help you evaluate the potential profitability of a product.
  3. Click individual products to view more detailed data, including historical sales, pricing trends, and monthly sales estimates.
  4. Add any items you like to your Product Tracker for further analysis and comparison.
  1. Export the data to a CSV file for future use.
  2. Repeat the process for different product categories and niches to find the best opportunities.

Is the Jungle Scout Firefox Extension Free?

No, the Jungle Scout Firefox extension isn’t free. It’s included with all Jungle Scout paid plans but unavailable independently.

Hence, you need to choose from the Jungle Scout Basic, Suite, or Professional plans to get access to its robust Firefox extension. If you don’t know which is best, explore my Jungle Scout pricing guide for some insights.

What Features Can You Enjoy With the Jungle Scout Firefox Extension?

You can enjoy the following features with the Jungle Scout Firefox extension:

Key Product Insights

The Jungle Scout Firefox extension gives you valuable data directly from Amazon, such as information on product demand, competition, and projected profits.

Valid Product Ideas

Get accurate real-time data to assess whether a product is a good investment. 

This is possible with Jungle Scout’s AccuSales™ algorithm, which analyzes over a billion data points daily, providing reliable product research information.

Opportunity Score

Evaluate the viability of any product idea with Opportunity Score, which combines information on demand, competition, and listing quality to determine a product’s potential.

Customizable Overlays on Amazon Search Pages

Access essential metrics for ASINs on Amazon search and top 100 category pages. 

Customize how you view the data that matters most to your business, such as brand, price, monthly sales, rating, and Listing Quality Score.

View Valuable Data on a Product’s Page

Examine crucial product details conveniently on a product listing page. 

This includes visual representations of historical data like sales, price, and rank and current data such as product fees, category rank, and Listing Quality Score.

You can also effortlessly add products to Keyword Scout and Product Tracker with just a click.

Sales Overview on Seller Central

Get a graphical representation of your organic sales vs. PPC sales on your Seller Central homepage with this Jungle Scout exclusive feature. You can sort the data by day, month, or a specific date range.

Additionally, you can view other important product metrics like cost per click, page views, and impressions.

Request Reviews

Effortlessly send individual product review requests to eligible customers directly through Seller Central within seconds.

How Can the Jungle Scout Firefox Extension Help Your Business?

The Jungle Scout Firefox extension can help your business in several ways, including

  • Identifying profitable product opportunities: The Jungle Scout Opportunity Score can save you time and effort if you’re just starting and trying to find products to sell.
  • Competitor analysis: The extension provides key metrics such as sales rank, review count, and average rating, which can help you understand the competitive landscape and identify areas where you can differentiate your products.
  • Keyword research: The extension also provides keyword data, including search volume and suggested bids, to help you optimize your product listings and PPC campaigns for maximum visibility and sales.
  • Product tracking: The extension allows you to track products and receive notifications when there are changes in their sales rank, price, or other key metrics. This can help you stay on top of market trends and adjust your product strategies as required.
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Boost Your Amazon Sales

The Jungle Scout Firefox extension is invaluable for navigating the competitive Amazon marketplace. Thanks to its instant and accurate data on product sales, rankings, and reviews, it offers a significant advantage in identifying profitable opportunities and making informed decisions.

Want to unlock the power of product research with the Jungle Scout Firefox extension and discover profitable opportunities? Click here to get started and revolutionize your Amazon business!

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