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Jungle Scout Pricing Plans: Which Should You Get?

The Jungle Scout subscription plans cost $49/mo for Basic, $69/mo for Suite, and $129/mo for Professional. You can also choose one of the Packages for advanced training, which are priced $189 for 3 months, $349 for 6 months, and $999 for 12 months.

Furthermore, you cannot receive a free trial, but a 7-day money-back guarantee is available to try out Jungle Scout. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Freedom Builder Bootcamp offers the best value for inexperienced Amazon sellers at $999 per year.
  • Brands and agencies can take advantage of Enterprise Solutions, which has custom pricing.
  • Jungle Scout offers a range of subscription options, allowing users to find a package within their budget and desired duration.

Jungle Scout Pricing Table

What Are the Available Jungle Scout Plans and How Much Do They Cost?

The Jungle Scout pricing structure offers something for sellers on different budgets. 

This includes a low-cost entry-level package and more expensive offerings for advanced Amazon sellers.

In this section, we’ll share the cost of each JungleScount plan, and in the next one, you can discover the entire list of features to understand what you’ll get for the money.

The standard Jungle Scout plans are broken up into 3 offerings:

  • Basic: $49 per month, and $29 per month ($349 billed annually) when committing to annual billing.
  • Suite: $69 per month, and $49 per month ($589 billed annually) when committing to annual billing.
  • Professional: $129 per month, and $84 per month ($999 billed annually) when committing to annual billing.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout offers “Packages” that include advanced training to help customers start an Amazon business that needs extra support.

The pricing structure of Jungle Scout Packages are:

  • Start-up Suite: $189 for 3 months
  • Entrepreneur Suite: $349 for 6 months
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp: $999 for 12 months

Note that the Start-up Suite and Entrepreneur Suite offer the same list of features – the only difference is the price and duration. You’ll save around $5 per month by choosing the Entrepreneur suite. However, the Freedom Builder Bootcamp offers more features than the first two packages, and you can learn about them in the next section.

What Is Included in the Standard Pricing Plans?

We will compare the features to help you decide between the Basic, Suite, and Professional plans. Therefore, you can pay for the features you want to use and stay within budget.

Quick Look Basic Suite Professional
Money-back guarantee Included Included Included
Cancel any time Included Included Included
Included seats 1 1 6
Eligible for additional seats No Yes Yes
Additional seat cost N/A $459 per year $459 per year
Product Research
Browser Extension Included Included Included
Opportunity Score Included Included Included
Review Downloader Included Included Included
Product Tracker 20 products 150 products 1,000 products
Amazon Sales Estimator 500 estimates per month 1,000 estimates per month 1,500 estimates per month
Opportunity Finder 3 searches per day Included Included
Product Database 3 searches per day Included Included
Keyword Scout 3 searches per day Included Included
Supplier Database 3 searches per day Included Included
Industry-Leading Data
AccuSales Estimates Included Included Included
Historical product tracking data 1 month 3 months 6 months
Historical keyword data 1 month 1 year 2 years
Marketplaces 10 10 10
Advanced Seller Features
Manual Review Requests Included Included Included
Review Automation Included Included Included
Review Automation: Exclusions Not included Included Included
Review Automation: Delayed Send Not included Not included Included
Advertising Analytics Not included Included Included
Rank Tracker Not included 3,500 keywords 5,000 keywords
Sales Analytics Included Included Included
Listing Grader 100 per month 200 per month 500 per month
Listing Builder Not included Included Included
Inventory Manager Not included Included Included
Alerts Not included Included Included
Promotions Not included Included Included
Supplier Tracker Not included Included Included
Support and Training
Academy Training Included Included Included
Customer Support Included Included Included
Priority Onboarding Not included Not included Included

What Is Included in the Packages Pricing Plans?

The Jungle Scout “Packages” pricing plans offer savings and education aimed at first-time sellers. There are 3 Packages, which are Start-up Suite, Entrepreneur Suite, and Freedom Builder Bootcamp.

The Start-up Suite and Entrepreneur Suite offers the same list of features. The only difference is that you’ll save around $5 per month with the Entrepreneur Suite, and it requires a longer time commitment of 6 months.

