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How to Get the m19 Free Trial in 2024?

You can get the unlimited m19 free trial by signing up for the provider’s freemium plan.

The forever free plan gives you access to all features on the platform. 

However, the offer is only available for Amazon sellers with a monthly ad spend of less than €10,000.

You can always switch from the unlimited m19 free trial to one of the platform’s paid plans — Growth, Professional, or Enterprise — when your monthly budget exceeds €10,000.

Key Takeaways

  • m19 offers an unlimited free trial for accounts with an ad spend of €10,000 or less.
  • The freemium plan doesn’t require sharing your credit card information during sign-up.
  • You must connect your Amazon advertising account to m19 to access the unlimited free trial.

How to Get the m19 Free Trial?

Here are the steps you need to follow to access the m19 free trial:

  1. Go to m19 and click “Get Started for Free” or “Start for Free.”
get started with m19
  1. Enter your details. Then, click “Register.”
  1. Confirm your user information and set up a password. Then, agree to m19’s terms and conditions to proceed.
confirm m19 user information
  1. Link your Amazon advertising account to get started.
connect m19 to amazon

You can contact m19’s admin at to help you add your advertising account if you’re part of an organization.

What Features and Tools Do You Get With the m19 Free Trial?

The m19 free trial offers access to the following PREMIUM features:

Hourly Stats

Hourly Stats gives you the latest information regarding your PPC campaign’s performance.

It also lets you pick out trends and patterns in your ad campaigns.

Top of Search Rankings Optimizer

Top of Search Rankings Optimizer helps you to reach and stay at the coveted #1 position in Amazon search results. The tool leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and adjust your ad campaigns to enable you to secure top positions.

Search Trend

Search Trend allows you to track and analyze search trends for specific keywords on Amazon.

Keyword Extraction

Keyword Extraction automates the keyword research process for your Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. It uses AI to analyze your product listings and determine keywords worth pursuing.

Inventory Monitor

The Inventory Monitor notifies you of low stock levels. That way, you can pause or adjust your ad campaign and bidding strategies appropriately.

Product Timeline Events

Product Timeline Events give you insights into how price changes, categories, review scores, etc., can affect your product’s performance on Amazon.

How to Leverage the m19 Free Trial?

While the m19 trial may be free forever, it’s crucial to understand how you can take full advantage of the platform’s features. That way, you can determine if upgrading to a paid plan is worthwhile when your ad budget increases.

Here’s how to exploit the m19 free trial to the fullest:

  • Use the Top of Search Rankings Optimizer to target top spots and consistently boost your products’ visibility. Consider it a strategy to increase your click-through rates (CTR) and conversion.
  • Use Hourly Stats to track your campaign’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time. That way, you can make data-driven business decisions and act swiftly to your ad’s performance changes. You can also use the Hourly Stats data to implement strategic shifts to your targeting and bidding.
  • Leverage Search Trend to understand changes over time and tweak your keyword targeting strategy. You can also use this feature to outperform competitors by capitalizing on emerging opportunities and trends.
  • Maxing out the Keyword Extraction tool can save you hours researching keywords for the right audience. Besides enabling you to stay ahead of your competition, Keyword Extraction can also help boost your ad’s performance.
  • The Inventory Monitor can help ensure you’re not wasting your ad spend on the wrong products. Also, by alerting you to low stock levels, you can use this feature to ensure your inventory doesn’t run out.
  • Use the Product Timeline Events features to monitor fluctuations and develop strategies to fine-tune your sales strategy.

What Pricing Plans Are Available After the m19 Free Trial Ends?

m19 offers three plans — Growth, Professional, and Enterprise — beyond the unlimited free trial.

Here’s a breakdown of the m19 paid plans and features.

Growth Professional Enterprise
$400/month $400 + 3% of your ad spend/month Contact m19 for pricing
1 Marketplace Unlimited marketplaces Unlimited marketplaces
1 Account 2 Accounts 3 Accounts
1 User 2 Users Unlimited users
4 Strategies 10 Strategies 20 Strategies
Unlimited Ad Spend Unlimited Ad Spend 10 Strategies
Top of Search Rankings Optimizer Top of Search Rankings Optimizer Top of Search Rankings Optimizer
Email support Email support Email support
Knowledge Base Knowledge Base Knowledge Base
- Onboarding call Onboarding call
- Dedicated rep Dedicated rep
- Monthly 1:1 training Monthly 1:1 training

The m19 free trial doesn’t include an onboarding call, dedicated rep, or monthly one-on-one training sessions.

m19 Free Trial - My Experience

m19 has a simple, easy-to-follow, four-step sign up process.

The platform also uses a clean, minimalist user interface, making it easy to navigate the features.

Once you register, you can connect your Amazon advertising account at the click of a button. I like that m19 offers to connect advertising accounts if you’re part of an organization, further simplifying the process.

The unlimited m19 free trial provides enough time to explore all the features to help you determine if the platform is ideal for your business. Conversely, you must have an ad spend budget to capitalize on m19’s free trial. That said, the platform allows you to set your ad spend as low as €1,000.

m19 Alternatives With Free Trial

m19 is a good Amazon PPC automation software. However, there are equally excellent m19 alternatives for their multi-channel campaign management, split testing, and comprehensive reporting, on top of ad spending optimization.

  Free Trial Duration Feature Access Best Price
Helium 10 Unlimited Restricted Pricing Page
Jungle Scout 7 days Unrestricted Pricing Page
Epinum 14 days Unrestricted Pricing Page
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can only connect one Amazon advertising account to m19 during the free trial. The platform prompts you to connect your advertising account during the last step of the sign-up process.

m19 Free Trial: Final Thoughts

The unlimited m19 free trial is worthwhile as it offers access to tools and features to help you stay on top of your Amazon advertising strategy.

While you need to budget between €1 to €9,999 in ad spend, the trial allows you to experiment with the platform’s premium features long enough to see if the software suits your business.

Ready to take advantage of what the m19 free trial offers?

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