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Is Jungle Scout Accurate? (Must-Read Before Paying)

Jungle Scout is 84% accurate, according to a study by the Jungle Scout team. 

Also, a test run by AMZScout found Jungle Scout to be a reliable tool for Amazon sellers.

I tested Jungle Scout’s tools to calculate its accuracy and found it highly accurate, even compared to top competitors.

Let’s dive into how I tested Jungle Scout’s main tools for accuracy and how they performed.

Key Takeaways

  • I used Amazon US marketplace data in all tests.
  • Jungle Scout is a highly accurate tool for Amazon sellers.
  • Sales Estimator is one of Jungle Scout’s most accurate tools.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout’s Product Research Data?

Jungle Scout is a very accurate product research tool, whether you’re using the Product Tracker or Opportunity Finder. The software pulls real-time data from Amazon. 

Then, it passes the data through its machine-learning models to generate accurate insights.

I explored Jungle Scout’s product research data accuracy by testing two of its main tools for this operation.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout Product Tracker?

Jungle Scout has an accurate Product Tracker. It tracks average daily sales, Amazon fees, and net profit on personal or competitor products.

I used the Product Tracker to track a few products and see whether Jungle Scout’s results matched the sales numbers on Amazon.

Unsurprisingly, Product Tracker returned closely matching sales numbers, BSR, average revenue, and monthly units sold.

Therefore, Jungle Scout Product Tracker is very accurate.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder?

I ran several tests with the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder and found it accurate 95% of the time.

Hence, you can trust its data to discover profitable and best-selling products in your chosen niche(s).

I tested this tool by using it to search for products that

  • sell between 5,000 to 20,000 units monthly
  • are priced between 20 and 50 dollars
  • have a monthly search volume of at least 1,000
  • have a niche score between 5 and 10

From the results, I picked a random niche, “steamer for clothes travel,” with a niche score of 7 out of 10.

I searched for the keyword on Amazon to test Jungle Scout’s accuracy and see whether the products it returned matched my criteria.

The average sales numbers of the top 10 products within the chosen price range came to 5,570, matching my criteria. Even with sponsored products factored in, the average sales volume was 5,550, still matching my criteria.

Jungle Scout chalked down the average to be 5,813. According to my calculations, it’s 95.6% accurate.

For reference, I also compared the Opportunity Score against Helium 10 and AMZScout scores.

Niche Jungle Scout Helium 10 AMZScout
Steamer for clothes travel 7 6 7

All three returned similar results, so Jungle Scout is accurate.


The opportunity score changes when there are slight changes in the niche keyphrase. You’re better off using keyword variations to get a more precise niche picture.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout Supplier Data?

Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database is 80% accurate. The tool gathers data to help you find the best manufacturer for your product.

The Supplier Database’s accuracy is based on independently provided importation data to check suppliers and recommend them for different product types.

I confirmed this fact by searching for the term “waterbottle” and checking Jungle Scout’s results on import records sites.

I picked three suppliers at random and checked the products that they manufactured. 

Jungle Scout’s recommendation of each supplier was correct every time.

However, I found that a recommended supplier may sometimes be yet to ship a similar product recently. This only happened in 2 out of 10 cases (or less). Hence, the 80% accuracy verdict.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout’s Rank Tracker?

My tests show Jungle Scout’s Rank Tracker is 100% accurate.

Rank Tracker monitors how a product ranks for several vital keywords. Sellers can use it to track competitors’ products and listing rank changes.

I tracked a random Amazon product with the Rank Tracker to test its accuracy. 

The tool showed how the product ranked for top keywords.

To confirm this data, I checked Amazon for the rank position of this product for each keyword Jungle Scout returned.

As seen below, it ranks number 1 for the “wagyu” keyword immediately after the Sponsored products.

The Rank Tracker got the position correct 100% of the time. Impressive!

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout’s Monthly Sales Estimator?

Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimator is about 90% accurate. Sales Estimator uses BSR and niche data to predict how many monthly sales a product brings in.

However, I found something interesting while testing the tool.

At first, I tested it with six products in the beauty and personal care niche with different BSRs and sales volumes. Then, I checked against the sales volume provided by Amazon to find out how close Jungle Scout came to the real numbers.

These were the initial results:

Product ASIN BSR (Best Seller Rank) Jungle Scout Sales Estimate Amazon Sales Data
B0BL2BB4GV 958 12,660 5,000+
B0C3H55MLT 6,251 2,760 3,000+
B09JL5PCJ6 300 26,670 9,000+
B09MFMCTRK 8 161,520 70,000+
B0881XTCR3 453 20,760 10,000+
B0CBRR7979 83,808 150 50+

At first glance, the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator overstated the figures. Many numbers were more than twice the stated amount on Amazon’s website.

Upon further research, I found that Amazon’s numbers only reflect the selected product variation. So, I had to add up the sales of the different variations to get the correct data. 

For instance, the first product had two variations. One sold 5,000+ in the past month, while the other sold 8,000+. Together, the sales volume for the product was 13,000+, much closer to Jungle Scout’s estimate of 12,660.

Here are the updated results:

Product ASIN BSR (Best Seller Rank) Jungle Scout Sales Estimate Amazon Sales Data
B0BL2BB4GV 958 12,660 13,000+
B0C3H55MLT 6,251 2,760 3,000+
B09JL5PCJ6 300 26,670 25,000+
B09MFMCTRK 8 161,520 100,000+
B0881XTCR3 453 20,760 10,000+
B0CBRR7979 83,808 150 50+

Therefore, I found that Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is a very accurate tool with a low margin of error. From my calculations, it’s about 90% accurate.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout Sales Analytics Data?

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics is accurate because it pulls data straight from your Seller Central account.

The only errors may come from delays in recording sales. But you don’t even notice the difference since Jungle Scout updates data in real time.

Also, Jungle Scout has an AI tool that looks through your data and uncovers insights into how you can boost sales.

Is Jungle Scout Profit Calculator Accurate?

Yes, Jungle Scout’s Profit Calculator is accurate. The free FBA calculator predicts your FBA fees for each sale. It also estimates net profit via the Chrome extension.

Sometimes, the numbers don’t pan out as predicted. Several factors can cause this, including unstable shipping rates, storage fees, and refunds.

Also, different tools calculate FBA fees differently. For instance, Jungle Scout estimated I’d make a $19.18 profit per sale for one of my products.

On the other hand, Helium 10 put me at a $13.40 profit for the same product.

While both started with the same product price, they calculated FBA fees differently and ended up with slightly different numbers.

Overall, Jungle Scout’s Profit Calculator is reasonably accurate, and you can trust its predictions.

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Jungle Scout often updates its data and algorithms to ensure you only get up-to-date info. For instance, the Sales Analytics tool updates its data in real time to show the number of sales you make on Amazon.

Jungle Scout’s accuracy can be affected by changes in Amazon’s algorithm. 

However, the tool often releases new updates to keep up with Amazon’s changes.

Get Accurate Data Insights for Amazon FBA Growth

Jungle Scout is a highly accurate tool for Amazon sellers looking for correct data analysis. 

The tool has machine learning models that pull real-time data from Amazon.

Since Jungle Scout’s tools are 80-95% accurate, you can trust its data to make good decisions for your Amazon FBA business.

Grab these one-time discounts today to save on your first Jungle Scout plan and use its tools to accurately predict and plan your Amazon FBA business.

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