The screenshot below summarizes the list of features for the Start-up Suite and Entrepreneur Suite:

jungle scout pricing features

The Freedom Builder Bootcamp is Jungle Scout’s most expensive subscription plan. 

It offers the same features as the first two Packages and additional exclusive ones, as you can see in the screenshot below:

jungle scout freedom builder bootcamp plan

What Jungle Scout Pricing Plan Should You Choose?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide between the “Plans” and “Packages”, which is a simple decision. 

First-time business owners that need educational resources and extra support should strongly consider one of the Packages. Features like the Academy training courses and weekly Q&A’s are worth the extra cost for inexperienced Amazon sellers that need to learn the basics.

The extra cost of the “Packages” might pay for itself if you can apply the training to grow your Amazon business quicker.

However, if you don’t want the extra education and training resources from Jungle Scout, then choose one of the Standard Plans. Use our table above to compare the plans to understand what you’ll get and miss out on.

We recommend that new business owners or those on a tight budget start off with the Basic plan. Once your business grows, don’t hesitate to upgrade to the Suite or Professional plans to utilize more features. We always try to provide the best possible discounts on Jungle Scout so always check our Jungle Scout discounts page for recent deals.

Is There a Jungle Scout Free Trial?

Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial, but a 7-day free trial with a money-back guarantee. Therefore, schedule an entire week to test Jungle Scout and sign up for one of the plans. 

If you don’t like the features or value, you can use the 7-day money-back guarantee to leave the platform.

Are you looking for a service that offers a free trial? Then sign up with Helium 10 for a free trial that doesn’t expire.

Can You Get a Jungle Scout Refund and What Are the Conditions?

You can get a Jungle Scout refund within 7 days of signing up for an account. 

You will need to contact customer support at, and you will be issued a refund with no questions asked.

However, the refund is only available on an account’s first charge. This means you cannot receive a refund for monthly renewals made after the first charge on your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jungle Scout offers a cheaper pricing plan for the all-included features package (Professional), but the cheapest package (Basic) is more expensive compared with Helium 10. Here is a comparison of the Jungle Scout and Helium 10 pricing plans.

  • Cheapest plan: Jungle Scout $49 per month vs Helium 10 $39 per month.
  • Mid-tier plan: Jungle Scout $69 per month vs Helium 10 $99 per month.
  • Most expensive plan: Jungle Scout $129 per month vs Helium 10 $249 per month.

You should choose the Professional subscription to scale your business to take advantage of the extra features. For example, some of the features exclusive to the Professional subscription include:

  • 6 user account access
  • 1,000 products on Product Tracker
  • 6 months of product historical tracking data
  • 500 uses per month on Listing Grader
  • 5,000 keywords with Rank Tracker

Yes, Jungle Scout is worth the price because it will help Amazon sellers improve all aspects of their business. This includes sourcing better products, finding competitively priced suppliers and optimizing their Amazon product listing to generate more sales, and much more.

The value of Jungle Scout will be determined by how you will use the features to grow your business. Therefore, if you take full advantage of the features, then the increase in sales will more than pay for the Jungle Scout subscription cost.

You should choose a monthly Jungle Scout subscription if you need to use the tools for a limited time, and an annual subscription if you plan to use Jungle Scout long-term.

The Annual subscription will save you money, so it’s the better choice if you subscribe to Jungle Scout for at least 1 year.

Jungle Scout provides free tools such as the Profit Calculator and Sales Estimator. 

Here is a summary of the tool functionality:

  • Profit Calculator: this tool calculates the profitability of a product you’re interested in selling on Amazon. Profit Calculator offers a few advantages to Amazon’s in-house profit calculator, such as getting a more accurate estimate. However, the tool is in spreadsheet form, so the UI is not visually appealing.
  • Sales Estimator: using this tool you can check the average monthly sales number for various Amazon categories. However, you only receive 10 free estimates per month.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout offers a library of free educational resources and regularly posts content on their social media channels to help new sellers get started.

Summary of Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

In conclusion, Jungle Scout provides various price points to match the budget of all sellers. 

You can start at $49 per month on the Basic plan, consider the Suite plan at $69 per month, or get access to the most features on the Professional plan at $129 per month.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the 7 day money-back guarantee to test one of the plans. This allows you to figure out how Jungle Scout compares to alternatives and if it’s the best match for your Amazon business.

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